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Simple Steps to Abundance with Network Marketing

Tessa Brauer is a Young Living Distributor 48482

Young Living’s unique network marketing business opportunity allows you to take advantage of many benefits, including:

  • Wholesale pricing: Save 24% off retail pricing. Plus, gain access to all other specials and promotions. More affordable access to Young Living products puts wellness within your reach.

  • Essential Rewards: As a distributor, you’re eligible to enroll in the Essential Rewards program for an automatic monthly shipment and reduced shipping rate. Plus, earn as much as 20% of each order in Essential Reward points redeemable for Young Living products.

  • Earning commissions: Experiencing Young Living products will compel you to share and network with others, and when you pass these products on,  you’re rewarded!

    • As part of Young Living’s network marketing opportunity you can start supplementing your income with generous bonuses and commissions!  Start earning $300–$500 your first month and build a $2,000 a month residual income in 90 days.*

  • Community: Enjoy a close-knit community of support. In addition to your sponsor, the Young Living corporate office has people in place to assist and encourage you. The Young Living family is dedicated to inspiring one another to make a difference.

Take the first step to living a healthier, happier, and more abundant life by enrolling as a Young Living Independent distributor.


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Tessa’s Essential Blessings Latest Body-Consciousness Technique to share ….Bars Dynamic Stress Reduction Technique.

 ACCESS BARS only session…generating more choice and possibilities…inquiries welcomed.

Access Bars Dynamic Stress Reduction Technique supports deep, full body relaxation.Rainbow

Getting your Bars run’ can begin to dissipate the electrical charge of polarity as it is stored in your brain. The brain waves can actually slow down when you get your bars run allowing behavioral patterns, belief systems and points of view that you have been running from childhood and beyond to be accessed. People notice they are more present in their lives with their past not projecting into their future. By getting your Bars run often you are literally changing the probabilities of future possibilities.

Cool, Huh?

The Bars Dynamic Stress Reduction Technique is a simple, hands-on process that has been called the shortcut to clearing the mind, healing the body and achieving inner peace. This technique has been used by many people around the world who have experienced profound changes in their lives. It is a safe, gentle, non-invasive procedure that leaves you not only feeling extremely peaceful and relaxed, but also in a more healthful, balanced state of being. The Bars technique can bring more ease and joy into your life (and body) beyond anything you have ever imagined…

Red heartAsk Tessa about getting a mini-Bars ‘Taster’ as part of your next Tessa Session….or ask for a full Access Bars session. 


What Are The Bars Video  For more information




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 Is your kitchen healthy? Even the tools we use to prepare our food makes a difference. I find this video informed and informative!

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"Massage and movement stimulates circulation. Life is in the blood. The body repairs itself when it is functioning optimally. Increased circulation enhances youthfulness and vitality. Everyone needs massage and movement on a regular consistent basis to be optimally healthy. " author unknown

I wanted to share this quote with you because there is so much truth in it. There are as many types of massage as there are massage therapists.Individual and unique yet with common threads running throughout the modality called therapeutic massage.  It simply is one of the best ways to support your precious body in true wellness.

Let’s look at some information about the benefits of massage and movement….
Physical and mental oxygenation through movement and massage can increase  your energy and focus, can raise your metabolic rate, can improve your blood circulation and can activate your lymphatic system’s detoxification.

The mind moves into alertness and mental focus. Your natural chi or life force energy, can be stimulated and enhanced. It can help eliminate stress.

The brain can also move into an Alpha state which thereby creates a peaceful, meditative state of calmness, mind/body healing and wellness. Often after massage or meditative movement we can find ourselves in an altered state.

Movement of your body  can  create cellular oxygenation allowing:
  •  Reduction in muscle soreness, tension, stiffness, body aches and pains.
  • Improved flexibility of muscles and joints, more limber – spinal alignment.
  •  Improved function and regulation of internal organs and body systems.
  •  Improved circulation of the blood – activated lymph drainage and detoxification.
  •  Alleviation of stress related conditions – headaches, anxiety, depression.
  •  The brain shifts into a relaxed Alpha brainwave state – mental focus.
  • Steady weight loss correction if under or over weight, or menopausal (plus diet adjustment).
  • Sound, restful sleep – increased energy, a wonderful sense of well-being.

These are just a few of the benefits one can receive from consistent movement and massage.

If you have never received a massage or do not have gentle movement built into your daily life, please consider exploring this wonderful modality.



©2012 Self-Health Essentials LLC

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An Adrenal Supporting Lifestyle
 Robert Brauer, NTP

Managing the stress in your life is key to supporting your adrenals. The most important factor in managing the stress is understanding the mind-body connection in regards to stress. We know that what makes a situation stressful for one person may not be stressful for another. Remember the example of a person in a car stuck in the middle of rush hour traffic.  It can be perceived as an opportunity for listening to a self-health audiotape or perceived as highly frustrating. Either way the operative word is perception. Whether a situation is stressful or not is based on our perception. And our perception is based on what we believe to be true. Our beliefs determine our perception. So if we believe bumper-to-bumper traffic is stressful, guess what for us it will be. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can learn to change how we perceive things by changing how we look at things and yes even our beliefs. Letting go of our fears is the first step toward creating a fuller, more satisfying life. We need to seek joyful, loving and fulfilling activities, ones that stimulate us to grow and be happy at heart. After all we are worth it! Let this be our mantra. I do those things that give me joy and let go of those things not in harmony with my joy.

Providing nutritional support. Now let’s talk about a day-to-day adrenal supporting plan. 

On a fresh sheet of paper make a heading “health drains” and list everything and everyone in your daily life that are health-limiting factors. The following are examples;

Junk food, alcohol, overwork, chemicalized water, coffee, financial pressures, unhappy work or home environment, prescription or non-prescription drugs, lack of fresh air, tobacco, lack of sleep, soft drinks and chemical pollutants. The idea is to minimize as much as possible those health-limiting factors in your life that take away from supporting your adrenals and overall health.  

Someone who has adrenal fatigue have used up much of the body’s stored nutrients and are in desperate need of new supplies just to continue to function, let alone heal. Good quality food is the best source of these nutrient. Nutritional supplements can increase your ability to heal and speed your recovery.

If you have adrenal fatigue, when you eat is almost as important as what you eat. Low blood sugar is in itself a stressful situation that further drains yours adrenals. Therefore, avoid letting your blood sugar levels drop too low by eating natural, high quality food at frequent, regular intervals. Small high quality meals are ideal. It is important that you eat before 10:00 am. If you eat breakfast earlier in the morning around 8:00 am then you will want to have a snack around 10:00 am. You need to replenish your waning glycogen supply after the previous night’s energy requirements. Then lunch at noon, a snack sometime between 2:00 and 3:00 pm and your evening meal around 5:00 to 6:00 pm. Later in the evening, before bed, just a couple of bites of a high quality snack is often the key to successfully getting through the night without sleep disturbances or feeling wrecked in the morning.

It is best to combine fat, protein, and whole food carbohydrates at every meal and snack. Eating sugar or sugary foods is hard on your body. It makes blood sugar rise too high, too fast, and subsequently fall too low, leaving your body starving for fuel again.

Salt craving is a common symptom in all stages of adrenal fatigue. Most people with adrenal fatigue have low blood pressure, not high. Salt is a welcome addition to the diet in adrenal fatigue because it not only helps increase blood pressure, but also helps restore some of the other functions related to sodium loss within the cells. If you have concerns about taking salt and high blood pressure check with your doctor. We recommend natural unrefined sea salt and Ziquin Nanomeds. Another way to naturally increase sodium levels are to take sea vegetables like kelp and dulse.       

Vegetables that are high in sodium and helpful in supporting adrenal recovery include the following; kelp, dulse, green and black olives, beet greens, celery, zucchini, and Swiss chard. Please refer to the recipe for adrenal recovery soup that is posted on our blog.

People with adrenal fatigue are hugely lacking in several vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids and this is where high quality supplemental can speed recovery. Both Ziquin’s mind and body tonic and EFA complete is crucial to supplying the body and adrenals of the nutrients it so dearly needs. 

Summary of what to eat: Eat a wide variety of whole, natural foods. Combine a fat, protein and carbohydrate source with every meal or snack. Eat lots of vegetables, especially the brightly colored ones. Use unrefined sea salt if you crave it. Eat mainly whole grains and vegetable sources of carbohydrates. Eat high quality foods.

Adequate rest. For people with adrenal fatigue, it is important to be in bed and on your way to sleep by 10:30 pm. Although most people’s schedules do not allow it, it also helps to sleep in until 9:00 in the morning. For those who have a day job, sleeping in on the weekends until this time is highly beneficial. Sleeping in until 9:00 am gives your adrenals a chance to rest, allowing your cortisol levels to rise. Normally cortisol levels rise rapidly from 6:00 to 8:00 am, but quite often in adrenal fatigue these levels do not rise as high and/or drop faster than normal. Also when your cortisol levels are lower, as in adrenal fatigue, it takes longer to feel fully awake in the morning. Sleeping in, therefore, is not only restorative for your adrenals but also helps you feel much better when you wake up and during the rest of the day.

If you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep this is a sign that your cortisol levels are probably low due to depleted or exhausted adrenal function. As mentioned before the reason you awaken in the middle of the night is due your body releasing adrenaline instead of cortisol to raise your blood sugar. This works as a brain stimulant, which naturally keeps you awake. To help counteract this have a light snack that contains protein, unrefined carbohydrate, and a high quality fat before going to bed, such as a slice of whole grain bread with almond butter.

Other things you can do to improve your sleep.

1)     Be sure to get enough physical exercise during the day. Rapid breathing expels volatile gases out of your body that become harmful if they build up. The increased blood flow helps keep plaque from building up in your arteries while stimulating your liver to perform more efficiently. Cell function improves with accompanying acceleration of carbon dioxide, oxygen and nutrient exchange. Exercise normalizes levels of cortisol, insulin, blood glucose, growth hormone, thyroid, and several other hormones and puts more oxygen into your brain. Exercise also decreases depression.

2)     Avoid coffee, caffeine containing beverages and chocolate because they act as stimulants. These can interrupt sleep patterns and increase morning lows.

3)     If you are having difficulty going to sleep and usually watch TV or work on a computer late at night, try having an 8:00   PM limit on these visual stimuli.

4)      Some common herbs used to promote better sleep are hops, catnip, valerian root and licorice root.

5)     Try to schedule breaks around times when you feel more tired so that you can lie down for 15-30 minutes. Lying down is much more restorative than sitting, for the person with adrenal fatigue.

6)     Laughter. Norman Cousins found that two important keys to rebuild your adrenals are laughter and vitamin C. He laughed himself back to health from a debilitating disease. We recommend a whole food natural source of vitamin C like Acerola cherries.

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Another Reason to Avoid Juices by Kathy Abascal

As we discuss in class, juices pose a number of problems and our bodies actually do better without them. First, we typically strain the fiber out of most our juices, fiber we need to grow the right intestinal flora. Second, … Continue reading 


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Tip—Diaper Pail

“I usually put a drop of Purification® essential oil blend on a cotton square and place it at the bottom of each trash can in the house and at the bottom of my daughter’s diaper pail. It cuts back on odors and kills germs.”

—Maryellen Slott

Tip—Fresh Bedding

“Every time I change the linens on my bed, I spray Thieves® Spray generously and evenly on the mattress and the pillows. I feel that this leaves the bedding fresh smelling and free of those tiny things we can’t see. Sometimes I will also give the sheets and pillows a quick spray when making the bed. This keeps my sleeping area fresh between changing. I just love the smell of Thieves Spray!”


Tip—Stuck Gum

“I found a chunk of gum stuck to our hall shag carpet. It had been there for several months, dried but thoroughly stuck to the fibers. I dabbed Thieves® Household Cleaner on a cotton ball, then rubbed it on the gum and let it sit for a minute. The gum literally just lifted off the carpet. You can rub your fingers across the treated spot. There is no way to tell there ever was any gum there!”

—Kristen Grunewald

Tip—Bath Drain

“Our bath drainage unit would not stay in the open drain position and couldn’t be replaced. We used a number or chemical and mechanical options with no result. Finally I dropped a few drops of lemon essential oil on the problem area, waited a few moments, and came back. Result: The bath now drains freely once again!”




Sweet Gift

"I’ve had the great pleasure of using essential oils in yoga classes, both as teacher and student. They make me feel like I’m receiving a sweet, intriguing gift. The aroma helps to center my mind and transports me into a sacred space, while the specific properties of the oils help to relax, inspire or energize me. I notice how the room becomes more unified, more uplifted, more present, after I share the oils.” 





Ingrid A. Marcroft

Life Force

"Using Young Living essential oils in class is almost always a transformative experience in that they have a fantastic capacity to shift the space. There is a palpable change in the energy of the room, a softening or sometimes an expansion of everyone’s life force—depending on the oil used. I’m partial to Valor® or Peace & Calming® at the end of the class or Valor, peppermint or frankincense at the beginning. The Thieves® spray is perfect for sanitizing and cleaning the air between classes." 


Stephan W. Kolbert

Tip—Double Duty

“Spray lemongrass essential oil on your children’s bed linens to keep those spiders that have hidden indoors for the winter away from their sheets. Children like the fragrance, and it gives them an aromatherapy treatment.”

—Penelope Marth

Tip—Peaceful Sleep

“After my daughter’s evening bath, I take a good-sized squirt of KidScents® Lotion with a couple drops of Peace & Calming® and rub it all over her body. She smells so good and sleeps peacefully through the night.”









Tessa Brauer is a Young Living Distributor 48482

©Self-Health Essentials LLC 2012

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 Useful Magic

Hello, this is Tessa from Self-Health Essentials. The story below so touched me I wanted to share it with you in this form. This is a sharing from one heart to another. I know I am only the conduit for the possibility that is available to each one of us. It is an honor for me to witness and facilitate Self-Health Energetics (Matrix/Access/Yuen + more) sessions like this one.

"On 2/16, I called a new dentist’s office (one who uses laser technology)  to schedule a cleaning before I left town for 3 months–needed to have it done within the next 3 weeks.  I was told that I had to have an exam first as cleaning was a treatment and exams were required before any treatment.  The dentist’s office scheduled a new patient exam for me on 2/18.
The dentist told me a crown needed to be removed as there was a cavity underneath, and that there was a strong possibility I would need a root canal or implant.  I was opposed to having either and discussed this with him. I even considered having the tooth pulled. At the time to schedule the cleaning and appointment for the crown, I was told the crown appointment would be 1 month out and the cleaning 2 months out.  I told  the scheduler this was not acceptable, she said I could go on their short list.
When I returned home, I called Tessa to ask for her help in opening a window of opportunity for these appointments, to have it all completed within the next 3 weeks.  Tessa also recommended I do work on saving my tooth instead of a root canal or implant. Tessa said she would create a distance session around this for me.
On the morning of 2/19, the dentist’s office called and they had an opening for a cleaning that afternoon so I took that appointment. Then on 2/26, they called and said there was an opening on 3/2 for the crown work which I also took.
On 3/2, my appointment with the dentist lasted for 3 hours.  The dentist told me it was the toughest and most difficult process he had ever done and he has done hundreds of crowns.  He was amazed at how many prior fillings needed to be removed and that we were able to save the tooth.
Thanks to the laser technology, he made the crown there in his office.  It was an amazing process, with the added benefit of everything being completed that day.
I am so deeply grateful for all the Energetic processes Tessa facilitates that can bring such wonders into my life!"  (Comments from J.D. in Montana)
I like to refer to this as useful magic. The Self-Health Energetics (Matrix/Yuen + more) sessions I offer can touch you in areas and in ways that might seem impossible to imagine. In this instance my dear friend and client chose to ask for everything she wanted.  She not only wanted the timing to match her life plan…she also chose to create new options for her teeth…ones the dentist hadn’t even offered. She chose to create the best possible outcome for her life, her health and her teeth.

How often do you settle for an outcome that is less then what you truly desire?

Let’s facilitate some Useful Magic for you. Choose one of the buttons below to begin the process. You may also choose the three session package at a discounted price. Many clients enjoy the benefits of creating an expanded window of possibility that linking three sessions can offer. I will contact you over email and set up a time for a 60 minute session. This could be the best investment you have ever made. Let’s create some Useful Magic for you! 






Tessa~ 60 minute Tele~session Self-Health Energetics (Matrix/Access/Yuen +) $122.00



Tessa~ 3X 60 minute Tele~session Self-Health Energetics (Matrix/Access/Yuen +) $360.00



 ©2012 Self-Health Essentials LLC











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From Marc Schreuder, Young Living’s Director of Product Research and Development:


The Young Living’s therapeutic-grade standard goes beyond organic in purity, scope, and potency. Young Living applauds the ever-growing demand for goods prepared using organic, sustainable, and "green" growing practices. We have long championed cutting-edge natural, organic and low-impact farming and manufacturing methods (i.e. returning distilled compost and bioactivity to our fields). These methods are essential in our efforts to produce pure essential oils free from contaminants often introduced by chemical pesticides, fertilizers, etc. On the other hand, we have found that "certified organic" does not guarantee that a plant and the oil it produces will be totally free from problems nor that it will meet our standards. It’s the sad state of the world that even the best organic farms can be contaminated by toxins, like heavy metals, already in the soil and those still being introduced by polluted air and water.

In our experience what ensures 100 percent purity is our own comprehensive, rigorous, and expert analysis of the finished oil. We would prefer to skip these costly measures and trust a governmental agency to guarantee purity, but it wouldn’t be prudent to leave something so important in less experienced hands.





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So, eating Soy is bad for me? Why?



We receive many inquiries from our clients about Soy. One dear friend drinks soy milk as often as she can hoping it will assist her body with healthy aging.When in fact it is quite possibly speeding up her aging process.

There are many, many studies available to offer another view. The following comes from Dr Mary Eng and Sally Fallon in their book Eat Fat Lose Fat.

Today, many dieters try to meet their health requirements by eating foods based on soy, promoted as beneficial in many popular books and weight-loss plans. However, soybeans contain several toxins, and high-temperature chemical processing adds many more. As early as 1972, a soy-industry textbook (Soybeans: Chemistry and Technology) listed a number of well-documented toxic effects from soybeans—everything from endocrine disruption to undesirable changes in many organs.

The most serious problem with eating soy while you’re trying to lose weight is that soy is a goitrogen, that is, it depresses thyroid function. When your thyroid gland malfunctions, you tend to gain weight even when you eat very little. Dr. Dan Sheehan and Dr. Daniel Doerge, government researchers at the National Center for Toxicological Research, discovered that the anti-thyroid component of soy is the isoflavones or phytoestrogens, which inhibit the synthesis of thyroid hormone. All soy foods, including tofu, soymilk, protein bars and meal replacements, contain these thyroid-inhibiting isoflavones. In 1999, these researchers actually wrote a letter urging FDA to require a health warning on soy foods, rather than the health claim the agency eventually approved.

Soy foods also contain anti-nutrients known as phytic acid which blocks mineral absorption, and enzyme inhibitors that block the enzymes needed for protein digestion.

Reading labels is very useful especially when it comes to soy. Over the years we have removed soy from our diet and happily so.If you would like to learn more about this topic, the book, The Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of America’s Favorite Health Food, is a must read. This is an area that one is best served as a Self-Health sleuth!

 Yours in Self-Health!
© 2012 Self Health LLC


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Self-Health Essentials LLC suggests a way of life for reaching and maintaining peak health. It is based on the best of the latest research and the best of the time-tested methods. Although the medical profession encourages us to take more responsibility for our health, seeking wellness should be done in cooperation with a doctor. More and more physicians are becoming aware of the benefits to be derived from preventive methods, among them optimal nutrition. Self-Health Essentials LLC and information on this site is not to be considered a prescription. You are unique. You have your own set of individual variations-physical, mental, and emotional. Only the doctor who knows, examines, and treats you can prescribe for you. For this reason, the authors, writers and researchers of Self-Health Essentials LLC cannot take medical or legal responsibility of having the contents of this website considered a prescription for anyone.