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About Robert Brauer, MBA, NTP


Robert Brauer has a masters degree in business, is a nutritional therapy practitioner, health consultant and avid health researcher. Robert combines his passion for nutrition with  extensive trainings in energetic forms of healing arts. He is a certified Master Practitioner of Matrix Energetics and a Yuen Energetics practitioner as well.

For over 25 years, he has researched and practiced health-promoting lifestyles. Robert has learned those practices that best promote optimal health. These practices coincide with his deep respect for nature and observing its laws to promote health and longevity.

Robert believes that living longer truly only serves us if we are healthy and have the ability to enjoy life fully. By aligning his priorities in harmony with natural laws Robert consistently improves his well-being and vitality. He is passionate about sharing what he has learned in simple, practical ways so that you too can increase the enjoyment of your life by easily learning life supporting techniques.

Robert shares a thriving northwest nutritional practice with his wife, Tessa, of 28 years. Together they teach and share healthy lifestyles through workshops, teleconferences, phone consultations and personal appointments. He looks forward to facilitating your personal enjoyment of life by honoring and respecting the perfection that you are!



About Tessa Brauer , LMT

Tessa Brauer holds a license in therapeutic massage. She is a mentor/facilitator of transformational healing, a Rejuvenation trainer, a nutritional wellness coach, and a certified Matrix Energetics Master Practitioner. Tessa’s ‘tool kit’ also includes Yuen Energetics™, The Emotion Code by Dr. Nelson, The Conscious System by Dr. Dunn, Body Transformation Method by Kathryn Hendricks, Quantum Touch, Circles of Life, Theta, Bowen and several other modalities.

Early on in her practice, Tessa  became inspired by noticing how profoundly her clients were influencing their own health and well-being. Ever deepening inquiry into this and how it might be of benefit to others, unexpectedly opened ways of facilitating others in cultivating refined yet simple nutritional practices with in-born self-health essential practices.

This has typically led to remarkable benefits; such as enhanced vitality, radiant health and serene well-being. Many clients began to experience relief from seeming "symptoms" as well as a profound enrichment of their lives. These inquires continue today, as Tessa Rose mentors clients in their personal pursuit of essential self-awareness. She combines her many skills as an intuitive transformational facilitator celebrating their ever-deepening experiences.

Tessa welcomes you to Self-Health Essentials and looks forward to witnessing your transformation of personal alignment.


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