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Bending the Rules of the Universe
An Exclusive Interview with Richard Bartlett

Richard Bartlett’s Matrix Energetics workshops have become tremendously popular—not just because the experience is a cross between a healing seminar and a rock concert, but because what he teaches changes peoples’ lives in ways they never thought possible. What started for Richard Bartlett as a series of treatments in his chiropractic practice has evolved into a “technology of consciousness” for opening the doors of possibility. Here he talks to us about Matrix Energetics and what makes it so unique.


Sounds True: You call Matrix Energetics a “technology of consciousness.” What does that mean?

Richard Bartlett: One of the challenges in teaching Matrix Energetics is you don’t want to over-define it. You don’t want to pigeonhole it as a technique or a method of problem-solving, because that imposes limitations. Matrix Energetics is about expanding our perceptual model. Each person has a set point, like a thermostat, for what they’re willing to believe, what they’re willing to experience in the next moment, and what they can actually sense in the world.

With Matrix Energetics, you acknowledge that every model has limitations. Then you realize that you don’t have to play by those limitations—and the key word is “play.” Once you do that, you embrace the idea that change can be instantaneous, and you don’t have to worry about how that change going to show up. All this is to invite the power of grace. Grace is that limitless potential for something to happen, literally, miracles to happen. The miracles happen in between the spaces of conscious awareness.


Sounds True: What do you mean by the “spaces between?”

Richard Bartlett: Our left-brain consciousness puts things together like frames in a movie, processing snapshots of experience in a way that appears to be one continuous activity. It works at a speed of maybe one to twelve experiences per second. The brain takes each snapshot, then filters it through our conceptual model, and strings it together into something that gives an illusion of continuous activity.

Once you realize that, you can say, “In the space between my perceptions, anything can happen.” If that’s just a statement in your head it won’t do much, but if you drop down—as we say in Matrix Energetics—into your heart, that’s the place where intent can work. It can happen in an instant. And if you transcend the limitations of your conceptual model just one time, that can be enough to change everything in your life.


Sounds True: When you talk about the place where intent can work, do you mean “focused intention,” as it’s usually talked about?

Richard Bartlett: Not really. When people do practices based on “the power of intention,” they tend to get stuck in the conscious mind. The trouble with focused intent is it’s still based upon what we think can happen. You’re supposed to visualize what you want to happen, which is about imposing an outcome on the universe. That’s a left-brain, rational method and it usually doesn’t work.


Sounds True: So would you say the rational mind is an obstacle in Matrix Energetics?

Richard Bartlett: I don’t see it that way. Look, I have two medical degrees—I’m a huge believer in rationality! The rational mind is your friend. All you need to do is go beyond the idea that you can define reality with just your rational, conscious mind. Because it’s much too limited. For that we need the limitless processing power of the right brain, or the unconscious.

There’s something Sri Aurobindo, the great Indian saint, said: “There are no physical laws in the universe. They’re more like suggestions.” What he means is that they’re hypnotic suggestions that our unconscious mind believes. Matrix Energetics helps you let go of the rigidity of those rules to be more flexible, and yet still retain those rules as appropriate for your reality.

One of the obstacles people hit working with Matrix Energetics is just the idea that something could be so graceful, so easy, and so without judgment. We don’t believe things can be that simple. One tactic you use to get past this block is to overload the left brain with information. You feed the left brain all of this scientific data it can handle. It’s all true material, and the left brain thinks it understands it, but nobody really does. Not even the physicists. So as your left brain tries to chew on that, it gets out of the way of your right brain. And it helps if you do it in a playful way.


Sounds True: Could you give me an example?

Richard Bartlett: Sure. Let’s look at this idea. Quantum physics is getting to the point where they’re saying consciousness must be added to any working model of reality. Everything has a quantum field, or what Rupert Sheldrake called a “morphic field” or identity. It’s almost like a blueprint. These morphic fields are like floating clouds of energy, of thought forms, that just wait for someone to have a thought, a feeling, or an intent. Our thoughts polarize the quantum field like a magnet, with the larger field actually diffusing into your own the smaller field.

So here’s where you start to play with that concept. Think of it like the scene in Ghostbusters, when Dan Akroyd chooses the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. He thought it was a pretty benign choice, but then it turns into this great monstrosity. Our thoughts are like that. They’re like these sticky, Stay-Puft Marshmallow Men attempting to destroy the city, and what we have to do is develop different kinds of cities, different kinds of powers, where we learn to trust the innate divinity within us.

You have to realize the universe is completely unreal, just like the yogis talked about. You can’t just hold that as a thought. You have to become self-realized in that knowledge, and that doesn’t require effort. That requires letting go, because the more you try to grasp something like that, the more tangled up you’re going to be in your own thoughts.

The more you practice in a playful manner, a way that really gets you out of the left-brain trap, the more you create this awareness and this morphic field of instantaneous transformation. You don’t have to believe it. You just start out by playing with it, and then, at some point, you realize it’s playing with you.


Sounds True: You talk a lot about not the role of silliness and play. Are they useful in and of themselves?

Richard Bartlett: It’s interesting about play. You can redefine “play” to mean anything. If you are driving down the road, and you are fully engaged and enjoying your car, that can be engaged in play. Even if you’re stuck in traffic, you can choose to be stressed out, or you can choose to be happy. It’s that attitude.

It’s not play if you’re saying, “Well, I’m going to play for five minutes because it’s good for my blood pressure.” I’m sorry. You’re not playing; you’re doing therapy. Play is when you completely forget yourself, forget time, forget space, forget that you’re even human, and you’re just occupied with a moment, and you could call it “bliss.” The ancient yogis appeared to be very serious, but they had this kind of twinkle to their eyes, and they had this little smile, kind of like, “I know a joke, which is the universe isn’t real, and it’s just playing with us, and I’m playing back!”


Sounds True: There are lots of other healing techniques out there, and you say you don’t want Matrix Energetics limited to that. What’s the difference between a technique and what you’re calling “a technology of consciousness”?

Richard Bartlett: A technique is developed to meet the needs of a certain problem. But Einstein said that problems can’t be solved at the same level of consciousness that created them. That means you have to transcend your existing conceptual model to really get to the creative potential, or what has been called “the quantum potential,” the hidden awareness in the universe. The way you do this is you let go, you stop seeing yourself as separate, and you play like you mean it. You play like a child, where you’re practically hallucinating.

One of the things that I insist upon in Matrix Energetics is that it has observable, reproducible phenomenon that can be easily learned and then duplicated by anyone, because if it’s only I that could do it, then maybe you’d have to say, “Oh, I’m some fantastic healer.” I’m not the best model for a healer. I do everything wrong. I eat bacon for breakfast, I drink coffee, I don’t smoke because I just can’t stand it, but I mean I probably would if it were just because it’s a vice. I have every vice imaginable, and I can even develop some devices to improve my vices. It’s not about any of that, because if it were, then it would be so limited, no one would be able to approach it, because they’d have to either be holy, or meditating for 20 years, or mastering qi or prana or all of these things.

You can learn that stuff. I even have techniques in Matrix Energetics, like two-pointing and using the 21 Fundamental Frequencies. You can learn techniques or practices exactly right and get them down pat, but unless you get into the playful state that lets you set aside the conceptual limits of time and space, your techniques won’t do much. They’ll never transcend what you think is possible.


Sounds True: One last question. Why do people fall down on stage during your seminars when you use the two-point method on them?

Richard Bartlett: The falling down thing is just one aspect of a larger phenomenon we see a lot when people first experience Matrix Energetics. I think it happens because of the sudden understanding that we’re just composed of light, just photons and patterns of information. When we interact with each other on that basis, I think we change the actual spin or velocity of the photons. At that moment the left brain can no longer track reality as being real, the right brain takes over. You expand out. The conscious mind cannot keep up, and people tend to react by falling down. Or they go into bliss, or unconsciousness, or silliness, or laughter, or see colors, or hallucinate a frog on the floor next to them, or any number of things. They can experience joy. They can cry. They can literally experience transcendence.

I had a banker who I two-pointed. When I touched him, nothing appeared to happen. Someone asked me out in the audience, “Well, why didn’t he fall down?”

I said, “I don’t know! Let’s ask him!” And I said, “What happened? It didn’t look like much happened when I touched you.”

And he looked at me, he was still having trouble talking, and he said, “When you touched me, my whole body disappeared, I experienced the void, I was out in outer space in a transcendent phenomena that I still cannot describe.”

I said, “Okay, thanks for sharing that!”

I’ve seen astonishing things happen to people when they make room for miracles to show up. I’ve seen spontaneous healings—like broken feet getting healed in an instant. These things break our conceptual guidelines, but you realize they’re perfectly natural and normal when you see laws of the universe are more like suggestions.

If we expect miracles, we are more likely to experience them, but that doesn’t mean your life should be predicated on the need for a miracle. When you need a miracle, or you need to be healed, or you need something to happen, your own expectations of what will happen if it doesn’t are in the way. When you let go of the need for something to happen or not happen, that’s where grace resides. And anything’s possible there.


Reprinted with permission from Sounds True,

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 Can hidden emotions affect your health?

Hello, This is Tessa writing you today. I just had the honor of facilitating a distance session with a young mother and her daughter. I feel so very privileged to be a part of someone’s personal steps in transformational evolution.

May I share a bit with you about my perceptions?

I have been experiencing personal transformational evolution for decades through personal work as well as group work facilitated by gifted instructors. I discovered long ago that if I did not attend to my emotional ‘baggage’ I would find life on Earth a bit uncomfortable. In my session work with clients I have also observed the results of ignoring or pretending the emotional traumas are not there.

Please know I do not hold a degree in counseling or psychology. I have earned my abilities through years of personal work and client support work. I have always been perceptive in ‘emotional’ language and have developed my own set of capacities and information base called Self-Health Essentials ie S.H.E.  I have tested this system and I trust it.

I have long held that I my clients are my very best teachers.

Today’s session once again showed me the significant blessings that are contained in S.H.E. distance session work. This young mother not only released emotional patterns that had been with her since childhood and before but also assisted her 4-year-old daughter in releasing hers patterns. She saw threw a real life experience how some old emotional patterns that she had released in her last session of S.H.E. were mirrored back to her in her daughter. Before her session with Self-Health Energetics she could not perceive the pattern. When it was gone, her new open clarity made it so very evident and gave her tools with which to free her young daughter before she too created a lifetime of being the effect of that limiting emotional perception.

My client shared some of her physical sensations as she allowed herself to 'feel' emotional patterns that had kept her ' boxed in ' all of her life. She mentioned nausea, hyper-ventilation, chest pain and vertigo.  Each of these are listed as 'symptoms' in many illnesses. Research has shown how trapped emotions can lower the immune function, create symptoms like allergies, exhausted adrenal function, mood disorders, affect blood sugar, affect headaches and body aches. She noted that in the past she would not have been able to move when these 'symptoms' appeared. Now she not only moved but was able to experience a profound interaction.  She embraced an opportunity and expanded her life choices because of it. How useful is that?                                                    

I am simply thrilled for her! I am indeed blessed to have gathered so many energetic ‘tools’ that have gone into creating Self-Health Energetics. I consistently use them on myself. I KNOW people CAN change their lives, their health, their world, for I have done it myself.

I remember a teacher sharing the phrase…'emotion is energy in motion'…I am reminded that as one shifts an emotion and releases emotional traumas and emotional walls that in a split second the energy in motion moves new possibilities into not only their life but also each life that they touch. Our world is quantum and holographic.

But more about that later!
What Else Is Possible Now?
©2012 Self-Health Essentials LLC









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Could Your Night Light Be Making You Fat?  


A study just published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that you can gain weight just by sleeping with a dim light on (like the glow from a nightlight).

In a very creative experiment, researchers discovered that mice exposed to dim light during their sleeping hours gained 50% more weight than mice sleeping in total darkness.

To confirm the effect of the light exposure in relation to other factors, the researchers reduced the caloric intake of the mice sleeping with the dim light on, and added more exercise to their routine.

Even with this intervention (less calories and more exercise) the mice still gained more weight than the mice sleeping in total darkness – amazing.

The authors of this study, from the Departments of Neuroscience and Psychology at Ohio State University and the Israeli Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Chronobiology at the University of Haifa, also found that the mice not sleeping in total darkness experienced glucose intolerance (a pre-diabetic condition).

It is too early to tell if this study will translate in the exact same way to humans.

However, common sleep advice suggests you stop using anything with an artificial glow – like watching television or playing on your laptop or cellphone – a couple hours before you go to bed.

Although this is surprising, we do know that hormones can be unpredictable!  The night light could be disrupting melatonin or your circadian rhythms… no one knows for sure.

Nedeltcheva, Artlet V., et all. “Insufficient Sleep Undermines Dietary Efforts to Reduce Adiposity.” Annals of Internal Medicine. October 2010. Vol. 153, no. 7: 435-441.

Bedrosian, T.A., Fonken, L.K., Walton, J.C., Haim, A., & Nelson, R.J. (2011). Dim light at night provokes depression-like behaviors and reduces CA1 dendritic spine density in female hamsters. Psychoneuroendocrinology 36: 1062-1069.

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Angelic Energy

I can still feel the cold, crisp morning in October—a life-changing day for me. A few of us were up early walking, laughing, and pondering the days ahead. I was focusing on my task to come of teaching about Young Living and bodywork for the next five days. I could hardly keep my mind grounded as it raced with a multitude of thoughts and ideas. One thing I knew: I had a very special five days ahead of me.

I rushed through breakfast, showering, and getting the treatment room ready. I waited anxiously for my first client to arrive and took out my special oil blend of Sacred Angel™. All I did was open the bottle when I felt the amazing scent of this oil come to me. I felt angels come into the room one by one. As the excitement of this special experience developed, I felt such a beautiful spirit enter the room.

I continued to feel the light and enlightenment from Sacred Angel for days afterward. These days were full of pure bliss, which filled my whole soul with light and love. It is so difficult to put into words the spiritual enlightenment I felt from this oil blend. It gave me a higher sense of being and enriched my soul. I truly felt the energy from the vibration of Sacred Angel envelope my whole being and raise me to a higher level of awareness. In this greater awareness, I was more in tune with my higher power and was elevated to a level where I could help others better reach their awareness.

I feel as if Sacred Angel helps me be a better massage therapist. I am able to enhance my clients’ lives more effectively when assisted by this oil blend. Thank you, Young Living, for another wonderful oil blend to make my life and others better.

Share your experience or comments below for your chance to win one of two bottles of Sacred Angel!

Peace be with you,
—Kaye Lynne Murphy, LMT

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