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Self-Health can start with one small step. We believe in you and your ability to embody health and vitality and essential balance in your day-to-day lifestyle choices. Remember, your self-health is truly one step away!

Nutritional Solutions for Mood Disorders and Depression Part I


Did you know that it is our brain that makes us distinctly human? It is the basis of our emotions, memories, behaviors and moods. Because of our brain, we can read, write, compose and appreciate music, communicate with others and plan for the future. A balanced brain is the foundation for a life that is happier, more satisfying and one that can sustain healthy aging.  In this article we are looking at the importance of balancing lifestyle with nutrition to support each of us in a healthful approach to mood disorders.


Researchers believe most mood disorders are caused by complex chemical imbalances in the brain. The body responds to all sorts of factors both internally and externally from the thoughts we think to the kinds of foods we put into our body. In the field of nutritional science, we are looking for the most natural ways to support and balance those conditions using diet, supplementation, mind-body exercises and creative relaxation techniques.

Each year, almost 44 million Americans experience a mood disorder. 7-14% of children will experience an episode of major depression before the age of 15. While 20-30% of adult bipolar patients report their first episode during their 20s. Almost everybody will be challenged by depression at some point in their life. Research is showing that children are even more impacted by mood disorders than ever before. Statistics are showing pre-schoolers are the fastest-growing market for antidepressants. At least four percent of preschoolers — over a million children– are considered clinically depressed.

There are two primary classifications for mood disorders. They are bi-polar (also known as manic-depression) and depression alone.

Symptoms of Depression can include:                                                              

Sadness Difficulty Sleeping
Fatigue Hopelessness
Despair Sense of Inferiority
Dejection Exaggerated Guilt
Changes in Appetite Feelings of Incompetence
Loss of Interest Inability to function effectively

The second classification is Bi-Polar. It includes all of what is listed above with these following signs added:

Rapid, unpredictable emotional changes
Racing thoughts, flights of ideas
Increased interest in activities, overspending
Over-inflated self-esteem
Poor judgment

What Can I do?





  1. Create a plan, which works on changing your depression that includes: nutrition and dietary supplements, exercise and learning more about how to reduce stress and cortisol levels by more rest.
  2. It’s important to realize that rest does not need to mean deep sleep. Listening to relaxing tapes or watching fish in a bowl can be restful. People with active mood disorders may need more rest because of the exhaustion from the emotions.
  3. Breathing exercises are also very effective in bringing down anxiety or lowering tension and stress.
  4. As a dietary strategy, one can use the Ziquin products as part of a nutritional plan for people who are challenged by mood swings and stress. The Mind and Body Tonic, EFA Complete and All Xymatic are foundational to finding balance between mind and body health. They can be useful in balancing the blood sugar, which helps people to stabilize cravings for sugar, feelings of irritability and loss of confidence.  It is important to keep nourishing the body since most people who suffer from depression will stop eating or eat too much of the wrong foods. Eating too many carbohydrates, sweets, caffeine drinks, drugs or alcohol can imbalance the brain. In the Mind and Body Tonic the vitamin B and D help to produce serotonin and melatonin which support the body to rest and relieve distress.

© Self-Health Essentials LLC 2012


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Liver Renewal, PMS Balance, Thyroid Support!                       


Hi, This is Tessa of Self-Health Essentials.

I have been enjoying a book called "Juicing For Life" by Cherie Calbom and Maureen Keane.
Mind you, Robert and I have juiced for decades now…we have actually worn out a Champion juicer…which is hard to do if you know your juicers!

This book is so well done with a few exceptions (research has disproved their theories about soy) and a couple of other small points. I really like the way they share simple and tasty vegetable juice combinations. Cherie's Cleansing Cocktail blew my mind at how a little ginger, a beet, an apple and carrots could taste sooooo good and have my body singing the Alleluia Chorus at the same time!

Anyway…I wanted to share another recipe that I have been enjoying from the book.They include it in their "Seven-Day Liver Cleansing Diet Guideline" pg 312

  • Take one cup of very finely shredded carrots or carrot pulp from your juicing. The carrots should be shredded to a mushy consistency with a food processor or fine grater.
  • Combine 1 Tablespoon of organic extra virgin olive oil and 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice. You can add more but never less.
  • Pour this over the carrots and if you like, stir in currants and pineapple.
  • If you want a gentle and effective cleanse do this each day for seven days. If you miss a day you need to start over.

My body is loving this simple yet effective nutritional action step. According to Dr. Peat, Ph.D. in his book From PMS to Menopause, eating raw carrots in this version can eliminate PMS, headaches and allergies. The use of oil and vinegar or fresh lemon juice intensifies the bowel-cleansing effect of the salad. If you wanted to try coconut oil instead of olive oil it could offer a thyroid promoting alternative.

Don't take my word for it….make your step to self-health… could change your life!

 ©Self Health Essentials LLC 2012

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Can MSG make you fat?

In class I mention that MSG is used to make lab rats fat for use in nutritional studies. A recent study now confirms that it appears to have the same effect in humans. (Not so surprising, given that animal studies are done because they reflect what happens in humans).

In any event, the MSG study looked at the diets, MSG intake, and body mass index of 10,000+ adults. Over a 5.5 year period, eating MSG was “positively” associated with excessive weight gain in “apparently healthy Chinese adults.” The average intake of MSG was 2.2 grams (give or take 1.6 grams).

I avoid MSG on principle. It is seldom proudly added to the ingredient label. Instead it is usually “hidden” in our foods to make stringy chicken and other poor quality ingredients more palatable, and I am opposed to being tricked into eating foods I otherwise would reject. But avoiding unwanted belly fat is another perfectly good reason to avoid MSG.

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What if  IF YOU DRINK 10-20 OUNCES OF FRESH PURE WATER IMMEDIATELY UPON RISING FIRST THING IN THE AM, YOU CAN FLUSH OUT THE BODY AND START THE DAY MORE BALANCED? IF YOU MAKE IT A HABIT, YOU WILL BE DOING YOURSELF A HUGE FAVOR AND YOU WILL BE SPEEDING UP YOUR REJUVENATION PROCESS.Drinking your water is VERY important. You will be amazed if you actually do the amount suggested. Sip it continuously throughout the day. A straw may help.Set out the entire amount for you to drink in the AM and make sure its all gone by about 6pm. Drinking later than 4 hours before bedtime may get you up in the night and interrupt your slumber.








1. 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated.







2. In 37% of Americans, the thirst mechanism is so 

weak that it is often mistaken for hunger.


3. Even MILD dehydration will slow down one's 

metabolism as much as 3%.


 4. One glass of water will shut down midnight hunger

 pangs for almost 100% of the dieters studied in a

 University of Washington study.


5. Lack of water is the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue.


6. Preliminary research indicates that 8-10 glasses

 of water a day could significantly ease back and

 joint pain for up to 80% of sufferers.


7. A mere! 2% drop in body water can trigger

 fuzzyshort-term memory, trouble with basic math, and

 difficulty focusing on the computer screen or on a

 printed page.


8. Drinking 5 glasses of water daily decreases the

 risk of colon cancer by 45%, plus it can slash the

 risk of breast cancer by 79%, and one is 50% less

 likely to develop bladder cancer.









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Can Oregano, Other Essential Oils Destroy Strep Pneumonia Cells ?                                                                

Researchers have found that some essential oils, oregano, thyme and rosewood oils,
in particular, create an autolytic reaction in organisms, including Streptococcus pneumonia.
Dr. Diane Horne of Weber State University in Ogden, Utah, told the 98th general assembly of
the American Society of Microbiology about the serendipitous discovery of the impact of the
oils on cells such as Streptococcus pneumonia.

A co-researcher was spraying aromatic oils in the laboratory. "When I looked at the S. pneumonia
that I was preparing for another experiment, the cells were just falling apart," Dr. Horne reported.
Dr. Horne and coworker Sue Chao, of the Young Living Essential Oil Company of Payton, Utah,
tested the autolyzing properties of 74 different essential oils.

The best results occurred with oregano, thyme and rosewood and intermediate inhibition of the
pathogens was achieved with cinnamon oil and clove oil, Dr. Horne said at a poster presentation
at the meeting. Dr. Horne pointed out that the oils also showed efficacy against E. coli and several
species of fungi.
COMMENT: It is amazing what one can do with herbs. This is a wonderful piece of research
documenting the effectiveness of oregano. It is still not to late to get your garden up and running
and plant some oregano. Oregano is a hardy perennial. For you non-gardening types, that means
this plant will return year after year and provide you with a natural, inexpensive way to stay healthy.
It is a bit late to plant seeds for the season but you can get some good plants from any nursery. I would
recommend the Greek oregano which only grows about 18 inches tall. Avoid the taller 4 foot plants
(Oregano vulgare) as they do not have as much of the effective essential oils.
( this is a fun plant to grow I have several at my store and home. I love our essential oils and the
research that has been done by Dr. Sue Chao is phenominal– this is why I call this company my
herbal liquid pharmacy– Care to learn more see below on my signature line.

Find these oils at


S. pneumoniae (figure 1) is a leading cause of pneumonia in all ages (particularly the young and old),
often after "damage" to the upper respiratory tract (e.g. following viral infection). It also causes middle
ear infections (otitis media). The organism often spreads causing bacteremia and meningitis. S. pneumoniae
is ? hemolytic and there is no group antigen.

Direct Gram staining or detection of capsular antigen in sputum can be diagnostic. The organism grows well
on sheep blood agar.

Pneumococci are identified by solubility in bile. An autolysin (peptidoglycan- degrading enzyme) is released
by bile from the cell membrane and binds to a choline-containing teichoic acid attached to the peptidoglycan.
The autolysin then digests the bacterial cell wall resulting in lysis of the cell. If the cells are grown in ethano-
lamine instead of choline, ethanolamine is incorporated into the teichoic acid. The autolysin then cannot lyse
the cell wall. Understanding how the autolysin works has led to the suggestion that antibiotics (including
penicillin) work together with the autolysin in killing of pneumococci in vivo.
The organisms are also identified by susceptibility to optochin (ethyl hydrocupreine) (figure 2)


This is highly prominent in virulent strains (figure 1c) and its carbohydrate antigens vary greatly in structure
among strains. The capsule is anti-phagocytic and immunization is primarily against the capsule. Capsular
vaccines are available for susceptible individuals; immunity is serotype-specific. Using appropriate type-specific
antisera, the capsule on isolated bacteria can be "fixed" and becomes visible microscopically (the Quellung
reaction) which is useful in microbial identification.

The organism also produces pneumolysin that degrades red blood cells under anaerobic conditions
(observed as ? hemolysis).

Complement activation by teichoic acid may explain the attraction of large numbers of inflammatory cells
to the focal site of infection.
Most strains of S. pneumoniae are susceptible to penicillin. However, resistance is quite common.

This was taken from this location http://pathmicro. fox/strep- staph.htm

Don't you just love the net it has many things you can research if you like – But for those that are new I do
strongly recommend our own research it is a magnificent book called the Essential Oil Desk Reference
this is a must and can be purchased at this location
************ ********* ********* ********* *********
http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Streptococcus_ pneumoniae- - Is the reference location of the below article. – It is amazing
the power of our YL oils and there is no reason that every family should not have them in their home. Look at what one
drop of oregano cost ($.12) compared to the office call.-

S. pneumoniae (figure 1) is a leading cause of pneumonia in all ages (particularly the young and old), often after
"damage" to the upper respiratory tract (e.g. following viral infection). It also causes middle ear infections (otitis media).
The organism often spreads causing bacteremia and meningitis. S. pneumoniae is ? hemolytic and there is no group antigen.
Direct Gram staining or detection of capsular antigen in sputum can be diagnostic.

The organism grows well on sheep blood agar.

Pneumococci are identified by solubility in bile. An autolysin (peptidoglycan- degrading enzyme) is released
by bile from the cell membrane and binds to a choline-containing teichoic acid attached to the peptidoglycan.
The autolysin then digests the bacterial cell wall resulting in lysis of the cell. If the cells are grown in ethano-
lamine instead of choline, ethanolamine is incorporated into the teichoic acid. The autolysin then cannot lyse
the cell wall. Understanding how the autolysin works has led to the suggestion that antibiotics (including
penicillin) work together with the autolysin in killing of pneumococci in vivo.

The organisms are also identified by susceptibility to optochin (ethyl hydrocupreine) (figure 2)

This is highly prominent in virulent strains (figure 1c) and its carbohydrate antigens vary greatly in structure
among strains. The capsule is anti-phagocytic and immunization is primarily against the capsule. Capsular
vaccines are available for susceptible individuals; immunity is serotype-specific. Using appropriate type-
specific antisera, the capsule on isolated bacteria can be "fixed" and becomes visible microscopically
(the Quellung reaction) which is useful in microbial identification.

The organism also produces pneumolysin that degrades red blood cells under anaerobic conditions
(observed as ? hemolysis).

Complement activation by teichoic acid may explain the attraction of large numbers of inflammatory
cells to the focal site of infection.

Most strains of S. pneumoniae are susceptible to penicillin. However, resistance is quite common.

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Below are tests done and several Young Living Oils that Joy Lindsy sent us a while back.


One of our very skilled and credentialed team members, clinical microbiologist Mary Anne Mathewson from San Diego, did some testing in her lab a few months ago to check out several YLEOs for her neighbor's toddler who was diagnosed with MRSA, and whose parents had tried all sorts of medications to no avail. I wrote about it at the time, but was unable to transfer the pictures in her excellent report to e-mail. I have continued to work on it, and I believe you will now be able to receive the full report, pictures included.

Many thanks to members like Mary Anne, who continue to prove to those who are not knowledgeable yet about the power of therapeutic- grade oils, just how potent and viable they are. I understand that Mary Anne's neighbor did use Oregano and Thyme successfully after seeing these test results.

Here is her report:

The Power of Young Living Therapeutic Essential Oils

I am a clinical microbiologist and have worked in hospital settings for the past 25 years. I have witnessed the steady increase in antibiotic resistant strains of various bacteria. The bacteria are able to quickly transfer resistance from one strain to the other. The resistant strains are not only hospital acquired, but are now found within the community; day care centers, military recruits, gym locker rooms, chronic care facilities. The New England Journal of Medicine April 7th, 2005 sites the growing prevalence of Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in cities across the US.

Some of the infections have been associated with necrotizing fasciitis.

There is an ever-increasing need for us to fortify our immune systems, as well as look to natural methods to support and protect our bodies and maintain the balance of nature. The bugs are outsmarting the drugs!

I chose to investigate the affect of therapeutic grade Young Living essential oils, all of which have been frequency tested. This means they must conform with the AFNOR (French Association of Normalization) standards for therapeutic- grade essential oils. These oils are steamed distilled at low pressure and temperature. This preserves the complex chemical constituents of the oils. The plants harvested have been grown on organic farms without pesticides, herbicides or fungicides and are free of any synthetic chemicals. The oils I tested are Thyme (Thymus vulgaris), Oregano (Oreganum compactum), Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), Tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) and Thieves (a blend of clove, lemon, cinammon, eucalyptus and rosemary).

I tested these oils with these three bacteria: Methicillin- resistant Stapylococcus aureus (MRSA), Escherichia coli (the most common cause of urinary tract infections), Acinetobacter calcoaceticus (cause of many nosocomial, hospital acquired infections).

Procedure: A 1/2 McFarland suspension of each bacteria was made in tryptic soy broth.

A blood agar plate was completely covered with the bacteria. A 50 microliter sample of oil, equivalent to one large drop, was inoculated onto each individual plate. Olive oil was used as a control. The plates were then incubated for 24 hours in a non-carbon-dioxide2 incubator. Pictures were taken after 24 hours. Four days later, measurements were taken of the area where there was no growth of the bacteria.

RESULTS: When viewing the pictures, note the white to gray area is bacterial growth.

Note: each oil caused inhibition of bacterial growth on the plate.

Area of inhibition


Olive Oil Oregano Thyme

Thieves Geranium Melaleuca

Thyme 100%

Oregano 100%

Geranium 1 3/4 inch

Melaleuca 1 1/2 inch

Thieves blend 1 1/4 inch


Area of inhibition E. Coli

Olive Oil Oregano Thyme

Thieves Geranium Melaleuca

Thyme 100%

Oregano 100%

Geranium 3/4 inch

Melaleuca 2 1/2 inches

Thieves blend 1 1/2 inches


Area of inhibition Acinetobacter

Olive Oil Oregano Thyme

Thieves Geranium Melaleuca

Thyme 100%

Oregano 95%

Geranium 1 1/8 inch

Melaleuca 7/8 inch

Thieves blend 2.0 inches


CONCLUSION: Thyme and Oregano are consistently the most effective in inhibiting the growth of all three bacteria; MRSA, Escherichia coli, and Acinetobacter calcoaceticus.

Geranium is second in inhibition to thyme and oregano, when in contact with MRSA.

Melaleuca alternifolia is second in inhibition to thyme and oregano when in contact with Escherichia coli. Thieves blend is second in inhibition to thyme and oregano when in contact with Acinetobacter calcoaceticus.

Bactericidal activity of the oils has not been verified, but this work shows the strong antibacterial powers of two oils in particular; Thyme and Oregano. Each oil has unique chemical constituents. Thyme contains 59-90% alcohols and 12-21% monoterpenes. Oregano contains 60-80% phenols and 10-25% monoterpenes.

These constituents contribute to their antibacterial activity. These oils can be diffused, taken internally in gel capsules and placed topically on the body, including the feet. These two oils should be diluted 20-80 (one part essential oil to four parts vegetable or massage oil). These findings confirm what is already in the literature. Essential oils, the life- blood of the plant, are antibacterial.

These oils are Gods gift of healing to us. I love to share my passion and love of essential oils.


To Your Optimum Health

Written by Mary Anne Mathewson, CLS, ASCP

References: N Engl. J. Med. 2005:1436-1453, 1485-1487

Stewart, David PHD,DNM (2005)The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple.

Young, Gary D.,N.D. (2002) An Introduction to Young Living Essential Oils.

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Your commitment to other people must be an extension of your commitment to yourself, not at odds with it.

- Paul Ferrini

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One more Testimony on Oregano

Hello Everyone,

From time to time I take my Nansee to an ND Scientist who
specializes in viruses, bacteria, parasites & of course cancer. It's
a long story but mainly we go to have her blood checked. The doctor
knows I am with Young Living Essential Oils. so when I called to make
an appointment he asked if I had an unopened bottle of Oregano and if
so please bring with, I would like to test it.

I have never presented Young Living to him as my main objective. I
was there for care for Nansee. In due time & the right time of course
I will.

When we walked in there was a lady leaving who had Influenza. The
doctor checked Nansee's blood under the scope and then asked if I
brought the Oregano. I handed the bottle to him & he said I want to
tell you something about Gary Young but first I need to get something
to test this with from the other room. When he came back he started
to talk about the test procedure. I reminded him he was going to tell
me something about Gary. Yes Indeed he was.

Your Gary Young is a genius when it comes to essential oils and is
considered a genius in the scientific community. He has without a
doubt the best farms in the U.S. and second to none in the world.
Guess who's gloating hearing all of this? Next he said, aside from
that he also has built the best distillers in the world. All of his
studies of the oils around the world has sure paid off and of course
the contribution of his formulations and writings has put him on top
of a select group.

While he was talking he opened the Oregano and said. " You were
right Maurice, this is good stuff, no need to test it as the smell of
carvatrol in the oil is perfect as is the color." Trust me folks
I had no idea this man new so much about essential oils.

Next, Would you like to see what your Oregano will do to Influenza.
I have it on a slide from the lady who just left. Look in the
telescope first to see what it looks like. It was a black spidery
mass surrounded by blood. Now her sample is between two slides and we
will apply the Oregano to the edge. If it is as good as I say, it
will suck the black mass to it and you will see the mass turn white.
This means of course that it is destroyed. He applied the oil to the
edge and said look now into the scope and tell me what is happening.
I was amazed. The oregano was pulling the black mass toward it and
the mass was turning white.

I then asked him for advice on Anthrax. How would he use Thyme. He
said he would bond Thyme and Oregano and take internally. Bond I
replied. Yes, it has to bond or it will not work. Take a glass flask
and drop in your Thyme. Next put your carrier oil in and mix. Now add
the Oregano and mix. This is how you bond two oils and they must bond
or it's a waste and will do no good.

There you have it. What an exciting day. Maurice
************ ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ********


Don't expect the same results unless you are using Young Living Therapeutic
Grade essential oils and supplements. Also each person is different so they
may not work as well for you as it does for others so try another oil or supplement
that would work better for you.

Essential oil testimonials are an effective way of learning and sharing. With this knowledge,
we can take control of our own personal health. However, we are required by law to state:

"These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products and
techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or
prevent any disease." Information provided here is in no way intended
to replace proper medical help.



NOTICE: The following Disclaimer MUST accompany and remain attached to the above printed materials.  No matter where it goes or to whomever this post is forwarded to. 











DISCLAIMER:  The Pine Hill Group exists so we may help others to learn, research, grow, and love our fellow man.   Information provided here is for EDUCATION PURPOSES ONLY and is in NO WAY intended to replace proper medical advice.  IT IS NOT for diagnostic or prescriptive use or to be construed as instruction on how to cure or treat any condition, illness or disease. Every individual is different, thus what may work for one may not work for another person.  The moderators of this group will not be held accountable in anyway if and when the members choose to apply the information they read on Pine Hill for their own personal use.  Consult with the professional health authorities of your choice. Remember, taking responsibility for your health is your own personal decision: do your research and choose wisely.  We commend you!





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How to Double Fat Loss With Your Camera and Pen


As you have probably heard a thousand times, a diet is only good if you stick with it. And the data supports this entirely. In fact, Traci Mann, a UCLA psychologist, found that more than 80 percent of people followed for at least two years gained back more weight than they lost*… and this was for successful dieters!

This is due to some hormonal problems you are now aware of – and basic human nature! We are creatures of habit, and if we don’t create success rituals it becomes really hard to get rid of old habits.

However, there is hope. Below are two of the best research backed methods for staying on track and making weight loss permanent.


Keep a Food Diary

Keeping a food diary can double a person’s weight loss, according to a study from Kaiser Permanente’s Center for Health Research**. The findings, from one of the largest and longest running weight loss maintenance trials ever conducted, are something to take seriously.

“The more food records people kept, the more weight they lost,” said lead author Jack Hollis Ph.D., a researcher at Kaiser Permanente’s Center for Health Research in Portland, Oregon. “Those who kept daily food records lost twice as much weight as those who kept no records. It seems that the simple act of writing down what you eat encourages people to consume fewer calories.”

“Keeping a food diary doesn’t have to be a formal thing. Just the act of scribbling down what you eat on a Post-It note, sending yourself e-mails tallying each meal, or sending yourself a text message will suffice. It’s the process of reflecting on what you eat that helps us become aware of our habits, and hopefully change our behavior,” says Keith Bachman, MD, a Weight Management Initiative member.

And now that most phones have cameras, I have found that taking pictures of every meal and then uploading them daily to be highly effective.


Measure Your Results

Study after study suggests that those who weigh themselves more frequently are more successful at losing and maintaining their weight loss.

The National Weight Control Registry, a database of members who have lost an average of 66 pounds and kept the weight off for nearly 6 years, shows one positive habit – 75% of those in the Registry weigh themselves at least one time each week.

And the participants who weighed themselves daily did even better over the long term.
I recommend you weigh yourself daily. This way you will “catch” when your weight starts to go up or is not moving.

Make sure you weigh yourself at the same time every day to establish a ritual… the best time is in the morning right after you wake up and go to the bathroom.

Then chart this in your journal next to your food entries or picture library.

Remember that you will have normal daily fluctuations and also that the scale does not register the ratio between muscle and fat. For this you can get a body fat scale or use a tape measure once a week to check your waist and thigh area.

The main thing is to create these rituals… this is what people who lose weight permanently do, so you might benefit as well.


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 Can hidden emotions affect your health?

Hello, This is Tessa writing you today. I just had the honor of facilitating a distance session with a young mother and her daughter. I feel so very privileged to be a part of someone’s personal steps in transformational evolution.

May I share a bit with you about my perceptions?

I have been experiencing personal transformational evolution for decades through personal work as well as group work facilitated by gifted instructors. I discovered long ago that if I did not attend to my emotional ‘baggage’ I would find life on Earth a bit uncomfortable. In my session work with clients I have also observed the results of ignoring or pretending the emotional traumas are not there.

Please know I do not hold a degree in counseling or psychology. I have earned my abilities through years of personal work and client support work. I have always been perceptive in ‘emotional’ language and have developed my own set of capacities and information base called Self-Health Essentials ie S.H.E.  I have tested this system and I trust it.

I have long held that I my clients are my very best teachers.

Today’s session once again showed me the significant blessings that are contained in S.H.E. distance session work. This young mother not only released emotional patterns that had been with her since childhood and before but also assisted her 4-year-old daughter in releasing hers patterns. She saw threw a real life experience how some old emotional patterns that she had released in her last session of S.H.E. were mirrored back to her in her daughter. Before her session with Self-Health Energetics she could not perceive the pattern. When it was gone, her new open clarity made it so very evident and gave her tools with which to free her young daughter before she too created a lifetime of being the effect of that limiting emotional perception.

My client shared some of her physical sensations as she allowed herself to 'feel' emotional patterns that had kept her ' boxed in ' all of her life. She mentioned nausea, hyper-ventilation, chest pain and vertigo.  Each of these are listed as 'symptoms' in many illnesses. Research has shown how trapped emotions can lower the immune function, create symptoms like allergies, exhausted adrenal function, mood disorders, affect blood sugar, affect headaches and body aches. She noted that in the past she would not have been able to move when these 'symptoms' appeared. Now she not only moved but was able to experience a profound interaction.  She embraced an opportunity and expanded her life choices because of it. How useful is that?                                                    

I am simply thrilled for her! I am indeed blessed to have gathered so many energetic ‘tools’ that have gone into creating Self-Health Energetics. I consistently use them on myself. I KNOW people CAN change their lives, their health, their world, for I have done it myself.

I remember a teacher sharing the phrase…'emotion is energy in motion'…I am reminded that as one shifts an emotion and releases emotional traumas and emotional walls that in a split second the energy in motion moves new possibilities into not only their life but also each life that they touch. Our world is quantum and holographic.

But more about that later!
What Else Is Possible Now?
©2012 Self-Health Essentials LLC









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Nutritional Solutions for Depression and Mood Disorders Part II

Depression and mood disorders are characterized by extreme feelings. These feelings can include feelings of dejection, sadness, and emptiness. Symptoms can include poor appetite accompanied by inadequate diet and weight loss, or increased appetite with weight gain: insomnia or excess sleep; changes in usual activities; loss of interest; fatigue; loss of concentration and feelings of worthlessness or inappropriate guilt.

In certain cases depression is indeed appropriate to a life event. To be diagnosed as depression, the depressed state must  be experienced for at least one month and should be defined as inappropriate to one’s life’s events. The causes of depression are categorized as psychological, sociological, biochemical or physiological. Specifically, they can include an overreaction to one's life’s events or to stress, lack of sunlight during the winter months (Seasonal Affective Disorder), poor diet, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, allergies, environmental and microbial factors or any serious physical disorder.

Good nutrition is a vital part to appropriate psychiatric care. Studies have shown that nutrients can profoundly influence biochemistry and brain activity. Among nutritionally oriented doctors, it is believed that diet is often the cause of depression and that our Western diet –which emphasizes junk food, snacking, processed foods and poor eating styles- is the primary contributor to mood disorders.

Some Nutritional Lifestyle Suggestions

vAvoid Caffeine and sugar. Research is showing many individuals experience a wonderful lift emotionally after eliminating caffeine and sugar from their diets.

vIncrease your consumption of tryptophan-rich foods. L-tryptophan is an amino acid that essentially is responsible for the production of serotonin, which is the part of our brain chemistry that can elevate mood and assist in normal sleep. Research has shown that in depressed individuals, the transportation of tryptophan maybe inhibited. A complex carbohydrate rich meal has been shown to facilitate the body’s ability to absorb tryptophan. Some tryptophan rich foods include turkey,raw  milk, bananas, figs, and dates.

vAvoid over processed and rancid fats. Bad fats can inhibit the synthesis of neurotransmitters in the brain,and can cause the blood cells to clump together resulting in poor circulation to the brain. On the other hand, healthy fats, like organic extra virgin olive oil, organic virgin coconut oil, raw organic butter and avocados ensure vascular flexibility and improved circulation.

Eating quality proteins that contain essential fatty acids can increase alertness. Some foods that contain essential fatty acids are wild caught salmon, sardines, organic almonds and sunflower seeds. Please make these organic whenever possible.

vIncrease your exercise. We keep hearing that gentle exercise done 3-4 times a week will make a great deal of difference in one’s ability to balance a mood disorder. Studies show a decrease in depression with an increase in movement and exercise.

vStudies have also shown the benefits of appropriate supplementation with whole food vitamins, systemic enzymes, Essential Fatty Acids and minerals. Why Ziquin

Some food sources that are rich in nutrients to support balance moods and healthy out look on life include:
vSpinach and Kale- source of folic acid, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and calcium
vSweet peppers- source of Vitamin B6
vBroccoli- source of folic acid, riboflavin, Vitamin C, and calcium
vParsley- source of potassium, magnesium, Vitamin C, and riboflavin

We at Self-Health Essentials support you in making these simple action steps in gaining balance and peace of mind. Please know this information is not intended as a substitute for consulting with your health care provider.These are suggestions to begin as you gather your many resources.

We wish you much success in your Self-Health journey.
© Self-Health Essentials LLC 2009

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Raise Your Immunity Frequency With Essential Oils to Beat the Common Cold

This article is from Natural News

March 23, 2008 by: Teya Skae


The humble cold is one of the most common illnesses, leading to more doctor visits and absences from school and the workforce than any other illness every year. So what causes you to catch colds? Technically you do not "catch" colds but, rather, become infected with a cold/flu bacteria or virus.

Whether you come down with a cold is due to the fact of whether your immune system is working at its best to ward off invaders. When we function at our optimal level, our immune system – which protects us from invading bacteria and other micro-organisms – can cope. However, when we are stressed our immune system is greatly challenged and that is when we spiral downwards because our healthy body frequency range is lowered, allowing the invading microbes to take over our system.

What is meant by Healthy Frequency Range?

Frequency is a measurable rate of electrical energy that is constant between any two points. Every living thing has a frequency, including our brain and our bodies. Electrical frequency is measured in hertz (Hz), kilohertz (kHz), and megahertz (MHz). The average frequency of a healthy human body is between 62 – 78 Hz.

How is all of this known?

In 1992, Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology, a division of Eastern Washington State University, developed new equipment to measure electrical frequency in humans and foods. This equipment was used in a research study at Johns Hopkins University to determine the relationships between frequency and diseases. Tainio found the average frequency of a human body is between 62 – 78 Hz, the upper body being between 70 – 78 Hz and the lower from 62 – 70Hz..

Further support for these findings is given by Dr. Robert O. Becker M.D. in his book, The Body Electric, who also explains that a person’s health can be determined by the frequency of the person’s body.

Another doctor and scientist, whose research has been buried for some time but has managed to resurface due to the work of avid supporters, is Dr. Royal Raymond Rife M.D. who developed a frequency generator in the late 1920′s. In brief, Rife successfully treated 1,000 patients diagnosed with incurable cancer in the 1930′s. He was honoured with 14 awards and an honorary doctorate. After the unsuccessful attempt by pharmaceutical companies to buy out his research and equipment, his office was ransacked, his research paperwork was stolen and the machine that healed all those 1,000 "incurable" cancer patients was destroyed.

In 1934, before this destruction occurred, the University of Southern California appointed a Special Medical Research Committee to bring terminal cancer patients from Pasadena County Hospital to Rife’s San Diego Laboratory and clinic for treatment. The team included doctors and pathologists assigned to examine the patients – if still alive – in 90 days.

After the 90 days of treatment, the Committee concluded that 86.5% of the patients had been completely cured. The treatment was then adjusted and the remaining 13.5% of the patients also responded within the next four weeks. The total recovery rate using Rife’s technology was 100%, ( .

What Rife had developed was a 100% effective cure for many forms of cancer. So why do we not know about this and why are there so many cancer research foundations in existence? Put simply, it is due to the economic motives of the orthodox medical community, which relies on funding for cancer research – such funding often coming from pharmaceutical companies – and whose fortunes would be damaged if a cure for cancer was found. (That is, it’s OK to search for a cure but not really find one!)

"In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy." – Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Laureate in Medicine (1937)

What Rife proved is that every health disorder has a frequency, which in turn responds (resonates) to a specific (optimal) frequency for its dissolving/healing in the body. People who maintain their optimal frequency, at least of their immune system, would prevent development of symptoms and illnesses associated with the common cold. Of course, in practise this does not work for most of us because, being human, we experience stress and emotional challenges on a daily basis, which lower our body’s frequency. Hence, we need to raise our body frequency regularly/daily with the right substances that are compatible at the cellular and energetic level of our being, rather than wait until our body frequency has dropped so low that it becomes a friendly host for microscopic invaders.


How can this be proven?


According to a report (Epidemiology, May 2001; 11:345-349), psychological stress – particularly the chronic type that may accompany a personality with a negative outlook – is a risk factor for contracting colds. An optimistic outlook and outgoing personality seemed to protect individuals, researchers found.


The findings indicate that high levels of psychological stress are closely associated with contracting the common cold. While the common cold is rarely a serious health hazard, it is responsible for about 30 million days of lost work in the U.S. alone each year.


To investigate whether stress increased the likelihood of developing a cold, the researchers surveyed more than 1,100 Spanish university staff and students at regular intervals over a one year period. The study focused on different types of stress, including stress from life events, perceived stress, having a generally negative outlook, anxious or compulsive personality, compared with having a positive outlook/attitude to life.


Individuals with a negative outlook were at greatest risk of developing colds – regardless of their intake of vitamin C and zinc or their smoking and drinking habits.


The next highest-risk individuals were those who believed that they were under stress. These people were nearly three times as likely to develop a cold, according to the report.


Why should Antibiotics be avoided?


Colds can be contracted as the result of contact with more than 200 different viruses. However, among all of the cold viruses, the rhinovirus and the coronavirus cause the majority of colds. Each time you have a cold, it is caused by a distinct virus – e.g. adenovirus, rhinovirus, parainfluenza virus, and coronavirus. Viruses are much smaller than bacteria. They are tiny clusters of genetic material surrounded by a protein ‘wrapper’.


Medical science currently does not have any drugs that can kill these viruses. Antibiotics, including penicillin, do not have any effect on viruses. They are only used to treat secondary bacterial infections that can further complicate the effects of a cold.


How Are Colds Actually Contracted?


The most common source of infection is not from coughing or sneezing, or walking barefoot in the rain, but from hand-to-hand contact. That is why, when you have a cold, washing your hands frequently is very important. The likelihood of contracting the cold virus increases, however, if one is overtired and physically exhausted.


Most uncomplicated colds last eight to nine days; about 25% last two weeks; and 5-10% last three weeks.


As long as one’s temperature remains below 38.8 degrees Celsius, there is no need to lower it. Cold viruses do not reproduce at higher body temperatures. In fact, a slight fever should help us get rid of the virus quicker and feel better much sooner. It is our body’s own way of ridding itself of toxins.


Why are Aspirin and Tylenol counterproductive?


A study (J Infect Dis, Dec 1990; 162(6):1277-82) showed that people who take aspirin and Tylenol (acetaminophen) suppress their body’s ability to produce antibodies that destroy the cold virus. This actually causes the body to take longer to fight the cold and it accounts for any secondary infections and post-nasal drip.


What Can Be Done to Prevent Getting the Common Cold?


While orthodox medicine does not have the answer for colds and ‘flu’, nature does – it comes in the form of pure organic unadulterated Therapeutic Essential Oils. Why? Because they are made up of very high frequency molecules (ranging from 52MHz to 320MHz) and contain nature’s wisdom and power to raise the body’s frequency and to assist our immune system in fighting viral invasions.


For greater clarity, organic Therapeutic Essential Oils are not the same as everyday aromatherapy oils, which are produced for fragrance and other purposes.


We now know that, in order to prevent colds, we need our immune system to be working in top gear and our overall body frequency to be in its optimal range. Our optimal range of body frequency can be lowered by negative thoughts/emotions, stress, blood chemistry imbalance, and ingested chemicals, which allow us to contract colds and viruses in the first place. Research has found that the high frequency of essential oils creates an environment where bacteria, fungi and viruses cannot survive. Essential oils provide a high frequency environment for the body.


Researchers have found that some essential oils – oregano, thyme and rosewood oils, in particular – create an autolytic (destruction of cells and tissues by enzymes produced by the cells, themselves) reaction in organisms, including streptococcus pneumonia. Dr. Diane Horne of Weber State University in Ogden, Utah, told the 98th general assembly of the American Society of Microbiology about the serendipitous discovery of the impact of essential oils on cells such as streptococcus pneumonia (bacteria that causes a very serious type of pneumonia in children with sickle cell disease).





When Dr. Horne’s co-researcher was spraying aromatic oils in the laboratory, Dr. Horne looked at the streptococcus pneumonia bacteria that she was preparing for another experiment and noticed that its cells were literally falling apart. Dr. Horne and co-worker Sue Chao, of the Young Living Essential Oils Company of Payton, Utah, tested the autolyzing properties of 74 essential oils and discovered that the best results occurred with oregano, thyme and rosewood and that intermediate inhibition of the pathogens was achieved with cinnamon oil and clove oil. Dr. Horne pointed out that the oils also proved to be a powerful remedy against E. coli (a bacterium and virus in one) and several species of fungi.


What these tests revealed is that essential oils, such as oregano, clove, cinnamon, rosewood and rosemary, are so powerful that viruses and bacteria cannot survive in their presence. That is, the viruses and bacteria are destroyed when they come into contact with these therapeutic essential oils.


Dr. Horne and the Young Living Essential Oils company are not the only ones who now use therapeutic essential oils for destroying viruses and bacteria. Up until a decade ago, France was the forerunner of medical aromatherapy, where essential oils are encapsulated and prescribed to be taken orally or as suppositories by the patient.


French aromatherapy doctors employ the aromatogram, where a sample is taken from the infected area of the patient, cultivated in a laboratory, and then subjected to various essential oils to find the most effective oil to treat the infection for the specific patient.


They have found that different oil combinations work better when the oil combination is specifically blended for a patient. Even if various patients suffer from the same strain of bacteria, some oils seem to work better on certain people than on others.


While this is an over-simplification of the serious medicinal aspects of aromatherapy, it is helpful, nevertheless, in demonstrating the effectiveness of therapeutic essential oils in the medical arena.
In this particular field of essential oil therapy, there are some prominent medical doctors, such as Dr. Lapraz and Dr. Duraffourd of Paris, who have undertaken thousands of clinical trials to determine the effectiveness of essential oils in medical applications.


How Do Essential Oils Exert Such Powerful Effects In Our Bodies


Chemically, essential oils’ cell structure is very similar to the human cell structure. The essential oil of a plant and the human blood share several common properties.


The 4 primary elements in both human beings and essential oils:


* Plant Cells – carbon hydrogen nitrogen oxygen


* Human Cells – carbon hydrogen nitrogen oxygen


This shared chemistry makes essential oils one of the most compatible of all plant substances with human biochemistry. In addition, essential oils have a protein-like structure that is similar to that found in human cells and tissues, which allows the human protein cell structure to readily identify and accept the chemical constituents (powerful healing properties) of essential oils.


Essential oils have been proven to fight infection, improve the immune system and, because they contain hormone-like compounds, are very effective in initiating cellular/tissue regeneration. Why do they do this? Simply, because it is their job; because Mother Nature intended them to do so in order to protect the plants, themselves. Let’s examine how…


Working as the chemical defence mechanism of the plant, essential oils possess potent antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral properties. Essential oils are the plant liquid containing the Life Force of a plant. Analogous with the human body, essential oils are the blood plasma of a plant. They are volatile liquids distilled from various parts of plants, including seeds, bark, leaves, stems, roots, flowers and fruit (essential oils are sensitive to heat and should not be burned, as that destroys their therapeutic properties).


If a leaf or any part of a plant has been cut or damaged for some reason, the plant releases a liquid substance that protects it from further damage from microbes, bacteria, and viruses, and helps the plant to regenerate itself. This liquid is the essential oil that helps the plant to survive, which is why essential oils are called essential. Put simply, without it, the plant can’t survive. This same principle works in a very similar way in the human body, due to the fact that essential oils can permeate our tissues by being so highly compatible with our cell structure. How can this be possible?
It is possible because essential oils are complex substances, each containing 80 – 300 compounds of different chemical constituents, and all these compounds work synergistically. Hence, nature’s wisdom is encoded in the life force of a plant. Because essential oils are the life force of a plant, they need to be treated with the utmost professional respect and understating in order to retain their powerful healing properties.




So, how therapeutic are they?


Just follow your nose! The smell of the oil reveals how pure and potent it is. For example, when inhaling any oil – particularly peppermint, lavender or rosemary – the smell should linger on in the brain and have a very fresh smell. If it has a very sharp tinge to it or causes a sudden sharp sensation in the any part of the head, it contains chemicals which are ‘playing’ with the neurotransmitters and receptor sites in your brain. It also helps if you ask the company where and how they distill the oils and what chemicals are used. Many essential oil companies still use solvents in the process of distillation. You can tell by the smell. Why do they do it? Because distillation is a very expensive process, which requires time, care and integrity.


A brief look at some essential oils and the results of research so far:


Oregano is very aggressive against all microbes and it helps with digestive problems and is anti-inflammatory. Oregano and cinnamon tested at 95% efficiency against candida, E. coli and streptococcus strains.


Thyme oil is very powerful oil on viruses and has demonstrated protective properties for liver, kidneys and the heart due to its very high antioxidant properties.


Fennel oil, strengthens digestion, expels parasites and supports and raises overall metabolism.


Fennel and Juniper together exert a warming effect on the kidneys; very helpful during winter.


Cinnamon is 99.9% effective against all viruses. Ebola virus cannot survive in the presence of pure unadulterated cinnamon.


Rosemary is effective for parasites, fungi and, therefore, candida.


Clove is highly protective, and is the most powerful antioxidant in nature.


In summary, orthodox medicine has no cure for the common cold and the latest mainstream advice for preventing colds comes from studies on stress, stating to just avoid stress. This is neither possible nor realistic for the majority of the population as stress is always there in some way, emotional or just the demands of the 21st century. Extensive scientific research has proven that essential oils are quite capable of fighting the common cold because they are anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and anti-inflammatory.


Using Grade-A organic therapeutic essential oils may help your immune system to ward off the attacks of the common cold as well as destroy other microbial invasions, such as candida infections, viruses and parasites. As essential oils are very high frequency molecules, ranging from 52MHz – 320MHz, they are able to raise our overall body frequency (which is 62-78 Hz when in its healthy range) every time we use them. This way, essential oils are the best ammunition against the common cold as well as destroying unwelcome microbial invasions, along with the daily dose of genuine positive thinking.




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Robert O. Becker. The Body Electric New York, Marrow 1985.


Copyright©Self-Health Essentials LLC


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"Massage and movement stimulates circulation. Life is in the blood. The body repairs itself when it is functioning optimally. Increased circulation enhances youthfulness and vitality. Everyone needs massage and movement on a regular consistent basis to be optimally healthy. " author unknown

I wanted to share this quote with you because there is so much truth in it. There are as many types of massage as there are massage therapists.Individual and unique yet with common threads running throughout the modality called therapeutic massage.  It simply is one of the best ways to support your precious body in true wellness.

Let’s look at some information about the benefits of massage and movement….
Physical and mental oxygenation through movement and massage can increase  your energy and focus, can raise your metabolic rate, can improve your blood circulation and can activate your lymphatic system’s detoxification.

The mind moves into alertness and mental focus. Your natural chi or life force energy, can be stimulated and enhanced. It can help eliminate stress.

The brain can also move into an Alpha state which thereby creates a peaceful, meditative state of calmness, mind/body healing and wellness. Often after massage or meditative movement we can find ourselves in an altered state.

Movement of your body  can  create cellular oxygenation allowing:
  •  Reduction in muscle soreness, tension, stiffness, body aches and pains.
  • Improved flexibility of muscles and joints, more limber – spinal alignment.
  •  Improved function and regulation of internal organs and body systems.
  •  Improved circulation of the blood – activated lymph drainage and detoxification.
  •  Alleviation of stress related conditions – headaches, anxiety, depression.
  •  The brain shifts into a relaxed Alpha brainwave state – mental focus.
  • Steady weight loss correction if under or over weight, or menopausal (plus diet adjustment).
  • Sound, restful sleep – increased energy, a wonderful sense of well-being.

These are just a few of the benefits one can receive from consistent movement and massage.

If you have never received a massage or do not have gentle movement built into your daily life, please consider exploring this wonderful modality.



©2012 Self-Health Essentials LLC

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