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000Sometimes it is the simple things….that can make all the difference!
Here are some really easy ways to assist your digestion…and they don’t come in a bottle!
1. Sit while you are eating…whether its one grape or a whole meal. Sit in as pleasant surroundings as you can. Do not eat on the run, walking or driving, skate boarding, snow boarding, surfing etc.
2. Do nothing else. Enjoy the food. Its a very imtimate, sensitve act. Refine the circumstances for maximum enjoyment.
3. Eat when the stomach is empty for maximum enjoyment and least digestive stress. Do not overeat. It takes 4-6 hours to digest a meal.
4. Take your time. Do not put food in your mouth until the last bite is in the stomach. Slow down. Satiety is reached when we are conscioulsy enjoying our food. Then we do not want to overeat.
5. Eat what you can hold in two hands at one time. That will take up 2/3 of the stomach and leave the other 1/3 for digestion. Watch those Youtube videos of the food dropping into the stomach and watch how it needs the room to churn it up and swoosh it around  like a washing machine.
6. Wait 5 minutes before taking a second helping. Get in touch with your comfort and discomfort level. If you are distracted, this is hard to acertain, hence, sitting quietly while you are eating. Be there.
7. Under eat. Over-eating creates lots of stress on the digestive system and can lead to chronic problems of energetic disruption and overwhelm. Finish eating 4 hours before bedtime and by 4-5 pm if you want to lose weight. 
8. Drink your 34 ounces of water per 55 # of body weight between meals instead of with meals. A little bit of liquid is ok, but more than 4 ounces can overwhelm the stomach and impair proper digestive flow.
9. Express gratitude. A study done on nuns in a convent showed the power of saying Grace before a meal. Little or no digestive disorders in those who are quiet and peaceful and express thanks giving before their meals.
10. Establishing  regular meal times and not eating between meals gives peristalisis a chance to do its job more effectively.
Yours in Well-Being…
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