Signals of Adrenal Imbalance



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The following are some quick ways for you to check into your body-talk. We have personally found that health is an inside job and that you are your very own best guide in this arena. Do you know of anyone else who is with you 24/7?

POSSIBLE signs of Adrenal fatigue:

Weakness, dizziness Increased perspiration Brown spots on skin
Chronic fatigue Bowel disorders Allergies/tendency towards asthma
Low blood pressure Poor circulation Weakness after colds/ Influenza
Nails that are weak with ridges Swollen ankles Muscular and.or nervous exhaustion
Tendency to hives Salt craving Respiratory imbalances

After reading a list like this, one might come away feeling exhausted. It might be better to make note of the ones that you have a tendency towards. This is only a partial list that is for your information and self-awareness. Adrenal health is a growing concern in our fast paced culture. A quick vacation or going to bed early for a few days CAN help your precious adrenals.  We are finding that a new lifestyle design is very beneficial in creating a greater adrenal equilibrium coupled with consistent nutrition and multi-system supplemental approaches.  See Essential Supplements

Thank you for taking a moment and asking your body which of these signs it is sincerely wanting you to pay attention to?

Then ask your body how you should proceed? We offer an easy, self-health approach to designing your own health-ful lifestyle that truly could change your life!

Just a thought!
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