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Self-Health Essentials Radio Interview
Meet Tessa and Robert Brauer and Learn more about what they can offer YOU!



The following is an interview of Tessa and Robert Brauer by Joan Newcomb on Contact Radio. This interview took place on April 7, 2009. This interview offers you some telling insights into their views on health, their passions and gifts. It gives you a deeper feel for who they are and what they can offer you in Self-Health Essential Consultations and Life-Force Coaching.


How did you come to offer the things that you offer? T-Joan, May I take a moment to appreciate you and each person hearing my voice? Thank you for inviting us to your radio show. I also am appreciating each person listening for joining us in our conversation. Self-Health Essentials is the name of our website as well as our philosophy around wellness. We believe health, be it physical, emotional, or energetic is an essential personal journey. We offer informational articles, services and products that we have found essential to our own self- health. We speak from a very personal perspective and celebrate the empowerment of others in their personal path to self- health.

R – For me I grew up listening to my heart, although I didn’t call it that at first. I also always had a   strong sense of self honesty and a desire to know truth.That led me to a study of spiritual teachings, metaphysics, science, psychology, counseling, business, and the study of nutrition. My study of spiritual teachings opened me to meditation and contemplation and the appreciation of simple spiritual practices like being kind to self and others and having respect for all life. Along the way I honed my skill of listening and found that what I had been doing naturally was deeply intuitive. At some point on my path I started attracting to myself teachers and masters and I have become a practitioner of Matrix Energetics and the Yuen Method. I call myself a Life-Force consultant  because I focus on what promotes life in my practice.
Flashback about 27 years when I met Tessa, my wife, best friend, and mirror. She and I have developed a synergy to our slightly different but complementary skills and now work together with the mission of sharing with others practical tools, learned from experience, that we call self-health essentials.
What is your passion?  T-I have many passions! The two I am hearing to share today are: I love to do distance Self-Health Energetics sessions. I love to witness the phenomenal personal “ahas” my clients experience during our sessions. To be in the presence of another’s light of self-recognition is pure joy for me! I am also passionate about designing self-healthy life style and nutritional programs that are rich in life force as well as simply successful. This is another source of joy for me!

R – I have always had an interest in nutrition. About 30 years ago that interest grew into a passion. Since then I have used my body as kind of a test laboratory. Testing one diet or fast after another, after awhile my changes became fewer as I began to recognize a natural relationship to food that I believe man has mainly lost. The good thing is we can reclaim a healthy respect for the food we eat, in fact through my research I have learned that eating in harmony with nature is backed by science and numerous studies.

What is the difference between calendar age and biological age?  R – Well calendar age is the number were used to thinking about when we consider our relationship to when we were born. The problem with this way of looking at ourselves is that it has been overlaid with a lot of programming that says as you get older certain things happen, like your ability to move around, your health, mental function, and your ability to enjoy life all suffer, which is not true. It’s a very strong thought form in developed counties around the world.

In contrast, biological age is the health and integrity of your body and its various organs and tissues. All of us probably know someone who looks and feels 20 or more years younger than their calendar age. Why is that? Well, if you ask these people questions about how they live, certain common things begin to surface. These people have a strong sense of self-determination that is flavored by their taking responsibility for the things in their lives. They enjoy life. They care about something more than themselves. And, they take care of themselves, which includes what they eat and exercise. After being around people like this you come away with an up, light feeling, which I feel is the joy of feeling alive. Very low on this list, if it is there at all, is the common reply most heard that it’s probably genetics.

In our practice and on our website we share with others practical tools for making the shift away from a calendar age way of being to a biological age way of being.

What is Useful Magic? T-Useful Magic is a phrase that came to me after a session with a client who was experiencing a dental dilemma. May I refer our listeners to our website Blog article titled Useful Magic for the specifics of her success? I blend intuitive energetics with self-healthy references into Self-Health Energetics, which is supercharged by Matrix Energetics and Yuen and a dozen other methods I am trained in. My clients find these sessions very useful in navigating life experiences. IE the name Useful Magic. Isn’t that truly the way we could be living in ways that seem magical.

What is your personal peak health experience? T-My personal peak health experience is a 67-day juice cleanse, Robert and I did together. 67 days of raw veggie juices with a veggie potassium broth in the evenings. I have many stories from that cleanse. I can still remember the image of a hamburger floating in my consciousness for days somewhere around day 45. Hmmmmm! The cleanse was an amazing journey in the power of life force and the transformational power of enzyme rich raw veggie juices.

R – I have come to view health as a journey and not a destination. Early on in my personal health journey I would come upon certain benchmarks that could be labeled a peak health experience only later to find that my health would be setback by some temporary healing crisis or retracing. What I learned, is that the body in its infinite wisdom, because of the good things I was continually doing for myself, was able to eliminate old incomplete illness patterns or toxicity that were not completely dealt with when they originally occurred. The body doesn’t forget old health transgressions it just stores them so that at a future time when it has the energy it can clean house. After a number of years my healing crisis became less of a factor until now I rarely experience physical distress. I wake up feeling refreshed, after a good nights sleep, with constant energy throughout the day into the night. Can you remember a time, perhaps when you were really young, when you were eager to face the day and have fun playing? We often forget how those times felt because we have become use to how our current state of health feels and assume that it’s just the way it is. I believe that now my personal peak health experience is sharing with others the reality that we can feel eager to face the day again and that it’s a precious gift as soul to be alive in a physical body.

What kinds of things are people dealing with when they seek your services? T-We attract clients who want to be guided and empowered. They are self-starters who lead busy lives and want guidance in nutritionally sound; life force enriched strategies so that their personal wellness matches their vibrant life styles! We also attract clients who desire guidance in adrenal rejuvenation, weight reduction and Age(less)living.

R – A lot of people I see have physical energy issues, hormonal imbalances like adrenal burnout and low thyroid levels, sleep disturbances, weight issues, allergies and digestive problems. Most of these can be alleviated by making the proper diet and lifestyle changes. But there is also the emotional and psychological aspects related to these same issues as well as to recurrent negative patterns in their lives that they would like help being resolved. There is often various levels that subconsciously interfere with a person taking positive steps toward realizing their health and life goals. I help people with these things, sometimes in working with a client; we get insights into the reasons behind a stuck pattern – like a forgotten unnecessary belief pattern. Other times it’s not necessary to know the reason, a shift is felt and it’s like walking through a door into a new way of being with the old pattern left behind. It’s all very personal, everyone and every session is different.

Anything else you want our listeners to know? T- Joan, There is a relationship that we each have with Self….with our health and with our bodies. That is a key element to successfully navigating the many storms life may present us. You mentioned that Robert and I have been married 27 years, might I mention happily married….We have discovered many secrets in our relationship. I will share one with you and your listeners. To achieve success in your relationship with your health or wealth you must first begin with your inner relationships….with your personal relationships with your heart and your body. I love to guide others in learning how to communicate in real time with their own bodies—to learn how to listen and relate—to learn how to translate that information into self-healthy action steps in their lives.We know you can achieve radiant self-health if you want it! Contact us at Self-Health We have the experience and the passion to empower you in your personal journey to self-health!
Thank you Joan !








Life-Force Consulting Preliminary Consultation $175.00


Tessa + Robert ~ 60 min Phone Session~Self-Health Energetics (Matrix/Yuen + more) $150.00

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