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Christmas Spirit – an oil for the season!
The holiday season is a time for great smells! Pine, spruce…sugar cookies! This invigorating blend of Evergreen, Citrus, and Spice is reminiscent of the winter holiday and brings joy, peace, happiness, and security.

Christmas Spirit™is a blend of the following oils:
Orange – elevating to the mind & body
Cinnamon Bark – thought to have a frequency that attracted wealth & abundance by emperors of China and India, highly antiviral, anti fungal, and anti-bacterial
Spruce – helps respiratory & nervous systems, anti-infectious, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory, helps to open & release emotional blocks
How to Use:
     Dilute 1 part essential oil to 1 part V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex or other carrier oil such as coconut, olive, or almond. Diffuse, inhale directly, or add 2-4 drops to bath water. Apply 1-2 drops over heart, on wrists, temples, back of the neck, or on bottoms of the feet on Vita Flex points. Sprinkle on logs in the fireplace, on Christmas trees, on potpourri or on cedar chips for dresser drawers. Put 2 drops on a wet cloth and put in clothes dryer. Add 6-8 drops to a cotton ball and place in or on vents. Possible skin sensitivity. If pregnant or under a doctor's care, consult your physician. Dilution recommended for both topical and internal use. Dilute before using on sensitive areas such as the face, neck, genital area, etc. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid using on infants and very small children.

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Greetings! These are wonderful Ziquin Client experiences thru Marcia, a Ziquin Wellness Coach.



From a 'born again'  Ziquin Rejuvenator
"I tried the new tonic…its fantastic! And so is the improved EFA Complete…my skin is younger than ever using it inside and out! Wow! I always thought your Ziquin enthusiasm was hype, but I've been trying other stuff and even doing perscription drugs with my MD and its all junk compared to Ziquin. And OMG! Ziquin is natural and non toxic! Thanks for keeping me on your list, Marcia, even tho I did not order anything for a year or more…I am so glad to be back!!!" BA
Marcia's response…" Be sure to take the All Xymatic Relief Systemic Enzymes and the Hepatic Shen (LIver Food) .The liver effects all organs and systems so its important to keep it cleaned and well supported. Always use the Hepatic Shen if you have had poor, dead and  junk food laced eating patterns, have been drinking any amount of alcohol, soda pop or have been taking drugs of any kind or if you have been smoking tobbacco/other stuff. And drink lots of water…at least a quart for every 55 pound of body weight daily…that's about all you can drink in a day and its more helpful than other beverages during detox so…get the water in when you are detoxing. And please please please eat 80% fresh (organic, if possible) VEGETABLES regularly daily. These things will change your health for the better immediately."
Note from young woman:
I have to tell you how great it feels to be back on the Tonic and Oil. I had a number of stressful things happen and I had not ordered for about a year and my health started going downhill. And after all that work we did to get me well a couple of years ago! I was so bummed and too embarrassed to call and tell you, but I reordered and I have been doing the tonic and oil twice per day now to recharge my system and I feel so good! Boy, those new formulas are fantastic! Thanks for not giving up on me. YW
Marcia's response: Yay! I am so glad to see you are making the connections regarding your responsibility to continuously support a body under stress. Can't give up on it in mid-stream…esp when you really must rely on it. Good for you! MLK
Note from menopausal woman:
What in the world is in the new tonic and oil? After two months my skin is finally not so darn dry anymore and I feel like I got a wonderfully subtle boost of energy with the new tonic. Wow! Thanks – and btw, I started the Hepatic Shen and the Energy Endo Biotics again and with your dietary recommendations I have lost weight and those awful hot flashes have all but disappeared. They are non existent if I follow your directions on how to eat ( 80% veggies at every meal ) and if I take my nutrients daily. I am not going to slack off or imagine I don't need them anymore. They are my Health Assurance. Thank you so much Marcia! Keep those lovely recipes coming…I really enjoy the photos! MW
Marcia's reply: Yes! I am hearing the same from other women going through menopause…Nice to feel in charge of a sometimes  awkward kind of passage, don't you think? I feel for the heavy ones who turn beet red, start sweating and then begin peeling their clothes off at a dinner party. Not fun. I am so happy for you! MLK
From a 60 something guy
Hi Marcia,
I am going to Irac again. Can you please order me 6 bottles of the Neptunes Nanomeds to take with me?
I don't want to make this trip without them. I will be back in a couple of months and will need more tonic, oil, enzymes and minerals. Please keep me in mind so they arrive when I do. My brother was visiting recently and he took a shine to my Ziquin products. I had to send him home with my Tonic and Oil, Enzymes and Minerals…He basically took my whole stash so I will need it all. Thanks Marcia! See ya when I get back. SSG
Marcia's response: Yes! I will do…the minerals will keep your electrolytes up
and make the heat less of a problem. If you can, put them in every bit of water you drink and drink as much water as you can.
This will keep your head clear…and your responses quick and agile…Be careful…much love to you. MLK
From A miffed rejuvenator
Marcia! Are you kidding me? Why didn't you just come over and knock me on the head! I read your emails but I didn't really beleive them, I guess. (You know, there is so much mis information out there). But I am so happy I finally ordered the Hepatic Shen Food. I had no idea how much it effected the clarity of my skin and the quality of my sleep. It even helps my heart palpatations…Is that possible? Boy Marcia, you should start telling people these things. We need to know this stuff.JJ
Marcia's response. The Chinese consider the Liver to be the "Mother of the Heart".Good to know you are connecting some dots! That's what I like to see! Thanks for sharing. MLK
From a BIG FAN of the Renew Digestive Enzymes
Ok Marcia, I know you know I love my wine and my great many course fat laced over protien under vegetables meals. I eat and drink too much and I love it. But as I've aged, I notice I am not feeling too fine afterwards for the next few days. Please send me 3 bottles of Renew. That stuff really helps me with my hang overs and my occasional over eating. FR
Marcia's response: You may want to try taking more of the Mind and Body Tonic to replace all the essentials and esp B12 after drinking and also the EFA Complete oil to balance the blood sugar from the alcohol. Both are very effective for occasional over indulgences. And, if I were you, I would be taking the Hepatic Shen Food daily without fail continuously because the liver is the "Master Organ". Keeping it in top condition is essential and esp so as we age and if we drink alcohol, even infrequently. I know you are also taking the All Xymatic Relief and that will also be helpful in keeping the liver and blood passages clear. Glad to help. I will order the Renew for you today.
 How does it get any better?

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How are you faring? In this 10 seconds are you perceiving yourself light or heavy? Are you playing with your days or are your days playing with you?

Yesterday I created a space of self care mixed with a fairly substantial 'To do' list…as I was embarking on my day I asked the Universe to join me in creating an adventure as I moved thru the world. Over the last few years I have created a 'habit' of avoiding stores and situations during the Christmas rush time. Well…my adventure took me smack dab in the middle of it all. How does it get any better?

In the postal center as I wished them a Happy Holiday they responded by inviting me back next week to share hot cider with them!
As I walked to my car  someone asked if I enjoyed my Subaru and an exchange of gratitude for this make of car was shared!
I have not been in a Target at this time of the year for years! My Body took me to the back of the store to be impressed by the massive display of Christmas lights! OH my gosh! My inner children came out and played in wonder at all the colors and shapes and sizes of lights!
As I was picking up printing the clerk and I got into a really fun discussion of possibility…we parted lighter and happier for the sharing!

Yes…there were folks around carrying heaviness and loads of not fun and it simply didn't touch me.

So dear friend, how many ways can you and I create adventure, lightness and joy by asking a simple question?

Universe, What else is possible in this 10 seconds and thank you for clearing everything that stands in the way of me receiving it?

Know you are SO appreciated!      

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