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Did you know you were not born with a point of view about money?

Do you remember the allure of the shiny round object known as a quarter, or a guilder, or a franc, or a Deutsch mark the first time you saw it? How beautiful and intriguing it was?

Do you recall having the innocence of a 7 year old who, when his mother said she didn’t have the money for something he was asking for, told her she could just get more from the bank inside the wall, as if there was a never-ending supply?

Did you know you, the infinite being that you are, were not born with a point of view about money?

What if everything you “think” is absolutely true about money is just an implanted point of view—not even yours, but something you bought from others?  Those others could have been parents who loved you and were trying to teach you “the value of money.”  Those others could have been school friends, other relatives, ideas from books you’ve read or movies you’ve watched. What if these ideas about money were not the gospel truth as you’ve always believed, but simply other people’s points of view? They may be running your life as if they’re true and something you believe.  But what if they didn’t have to affect you at all?

Would you as an infinite being have a point of view about money?  Or would you live in the question, such as “How does it get even better than this?®” and “What else is possible?®”

What difference does it make what point of view you have about money? It makes a huge difference!  Your point of view creates your reality. Reality does not determine your point of view.  This includes your money flows, no matter what your current economic conditions are.

What if you actually had no point of view at all about money?  What would that be like?  How far “out of the box” could you be in creating money flows from any direction?

What are some of these apparent “truths” we were taught about money, that may not actually be correct? Here are a few:

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

“It does if you’re a walnut farmer,” says founder of Access Consciousness® and best-selling author Gary Douglas.  From where else can you create money that people have told you is a place it can’t come from?

“You have to work hard for your money.”

How can this be true?  Who works harder for their money, a busboy lugging heavy trays all day for minimum wage, or the multi-millionaire property developer sitting at his desk in an air-conditioned office?

If you believe you have to work hard for your money, can you even see ways that money could come to you easily?  Are you even available to receive it? Or would you have to refuse it when it did turn up easily because it wouldn’t be “real,” or “fair” or match whatever judgment you had about the effort that must accompany money?

“You can have love or money, but not both.” “People who are rich aren’t happy.”

Douglas recalls being told this as a child.  Visiting his wealthy aunt’s house, he loved she offered croissants instead of white bread, served on fine china and accompanied by nice crystal.  A questioner even as a child, he wondered what it would be like to try that form of “unhappiness.”

Douglas’s business partner, Dr. Dain Heer, recalls his poor family telling him repeatedly that rich people aren’t happy.  “They couldn’t have been any more unhappy than my family!” he reflects.

What if the only thing keeping you from having it all is the point of view that “you can’t have it all?”  Is that a point of view that might be worth your while to change?

“Rich people are mean, I don’t want to be like them!”

True, some rich people can be arrogant and rude—but so can people with less money.  Is it really the money that makes them rude or arrogant, or their choice?  If you have decided that being rich means you cannot be kind or nice or generous or anything else you value and would like to be, will you ever allow yourself to be wealthy or even prosperous?

“If you’re not born into money, you’ll never be rich.”

While it is true that some people inherit enormous amounts of money, inheritance as a source of wealth can be over-rated.  Many people who inherit wealth they did not create feel as though they do not deserve it and eventually squander it away.

This misconception creates the situation described in the saying, “from shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in three generations.”  It describes how people who inherit businesses created by relatives often do not have the vision or the drive required to successfully expand them, so they often end up going back to being wage slaves or blue collar workers like their ancestors who grew the businesses originally.

“Work and play are mutually exclusive.”

Some of the most successful, self-made entrepreneurs regard their work as play.  Think Richard Branson.  Think Oprah.  Is their success due to their working, or their being creative for the fun of it?

We all have many talents.  The talents we overlook because they’re so easy for us are often the very ones that would generate huge amounts of money for us if we would value them.  Just because they’re easy for us doesn’t mean they’re easy for everyone.

“I earn so much per hour and that’s all I have to work with.”

If you believe your only income comes from your paycheck, that will be the only income you’ll allow yourself to have.  If you changed this point of view, by asking a question like, “What other money flows can I create?” or “Where else could I receive money?” what else would be possible.

One person using the tools of Access Consciousness® received a $1500 property tax rebate in California (this “never” happens) and a free $1000 venue rental in the same month.  What could be possible for you if you asked?

Another great tool for those with salaries and day jobs is to be grateful for what you are receiving, and ask the question, “What else can I add to my life that would create lots of money right away?”

“I’ll be rich once my parents die, once the divorce is settled, once the lawsuit or insurance is settled…”

Have you noticed that the inheritance people are waiting for is almost never as large as the recipient expects it to be?  How much wealth, joy, and expansion of their lives, that they could be creating, have they refused with their decision and judgment that this settlement was “all the money they’d ever need” and a solution to all their money problems? How much more could they create if they were willing go beyond simply waiting for their payout?

“You’ve got to hold on to what you’ve got because that’s all you’ll get.”

This is a point of view adopted by people who receive a windfall settlement or inheritance.  When they try to hold on to it, instead of continuing to create their lives, they contract their entire lives and their fortune tends to follow suit.  What if they went ahead and created their lives and more money while the cogs that would bring them money were turning?  How much more money can they add to their lives?

“You’ve got to avoid losing money at all costs.”

When your focus is on losing money, what has to show up in your life?  It’s like putting a neon sign above your head, “I don’t want to lose money, I don’t want to lose money, I don’t want to lose money.”  That neon sign attracts ways in which you will lose money like moths to a flame.  What if instead of focusing on the loss you focused on questions like, “What else is possible?” “What else can I create?” “How else can I create even more money?”

What else do you believe is absolutely positively true beyond question about money?  Is that point of view assisting you in creating prosperity, or hindering you without your even knowing it?  Would you like to destroy and uncreate that right now?

Do you suspect that you may have some additional points of view about money that are limiting you?  Gary and Dain have a teleseminar for you!  It starts now, and it’s called “Creating Wealth on a Penny a Day.”  Sound impossible?  Then you REALLY need it!  It’s a mind-blowingly different approach to creating wealth—everything you should have learned from the people that raised you, but didn’t.


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You create your body and your life from judgment. You judge to keep things/people in your life and you then have to create a new judgment to get rid of them. Please give up creating from judgment. There is another choice!

Make a demand for something change and be willing to do whatever it takes. Don’t ask from the place of decision or judgment because then you are asking for an end; a result (I demand to lose 20lbs now!) Demand for something to begin. (OK enough – what will it take for something to change with my body shape).

Awareness is created with gratitude. Gratitude allows you to be perceive, know, be and receive as oneness. Joy creates consciousness and expands awareness.

When you are not happy with your life or your body, you set stops in motion (disasters) to get you to change direction. Then when you DO change direction, it’s like stopping the Titanic – some of the disasters and train wrecks will still manifest before the new possibilities show up.

Be in allowance – be in the question.

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When you ask your body a question, listen for the awareness – not the answer.  An answer feels like a solidity; it’s based on everyone else’s point of view.  The awareness is an expansive universe that creates more ease for you and your body.  You’ve got to be willing to listen.  You might ask, “What would it take for me to have the awareness?”

People don’t ask questions because they’re unwilling to be ambiguous.  As long as you’re unwilling to be ambiguous, you aren’t able to ask questions.  A great deal of what we think we like has more to do with other people’s reality than our own, because we’re not willing to be ambiguous about what we like.  If you have absolutely no fixed point of view, you have total choice.  But as long as you have an ounce of fixed point of view, you have no choice.’    Right Body for You by Gary Douglas


So what is the difference between awareness and answers?

Could it be ….awareness is non-cognitive.

Answers are cognitive. We are taught in this reality to look for the right or wrong…good or bad…the yes or no.  What if the Body does not understand the cognitive yes and no? What if this is THE key to your communion and embodiment of joy, peace and calmness?

For me and my precious Body it is such a space of joy to gather with other Bodies and Beings in the Access Consciousness Body Process classes. As the Bodies bring their Beings to these classes, we all co-create a spaciousness for both Body and Being and sharing these energies…non-cognitive energies that Bodies have so been desiring to attain balance and joy within. To see the Bodies emerge from these classes with an energetic glow and confidence and expansion. For me it is such a blessing!

Blessing you BIGGER than I ‘Know’ how,

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Do you consider you’re addicted to something? Has someone told you you are? What is that for you? Food, drugs, alcohol, sex, work, helping people, the wrongness of you, or something else? What does addiction mean to you? That’s you’re powerless to overcome it without submitting to a higher authority? That you will never overcome it and it will always control you? That it’s a physical condition, an allergy and the only solution is a long, slow process and complete abstinence? That you are bad, wrong or a failure for having it What if addiction wasn’t what you thought it was? If you’ve tried everything and would like to find out what else is possible, start by asking yourself “What if addiction wasn’t a disease?” What else is possible? That depends on you. How much change would you like? Visit The Bradford System of Right Recovery for more information about how to choose for you.

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Resisting Change

There is no difference between destruction and creation. You cannot destroy energy. Nothing can really be destroyed. It can only be changed.

When you are in resistance and reaction to change, instead of being willing to change, you kill your body in the process. Please start listening to your body more. Everything will communicate with you if you are willing to be aware. Awareness is the key to changing everything.

Become aware of where you are NOT choosing the infinite space of you and acknowledge that; then you can change it. Embrace the space. Hard work is a point of view. It is an absence of joy in what you are doing.

This reality encourages left brain awareness; cognition, logic, calculation, computation, analysis, writing, etc as what’s valuable. It keeps you functioning in less than 10% of what is possible and reduces your capacity to receive with ease.

By contrast, animals receive very easily. They are not thinking about anything so they don’t get in their own way. With horses in particular, they do not have a corpus callosum which connects the right brain and left brain so they have no impediment to awareness. If we are willing to open up to more being and receiving – and less thinking and doing – then we can receive in the same way – with ease!

What have you misidentified and misapplied as ease?

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Changing your Body Can Be Ease, Joy, and Glory with the Tools of Right Body for You with Gary Douglas


With so-called factual information about the latest optimal diets for health and weight loss changing as fast as the flavors at your favorite ice cream store, how can you know what’s really going to work for you?

The key to knowing what’s right for your body is just that, says Access consciousness Founder Gary Douglas – YOUR BODY!

Doctors with whom Douglas works point out that our bodies are more different on the inside than they are on the outside. This uniqueness, so often overlooked by the medical profession and science, goes a long way towards explaining why no one diet works for everyone.

Douglas has a unique solution to knowing what will work for your body. This solution is to simply ask your own body. It’s a health care provider that’s always with you, its prices are reasonable, and you don’t have to mess with billing your insurance.

Sounds good, you may say, but how do you do that? Some people who are trained in kinesiology can use muscle testing, but Douglas has not found this works very well for him. He uses a method of testing which involves his whole body. He holds a particular food he has a question about in front of his solar plexus, puts his heels and toes together, and asks if his body would like the ingest the substance that he’s holding.

If your body leans forward, that’s a yes; backwards, that’s a no; and sideways means you’re not asking exactly the right question. If you’re not asking exactly the right question, a small adjustment in your wording may be all that’s needed. You could change it to, “Body, would you like to ingest this sometime today or in the next 24 hours or this week?”

This may not sound like the health advice you’re used to getting, but it can have results which are surprising. One 70 year old man who has worked with Douglas was prescribed a medication for low blood pressure. He decided to use Douglas’s method and ask his body if it really required the prescription. The result was a backwards force so strong it nearly threw him against the wall behind him.

When he asked Douglas what to do with this result, Douglas recommended he get a second medical opinion. The second doctor identified a heart defect and need for an immediate quadruple bypass. If he had taken the medicine prescribed by the first medical doctor, it would have killed him, according to the second doctor. The man had the operation recommended by the second doctor and remains alive and well.

Another way of communicating with your body, if you’re eating in a restaurant, is to let your body show you by noticing what your eyes land on first on the menu. Whatever you notice first, can read clearly first, is usually the item your body would most like to eat, so you order that. It will likely NOT be what you are most used to eating – but you might be surprised at how great it tastes. What tastes wonderful is exactly what your body would really like to eat, even if it something you never would consider normally.

When you give your body what it really requires, the result is food that can taste orgasmic on every taste bud. This usually lasts for 3-9 bites. As soon as the next bite tastes like cardboard, that’s your body’s way of telling you it’s done.

One of the medical conditions which has responded well to Douglas’s methods is that American disease of epidemic proportions, obesity. An Australian woman, Audrey Lynette, heard a simple tool of his, applied it to her body, and lost 200 pounds – 100 of it in 9 months – living on a diet which included more junk food than few people reading this would even consider. She decreased her body size by two full dress sizes in a 3 day period between two of Douglas’s workshops.

One major tool she used was, “If it’s light, it’s right; if it’s heavy, it’s a lie.”

Douglas teaches the use of this tool to determine what is true for you, and what is not – regardless of the authority with which it’s spoken. Audrey Lynette applied this tool to food. If the food felt light to her, she ate it, and if it didn’t, she didn’t. She ignored any conventional nutritional recommendations and simply ate what her body told her was light for it.

In this same 9 month time period, Lynette went from being wheel-chair bound to running and dancing. She attributes her success to using tools presented by Douglas. In addition to “if it’s light, it’s right; if it’s heavy, it’s a lie,” Lynette used a second tool, the question “Who does this belong to?”

She asked that question about every thought, feeling, emotion, and body pain she experienced. When she knew it wasn’t hers, she sent it back to its creator. Using this question enabled her to see different possibilities and to get out of being at the effect of everybody else’s answers.

“They told me I wouldn’t be able to do all these things,” she recalls. “Even now, 6 years later, I catch myself doing something they told me I’d never be able to do, and I start laughing.” Even pain which was diagnosed as “hereditary” and arthritis disappeared for Lynette though use of this tool.

Using the methods Douglas teaches in Right Body For You, she found, “For the first time in my life I realized I didn’t have to have pain!”

A radio show host in Utah, Donnielle Carter, went from a size 16 to a size 6 using Douglas’s tools, in the space of 4 months.

Like Audrey Lynette, she used some of the hands on body processes of Access Consciousness, which are taught by facilitators world-wide. Her process consisted primarily of asking herself questions, being vulnerable and honest with herself, and destroying the lies she’d bought that were keeping her heavy.

Some of what she discovered, using processes like those that will be taught in Douglas’s Right Body For You workshop in Corte Madera in January, went back 20 years and more. At 5’2”, Carter is the tallest woman in her family. She was called “the big one,” a label that was represented in her size as well as her height. Unraveling this and the assumptions that accompanied it using the Access Consciousness tools taught by Douglas went a long way to unraveling the source of her excess weight and undoing it.

One evening while she was making the bed, she ended up following a line of questioning and processing herself until 4 in the morning. She discovered she had made a decision about not wanting to be seen that linked back to an argument with a friend in high school almost 20 years earlier.

Ironically, she worked in the media business where she was asked to introduce concerts and other large events. Being seen was so terrifying to her that she hired others to do this job. The day after she did this processing, the high school friend contacted her on Facebook for the first time in 17 years. There can be magic in these methods!

The methods developed by Douglas apply not only to obesity, but to all other body conditions that you have not been able to change, including pain, disease, allergies, self-image, shape, and aging.

Douglas, understandably, is in demand world-wide, so the number of his presentations in the Bay Area are limited. He will be presenting his course which teaches all of the methods discussed here and dozens more, live, in the Bay Area January 27-29. This is the first presentation in the US, and the only one scheduled in 2011 anywhere in the world.

You can register online at Douglas’s website,, or call Dr. Kacie Crisp at 415 302-0163 or Glenna Rice at 415 235-2807.

Facilitators world-wide are trained in the methods Gary Douglas used to create the miracles with the people described above and more. They can be found on his website,

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Access Bars Changes the Lives of Children Failing in Spanish Schools


There’s new hope for children struggling with school failure on the Spanish island of Mallorca, thanks to the efforts of chiropractor and Bars Facilitator Dr. David Biddle.

Biddle became aware of the tremendous problem of school failure that plagues the Spanish school system through a conversation with his own daughter.  In her class of 25, there were only 3 or 4 children who hadn’t failed any classes, and failing 5 or 6 out of the 8 offered is quite common.

The only alternative schools offer is additional tutoring to students, which means the kids have to sit for an additional 2 hours after 7 hours of sitting every day.

“How can we help these kids adapt better to school?” wondered Biddle.  He came up with offering Bars to allow kids’ brains to function better and make it easier for them to learn and retain information.

He and 7 other Bars Facilitators teemed up to offer 5 free Bars sessions to kids struggling in school.  A large spread in the local newspaper created so much awareness of the event that 50 kids showed up to have their Bars run in Biddle’s chiropractic office.  Seven Bars Facilitators showed up to run half hour sessions, spending 3-4 hours each running Bars on a volunteer basis.

Some of the positive changes the parents have noted have been amazing.  One little boy who was very rough in school and well known for beating everybody up, changed overnight.  After his first bars session, he changed so much that the school phoned his mother.  She thought, “Oh, another problem with my son.”

To her surprise, the school was calling to tell her,  “We don’t know what you did, but your kid is totally different.  He’s being nice to everybody.”

Another little boy went from regularly getting 1s and 2s (the lowest scores) in math to getting 10s.  A little girl who swims competitively noticed her swimming times improved, which pleased her and her mother.  A little boy with chronic headaches now reports they’re gone.

One boy who could hardly lie on the table on the first session now comes into the room, lies down, and relaxes.  His parents are amazed.  “My kid never relaxes!” they say, “yet he does now that he’s getting his bars done.”

Parents report that overall, their children are more centered, easier to deal with at home, and doing better in school.

Originally Biddle had planned to offer the Bars sessions side by side with sessions for the parents, but the response to the free offer for children was so overwhelming there simply wasn’t time.    Now several parents have taken the Bars Class and are doing Bars on their children at home.

While Biddle had the advantage of having a large open space with a number of tables as well as secretarial support, none of this is required.  It could be duplicated anywhere, and where are children not suffering because the schools are unable to meet their needs?

“Open up the space and let it happen,” suggests Biddle.  “The kids need it so badly!”  What are the infinite possibilities?

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Can Bars Save Your Brain?



Nothing is as vital to the enjoyment of your later years and your quality of life than the three pounds of gray matter between your ears. Yes, your brain.

This was dramatically illustrated by the state of Ronald Reagan, once considered one of the most powerful men in the world, who was reduced to lying in bed wearing diapers before his death from Alzheimer’s disease, the disease that perhaps best demonstrates how essential the brain is to quality of life.

Naturally, as baby boomers age, the question arises: how best to maintain the viability of the brain? The key to activities that improve brain function is something called transferability.  According to Newsweek, doing crossword puzzles improves your ability to do crossword puzzles and not much else.  Which kinds of activities transfer from that specific activity into general brain health and alertness?

Newsweek narrows it down to three types of activities: exercise, meditation, and playing one well-researched computer game called Space Fortress.

What do practitioners of Access Consciousness, dedicated to taking a different point of view on everything, know about this subject that publications such as Newsweek magazine, that also covered this topic, doesn’t know yet?

Access has a different point of view on exercise.  Newsweek states that 45 minutes of aerobic exercise 3 times a week is enough to stimulate formation of new neurons and neurotransmitters, as well as the chemicals that promote neuron formation.  What can Access’s awareness contribute towards this step toward anti-aging?

“Bodies hate to exercise,” observes Access Founder and #1 best-selling author Gary Douglas.  “But they love to move.”  The word “exercise” sounds suspiciously like “exorcise” to our bodies.  If we changed our points of view on exercise, might we be more likely to engage in this life-enhancing activity? What if describing it as movement and enjoying the process of it could make it a lot more fun and inviting that something that sounds so much like exorcise?

Another factor in creating anti-aging effects is meditation, described as “mindfulness-based mind-fitness training, which requires concentration on one object.”  A neuroscientist has found that this can enhance mental agility and attention by creating more efficient brain processes.  If mindfulness-based mind-fitness training is not available on a street corner in your neighborhood, how else might you give your brain the anti-aging effects of meditation?

One process that is available nearly worldwide is a simple hands-on practice called “the Bars.”  In a typical bars session, a trained practitioner places their fingers on a series of 32 different points on your head over the period of about an hour. In that one-hour session, up to 10,000 years of accumulated thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are creating limitations and obstacles to your life can be released.

During the Bars session, practitioners claim that the electrical functioning of the brain is changed.  Doctors of different disciplines who are trained in biofeedback have confirmed this, by reporting the changes in their own brain wave function while receiving a Bars session.  Activity typically moves from the normal waking state of Beta through Alpha into Theta brain waves of deep relaxation.

While Newsweek assumes that it was the focusing aspect of meditation, which created the anti-aging effects on the brain, studies done by Dr. Carl and Stephanie Simonton on cancer survivors suggest that the act of relaxation, which is provided effortlessly and to a very high degree by the bars, is a key to survival.

If relaxation is truly a key contributor to longevity, then clearly the Bars process can make a major contribution.  Bars practitioners say the worst thing that can happen during your session is that you’ll feel more relaxed than after a fabulous massage. The best that can happen is your whole life can change.

Learning to do the Bars is available to everyone.  No anatomy or medical training is required; in fact, children can be trained to do them, and often do so even more effectively than adults!   Some 400 Bars facilitators are available to provide individual sessions, with more being added around the world every day.  Their locations range from Abu Dhabi to Turkey, with more available in the US, Canada, Australia, Sweden and Turkey.  You can locate classes and bars facilitators near you by searching the website

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Would You Like a Tool that Really Works to Change Your Money Situation?

by Access Administrator

Is changing your money situation high on your list of New Year’s resolutions?  A popular opinion poll in the US, the Harris poll, suggests you are not alone.  Money is top of the list for more people than any other subject.
If this includes you, a phenomenal tool to achieve that target is offered through the Access Consciousness® shop. It’s a product called, How To Become Money Workbook.
If your target is financial fitness, then this book could be the personal trainer you’ve been looking for.  The heart of the book is 11 questions, complete with blanks to fill in.
The key to optimal use of the book is NOT to write in the book—write on a piece of scrap paper, or even a journal, so you can do the book again two weeks later, and another two weeks later, and another two weeks later, and watch how your points of view about money morph before your eyes.
What does your point of view about money have to do with money?  Only everything!  As Dr. Dain Heer says, “Your point of view creates your reality, not the other way around.”  In other words, it’s not your lack of money that is getting you down—it’s your attitude about money that’s creating the lack of money.  The good news is that your points of view about money can be changed as quickly as every 10 seconds!
Does “becoming money” seem like a strange thing to aim for, when what you’d really like is to have money to spend?  That’s a point of view you might wish to change.  As How to Become Money says in the beginning:  “What you are, what you would have, you must first BE.  That which you do not have in you, you cannot have at all.  If you see money as outside of you, you cannot have it.  If you see money anywhere besides within the being of you, you will never have it at all and there will never be enough from your point of view.”
This is not your usual “think and grow rich” book.  The being Douglas channels is quick to make fun of such approaches.  “You think, you do not grow rich, you grow limited,” he says.  “Throw your brains away, they get in the way of you!  You get that thought process in the way and then you are diminished, you have limited yourself on what you are going to achieve and what you are going to get.”
The workbook aspect of the book allows you to get to the heart of your own limiting beliefs about money.  Many of these are represented also in the discussions with the people participating in the original class from which the book was drawn.
The language of the book is a bit quaint.  It is Access Consciousness® Founder and best-selling author Gary Douglas’s first book, written when he was still channeling.  The language is the language of the channel, which can be a bit less direct than we’re used to these days.
But it’s full of gems.  Here’s an example for you to try.  Close your eyes and imagine money coming at you.  Put energy into it until it’s real.  Now, from which direction(s) did the money come?  Every single direction tells you something different about what your points of view, spoken and unspoken, conscious and unconscious, are about money.  And guess what, even the points of view you aren’t aware of are busily creating your money situation as you read this.  This book is all about changing it.
Where did your “imagined” money come from? What does it mean?  I’m not telling—you’ll have to get the book to find out!
How To Become Money is available from the Access Consciousness store.  Many other products including the books Money Isn’t the Problem, You Are; Right Riches for You; and many recorded classes on increasing your money flows can also be found in the online shop.

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Are Other People’s Judgments Getting Your Body Down? These Body Processes May Be Just What You Require!

by Access Administrator on

How do other people’s judgments affect your body? Is it possible that they can affect it so violently that they could lock your muscles up so tightly that they couldn’t move?
This is exactly what occurred for Dr. Dain Heer after one advanced 7-day course in Costa Rica. What’s right about this is that as a result, a couple of phenomenal Access Consciousness™ body processes were developed.
Access Consciousness™ Founder and best selling author Gary Douglas developed the processes Anaphylactic Shock and Quadrate of Laxation in a successful attempt to assist his friend, co-author, and co-developer of Access Consciousness™.
The name of the first process, Anaphylactic Shock, matches the energy that Douglas sensed in Heer’s body following the experience of having others’ judgments impelled at him. One of Douglas’s many gifts and capacities is to identify a previously unknown energy, find the name that most clearly matches it, and thus allow others to access that same energy through the energetic pathway he blazes with the words he puts to the energy. In the case of bodywork, the name of the process allows others to call up the same energy.
As Douglas describes this process, he mentally searches for the word that most matches the energy he senses. He pictures it as being like a slot machine. When the correct word comes along, he seizes it like an apple or a cherry and a new process is born. This process applies to new clearing statements as well as to hands-on processes.
In medical terms, anaphylactic shock refers to the same state of shock as people go into who seriously allergic to bee stings or peanuts. This shock is often fatal. A lovely side effect of this name being connected to this process is that it is something that could also be tried for anyone suffering from anaphylactic shock. (Of course, immediate medical attention should also be sought for someone suffering from this life-threatening condition, but if you used the process on a first aid basis and no further attention would be required, wouldn’t that be cool?)
Using this Anaphylactic Shock process on muscles locked up anywhere in the body—even if it wasn’t necessarily others’ judgments that locked them up—can have dramatic results in getting the body out of its shocked state.
Following that, the Quadrate of Laxation process invites the muscles to return to their relaxed state. When these processes were first discovered, it was most often necessary to do them sequentially—starting with Anaphylactic Shock and then doing Quadrate of Laxation. As so often happens with Access Consciousness™, things have sped up and it’s now most often possible to do the two of them together. As always with the body processes, the correct way to do them follows only one rule: ask the body! With extreme cases or where the results sought are not being achieved, you might ask if it’s necessary to run them one at a time.
When Douglas and Heer first identify a process, they practice on each other and others to determine what the process is and what it might be used for. When they have a sense of what it might be able to do through their own experience, then they share it with us.
They are the developers of the 3-Day Access Consciousness™ Body Class, which invites participants to learn some 50 different body processes, useful for all kinds of injuries, ailments and complaints. New uses for these processes are being discovered every day.
The 3-Day Body Class is taught world-wide by 6 facilitators. Some 300 Body Process Facilitators world-wide teach evening or one day classes in which Anaphylactic Shock and Quadrate of Laxation, as well as the 50 others, can be taught. You can find classes near you on the site,
If you are interested in receiving the body processes, you can contact one of these facilitators as well. Most graduates of the 3-Day Body Class would be happy to provide you with a session of these unique energetic healing methods as well.
Always the pioneers when it comes to creating as much consciousness in bodies as possible, Douglas and Heer have also developed some advanced body processes. Attendance at two of the 3-Day Body Classes and lots of practice with the basic (though phenomenal) body processes are the pre-requisites for these Advanced Body Classes. These pre-requisites have been set because they are necessary in order for participants to get the most out of the Advanced Body Class, and Douglas isn’t willing for them to have anything less.

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