ACCESS ASKS: What if Pain didn’t have to be forever?

What if Pain Didn’t Have to Be Forever?

Your body remembers every trauma that ever happened to it. Or at least it is this way according to what many common body and psychological therapies will tell you. However, what if this wasn’t necessarily so? What if your body actually has just a short-term memory? Would it be easier to release trauma that occurs to it with a lightness and ease that you may not previously have considered possible?

Douglas and Heer have devoted much time and energy to exploring the greatness of embodiment for themselves and with their clients, individually and in groups around the world. They started out with a question. “If embodiment (not only being in a body but embodying this whole reality) were not a greatness, then why would we as infinite beings choose it again and again?” they wondered.

They define embodiment not just as being in our physical bodies, but as being totally immersed in every aspect of the physical reality around us, and experiencing all of it as a greatness. Exploring this greatness in embodiment has led them to develop many energetic means of healing the body.

They don’t actually consider it healing—they consider it bringing consciousness to you and then as a result, the body changes. In Douglas’s view, nothing can create a problem for you, including your body, unless you have some unconsciousness in the area. Douglas used to believe that providing healing for people would inspire them to choose consciousness, but he found this was not true. In one three-hour session, he worked on a man hospitalized for Guillian Barre, an extremely disabling muscle wasting disease for which medicine’s cures are iffy at best. When Douglas entered the man’s hotel room, he was being fed by a nurse because his muscles were so wasted he could not pick up a fork. The only medical treatment for his condition, which would work within 24 hours if it was going to work, had already been administered with no noticeable effect, more than 36 hours previously. Douglas used the Access Consciousness™ energetic body processes on the man for three hours. The man returned to a normal appearance, and was lifting up the phone by his hospital bed as Douglas was leaving. He was out of the hospital and follow-up physical therapy in record time.

Despite this miraculous result, the man never asked Douglas a question about what he was doing or how he did it, nor did he ever show any interest in the consciousness that Douglas facilitates around the world. In contrast, people who attend Douglas and Heer’s seminars and become more conscious usually have an improvement in everything in their body, whether it’s a specific condition or pain or just a sense of increased ease and joy in their bodies. Not only do they enjoy being in their bodies more, but their bodies express this joy by becoming more fluid in movement and looking younger as well. From this, Douglas and Heer have learned that consciousness creates healing, not the other way around.

But what about that long held trauma that we can’t seem to get rid of? Who among us over the age of 15 is not walking around with some pain that’s the vestige of some past trauma we haven’t been able to recover from? What creates this suffering in the body, however long it’s been going on, is the fixed points of view we have attached to either the cause of the pain or the pain itself.

What if you could learn ACCESS Consciousness Body processes to use on yourself, friends and family and clients?

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