The Science and Technology Behind The Amega Self Care Tool

Health Practitioners Around The World Are Praising Amega’s Technology!
There is a growing body of research being conducted by independent practitioners, seeking to understand the facts about Amized Fusion Technology and its impact on the human body.

Much of this research is featured on my website and if you haven’t already watched the videos, I highly recommend that you take the time to do so. This research will continue to be added to as more and more studies come out for public viewing.

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Supporting Research Documents

The documents below offer more details information about the research featured on my website. Each document is in PDF format. I recommend downloading each document and reviewing them as you watch the videos.

AMWand Live Blood Analysis Test (PDF)

AMWand Electrodermal Screening Test (PDF)

AMWand Meridian Stress Assessment Test (PDF)

AMWand Scalar Vitality Test (PDF)

AMWand PIP Test (PDF)

AMWand CRT Test (PDF)
Bio Temp Results (PDF)

AMWand Biopulsar Testing (PDF)
Electromagnetic Field (Before)
Electromagnetic Field (After)

What Are People Saying?

"Our sponsor lent us a Wand recently for a night. We were getting ready to go on a weeklong road trip and I was worried about my knee. I have had extreme pain in the knee cap area for around 3 months. It had inflammation and swelling. I had been icing it every night and the pain was so intense I missed a lot of sleep. I couldn’t walk up our stairs and was starting to drag my leg. Our Son was there when the Wand arrived and started wanding my knee. After about 3 minutes I stood to my feet and that pain was gone! I got very emotional with tears of joy and walked up & down the stairs.  The pain hasn’t returned since. Thanks Amega for this wonderful product, truly a Self Care Revolution is underway." ~ NomaKay

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