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Greetings!  If you are one of my Hands-ON-Clients, your Body has already started to receive the ACCESS Body Processes. I have been sharing many of these ACCESS Body Processes with my clients for some time now….and have observed rather startling shifts in Beings, Bodies and Lives….mine included! Gift with a bow
What else is possible?

On Friday, 8/10/12 Valentinah and I offer an opportunity for you and your precious BODY to acquire and learn frequencies, information, clearings and energies new to our planet. Sun 
ASK your Body…..

* If you choose this class will it expand your life?
* Will it create a greater communion in and with your body?
* Will it shift the platform of energy you and your body function from to a whole new level?

As you ask did you perceive a lighter (Truth) or heavier (Lie) sensation/awareness? What if you followed your Body’s Truth? What if your body is your greatest conscious facilitator? What else is possible?

The first class will be held @ The Awakening Center in Rainier. I find it a restorative facility. Please click on the link below to perceive the possibilities for you and your Body as you attend this personal retreat day of restoration and rejuvenation.
Here is the Fountain of Youth Series:
No Prerequisites 

Class #1

Process # 1 ~ Restoration of Immortality

Process # 2 ~ Source Field for Elimination and Eradication of the Chromatics of Time 

Class #2 

Body Process #1~Oldings

Body Process #2~ Restoration of Generative Energies of Youth/ OR Antibodies to Consciousness (Your Choice)

Class #3

Access Consciousness Energetic Facelift

This link will lead you to more specific information about the class $ and registration:
Your are invited to take all the classes @ a savings or as individual classes. To extend the most choice possible, we will announce the future dates in this series after our first class meeting. If you would like to share your view on better timings and days to facilitate your attendance…we so welcome you, your Body and your points of view.
How does it get any better than this?
NotePS You will receive handouts for each process plus other Body Process information as well as give and receive each process so that by the end of the day you will be able to share (and charge for) these processes. What will it take to share these Access Body Processes with Self, Family, Friends and Clients?

Blessing you BIGGER than I ‘Know’ how,

Tessa Red roseBrauer, LMT

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