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A Note from Melissa Joy: Move beyond judgments into a new reality with Matrix Energetics


Everything at Matrix Energetics is geared toward moving us out of the box that we're in-even if we are not aware that we're in a box at all.


It enables us to transcend duality: same/not same, sickness/disease, good relationship/bad relationship, abundance/lack of abundance. None of that is really true. What's really true is that everything is readily available to you when you move past the limitations of the polarities of duality and you've moved to a state that we will refer to throughout the seminar as neutrality.


Neutrality is, as Richard's guides brilliantly pointed out, new to your reality. It doesn't mean that you don't care about what happens to you in your life or about what happens to the people around you. What it means is that you're transcending duality and the polarities that a duality-only mindset offers and moving to a state of neutrality, to a state of infinite possibilities–where it is not this OR this, but it is, in fact, this AND this.


There is a synergy or synthesis that takes place between those polarities that allows for transformation to occur. We will talk about, perhaps, moving into that state of neutrality where anything can happen. Now what happens when you move into a state of neutrality (or before moving into a state of neutrality) is the letting go of judgment and the letting go of statements like "This is the way it is because it's always been that way" or "I have this disease and this is bad". In physics, the judgment itself is a certainty of the collapse of the wave function into limiting it to be only that which you judged it to be.


When you let go of your judgments and your assessments about situations, it automatically moves you out of the collapse of the wave function. It uncollapses that reality into a different state of possibility and allows for transformation to occur without doing anything other than noticing or observing in a different way.


Melissa Joy: Move beyond judgments into a new reality with Matrix Energetics

When we talk about how we're not doing anything in Matrix Energetics, it's simultaneously true and it's not true in that we are not doing anything, but we ARE observing in a more expansive way. In the not doing, we are accessing more of a state of being where everything can occur with equally weighted probabilities and you have different choice points that become available to you. What's cool about Matrix Energetics is that you don't need to be consciously aware of what those choice points are and you don't even need to be consciously aware of how you're going to get there.


In fact, the hardest part about Matrix Energetics is learning how to consistently let go and get out of your own way. There's nothing stopping you from accessing what is available to you and for you other than your own sense of who you think you are in relation to what you are seeking to manifest. Essentially, we are all incredibly powerful and consistent manifestors and we have millions and millions of references throughout the course of our lives where we've manifested things.


Unfortunately, we have a tendency to manifest the things we don't really want in order to experience the things that we DO want. So there needs to be a subtle shift in our awareness such that we can move out of resonance with continually re-creating the things that we don't want in order to move into a different possibility. With duality, as long as you're trying to move into resonance with what you want, you're still in resonance with what you don't want, so you still get more of the same-and that's insanity.


What we practice in Matrix Energetics is the art and (to some extent) the science of letting go, moving down into the field of the heart where everything is equally weighted and undifferentiated. It has not yet moved into duality. Then, after dropping down into the field of the heart, we will access a state of grace that enables us to move into resonance with more useful patterns.


The word we use throughout the seminars is "useful", as in "How is this useful?" You could say that useful is still a dualistic term, since you have useful and not useful, except that there is a meta-rule embedded within the morphic field of Matrix Energetics. That meta-rule is that if anything shows up, you can trust that it's useful.


Now, if I'm sitting here as a first time seminar participant and I've got a "disease", I might be saying "Well, how the heck is my disease useful?" Ask that question right now. It's an open-ended question that your left brain cannot answer and it will go on a search for possibilities through the right brain parallel processor that can attract a multitude of possibilities simultaneously.


If you ask, the answer will be shown to you. The question is: Are you ready to listen? We all have the answers readily available to us. When we get the answer that we really don't want to hear, what do we do? Pay attention. The information is available to you; it is all around you.


We will be demonstrating throughout the weekend on the physical body. The body itself is a just a complex interplay of patterns of light and information that is being expressed through matter. But, matter doesn't matter and Matrix Energetics is not limited to working on physical matter. The patterns can shift in relationships, in emotions, at the spiritual level, the financial level and the environmental level. This morphic field is tapped into Universal Consciousness, which means that you have access to transformation in any facet or pattern of your life.


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    Dear Friends,

We have heard from many of you about the recent struggles and challenges you are having. Jo has created a recording with a special energy gift, just for you. Enjoy!!









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