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What Would It Be Like to Be In the Question with Your Body?

Access Consciousness® is often described as a set of tools and processes that can change anything in your life that isn’t working. In a previous series of articles, some ways that the Access “Ten Commandments” can be used to change your money situation were discussed.  Now some of the ways that the Ten Commandments can affect your body are being discussed.

The Ten Commandments are the subject of the newest Access Consciousness® book titled Ten Keys to Freedom, by best selling author and Access Consciousness® founder Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer.

In case you’ve forgotten, here’s the full list of all Ten Commandments.  This article is the fourth in a series that will explain more fully how every single one of them can apply to your body.  This article focuses on the third commandment: Live as the Question, Not as the Answer.

  1. Would an infinite being really choose this?
  2. Everything is just an interesting point of view.
  3. Live in 10-second increments.
  4. Live as the question, not as the answer.
  5. No form, no structure, no significance.
  6. No judgment, no discrimination, no discernment
  7. No drugs of any kind
  8. No competition.
  9. Do not listen to, tell, or buy the story
  10. No exclusion

Have you noticed how much we look for answers for what’s occurring in our bodies?  When it really bothers or puzzles us, we go to medical doctors or others to find out what their answer is.  Does this create more possibility for us healing our bodies, or less?  Medical doctors in particular are experts in answers.  Isn’t a “diagnosis” a label that defines what’s going wrong with your body?

This is not to say that a diagnosis is never useful.  If it’s something you require, what if you were to consider it just an interesting point of view, rather than something handed down by God in a white coat?  What if you used the diagnosis to ask more questions about what’s going on and what your body requires, instead of looking at your body as a problem to be solved?

What if you were to approach your body from the point of view that there’s nothing wrong with it?  One great question you could use is, “Body, what’s right about this I’m not getting?”

As Douglas points out, truly using this commandment means not just putting a question mark at the end of a statement, but living as the question.  If you were willing to live as the question at all times with your body, you could even consult your medical doctor, naturopath, or chiropractor, listen to the “answer” they will most likely give you, and then ask if that’s true for your body, if what they recommend is what your body really requires, and if there’s something else you require to know about what’s going on.

Science expects everyone’s body to be the same and have the same requirements for drugs and supplements every day.  Is that really true?  What if we were as different on the inside as we are on the outside?

One man Douglas worked with saved his own life by being in the question with his body.  His medical doctor prescribed a blood pressure medication.  The man used the Access technique (see below) of asking his body a question about it. His body gave him such a strong “NO!” that he said it almost slammed him against the wall behind him.

Douglas suggested he consult another medical doctor, who told him that if he’d taken the medication prescribed by the first doctor, it would have killed him.

How do you ask your body a question?  If muscle testing of yourself is something you can easily do, that is one method.  This never worked for Gary so he developed the following method.  Hold the substance in question out in front of you, at your solar plexus.  Ask, “Body would you like to ingest this?”  If your body leans forward, that’s a yes.  If it leans backwards, that’s a no.  (Extreme leaning backwards was what occurred for the man in the above example.)  If your body does neither or moves sideways, most likely you are not asking the right question.

Additional questions you could ask are, “Body, would you like to ingest this sometime in the next week?”  (If yes you could save yourself another trip to the grocery or supplement store by buying it now….)  “Body would you like this to be next to you?”  A yes to that question indicates your body would like to have the substance in your pocket so it can extract what it requires without your having to actually swallow it.  Weird, yes, but if you ask that question and get a yes, doesn’t it make you feel light?

A woman who used this method of asking her body questions ate whatever her body asked for and lost 75 kilos without leaving sagging skin or wrinkles from the excess weight.  When she was looking at her arm and wishing it to be thinner, she just asked, “Body what would it take for this to be firm and thin?” and then followed the energy of what her body revealed to her.

You might find living as the question with your body will give you more awareness.  For instance, do all of those magazine and television recommendations about the latest and greatest supplement come from answer or question? What if you were to ask your body if the recommendation du jour was something it would enjoy and benefit from before investing in the latest exercise equipment or supplements?

If you’re willing to live in the question, your body can then give you information in curious ways.  One woman who went from a size 18 to a size 4 in a period of months had been asking her body what it would take to lose weight.  One day she was walking through the park and her body practically catapulted her over a park bench to find out what diet book the women sitting there were talking about.  She bought the book and followed its recommendations with great success.  Did it work because it was the greatest diet book ever, or because she was able to identify what would work for her by asking and living in the question?

Does it seem strange to you to be addressing your questions to your body?  Have you considered that you and your body might have different points of view?  Many things that you think you are doing are actually done by your body.

As Dr. Dain Heer, author of Embodiment, the Manual You Should Have Been Given when You Were Born, points out, “You don’t eat, your body eats.  You don’t exercise, your body does.  You don’t wear clothes, your body does.  You don’t have sex, your body does.  Doesn’t it make sense to consult your body about what effects it?”

It’s quite easy to find out what your body would like to eat if you’re eating in a restaurant.  Usually it’s the first thing to pops out at you on the menu, whether you think you like it or not.  Or you could close your eyes and run you finger down the list of entrees and ask your body to show you which one it would like.

It may sound weird, but those who have tried it report that ordering what your body would like can bring you food that’s more orgasmic than you imagined possible.  How much fun would that be?

If you were willing to be really daring, you could give up comparing yourself to those airbrushed models in the magazine and ask your body what it would like to look like. “Not every body wants to look like Twiggy,” Gary points out.  “There isn’t a single body type that hasn’t been seen as desirable in some time or some culture.”  What if you were to be grateful to your body instead of judging it?  What else could it create for you?

What creative questions could you come up with to ask your body?  How much fun could you have doing it?

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Access Bars Changes the Lives of Children Failing in Spanish Schools


There’s new hope for children struggling with school failure on the Spanish island of Mallorca, thanks to the efforts of chiropractor and Bars Facilitator Dr. David Biddle.

Biddle became aware of the tremendous problem of school failure that plagues the Spanish school system through a conversation with his own daughter.  In her class of 25, there were only 3 or 4 children who hadn’t failed any classes, and failing 5 or 6 out of the 8 offered is quite common.

The only alternative schools offer is additional tutoring to students, which means the kids have to sit for an additional 2 hours after 7 hours of sitting every day.

“How can we help these kids adapt better to school?” wondered Biddle.  He came up with offering Bars to allow kids’ brains to function better and make it easier for them to learn and retain information.

He and 7 other Bars Facilitators teemed up to offer 5 free Bars sessions to kids struggling in school.  A large spread in the local newspaper created so much awareness of the event that 50 kids showed up to have their Bars run in Biddle’s chiropractic office.  Seven Bars Facilitators showed up to run half hour sessions, spending 3-4 hours each running Bars on a volunteer basis.

Some of the positive changes the parents have noted have been amazing.  One little boy who was very rough in school and well known for beating everybody up, changed overnight.  After his first bars session, he changed so much that the school phoned his mother.  She thought, “Oh, another problem with my son.”

To her surprise, the school was calling to tell her,  “We don’t know what you did, but your kid is totally different.  He’s being nice to everybody.”

Another little boy went from regularly getting 1s and 2s (the lowest scores) in math to getting 10s.  A little girl who swims competitively noticed her swimming times improved, which pleased her and her mother.  A little boy with chronic headaches now reports they’re gone.

One boy who could hardly lie on the table on the first session now comes into the room, lies down, and relaxes.  His parents are amazed.  “My kid never relaxes!” they say, “yet he does now that he’s getting his bars done.”

Parents report that overall, their children are more centered, easier to deal with at home, and doing better in school.

Originally Biddle had planned to offer the Bars sessions side by side with sessions for the parents, but the response to the free offer for children was so overwhelming there simply wasn’t time.    Now several parents have taken the Bars Class and are doing Bars on their children at home.

While Biddle had the advantage of having a large open space with a number of tables as well as secretarial support, none of this is required.  It could be duplicated anywhere, and where are children not suffering because the schools are unable to meet their needs?

“Open up the space and let it happen,” suggests Biddle.  “The kids need it so badly!”  What are the infinite possibilities?

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“Thieves Clean” for a Sparkling Bathroom

Harmful chemicals are too often left on household surfaces in the name of cleaning. Luckily, we have an entire line of Thieves® products formulated with all-natural ingredients that easily replace the traditional chemical clean with a healthy and effective Thieves clean.

This week we are tackling the bathroom—a warm, humid room where germs can thrive. This two-part series will offer a total of six steps that will have your bathrooms Thieves clean in no time.
Let’s get started with the first three steps:
Thieves Basic Cleaner Recipe
Mix 1 capful of Thieves Household Cleaner with 2-3 cups of water. Put in a spray bottle clearly marked “Thieves Basic Cleaner.”
Optional Light Fixtures, Fans, Vents, Mirrors Recipe
Mix 1 capful of Thieves Household Cleaner, 5 drops of Lemon essential oil, 1 teaspoon white vinegar, and 3 cups of water. Put in a spray bottle clearly marked “Thieves, Lemon, and Vinegar Solution.”
Remove all cobwebs and thoroughly dust ceiling, corners, fans, vents, and light fixtures.
Run a cleaning brush around baseboards and door jams.
Sweep up all dust and debris.
Remove light fixture bowls and clean with either cleaning recipe. Soak if needed.
Spray and wipe off fans and vents with either cleaning recipe.
Replace burned-out bulbs and light fixture bowls.
Spray garbage can or let it soak before wiping clean.
Spray and clean mirrors.

Hint: Place 5 drops of Thieves essential oil on a cotton round and place in your garbage can underneath the liner to keep your garbage can smelling clean.
Thieves Basic Cleaner Plus Baking Soda
Thieves Cabinet-Front Recipe
Mix 1 capful of Thieves Household Cleaner, 10 drops of Citrus Fresh™ essential oil blend, and
1 cup olive oil. Put in a spray bottle and clearly mark as “Thieves Cabinet-Front Cleaner.”
Remove everything off of countertops.
Spray sink, countertops, and backsplash with the basic cleaner. Sprinkle approximately ¼ cup baking soda in the sink and any other place you would like more scrubbing action; clean with the basic cleaner.
Wipe down the cabinet fronts with the cabinet-front recipe.
Clean cabinet handles and pulls with Thieves Spray.
Hint: Keep a package of Thieves Wipes on the bathroom counter to wipe down the sink and countertops in between your deep cleanings. We recommend doing this every day.
Thieves Basic Cleaner
Optional Thieves Toilet Bowl Cleaner
2 drops of Thieves essential oil blend and ¼ cup baking soda
Pour approximately ¼ cup of baking soda and 2 drops of Thieves essential oil blend directly into the toilet bowl. Stir with a toilet brush and let sit for a couple of minutes before cleaning.
Remove toilet seat if necessary and replace once the entire toilet is cleaned.
Spray and clean around the toilet seat and rim with the basic cleaner.
Thoroughly clean the toilet inside and out, especially around the outside bowl.
Use Thieves Spray to clean the toilet knob.
Hint: When replacing toilet paper, dab 3-5 drops of Thieves essential oil blend on the inside of the cardboard roll (not on the paper).
Please share any cleaning tips or Thieves recipes you have found successful. We love hearing from you!
To a cleaner, healthier, and happier year,
—Gloria Russo, YL International and Portfolio Brand Manager

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