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What are the Therapeutic Benefits of the CZ Infrared Heater?

Far-infrared heat has many therapeutic effects on the body due to it’s penetrating ability deep into the tissues.  Other forms of heat or light do not penetrate as far below the surface of the body.
As the Infrared heat penetrates the skin, the light energy is transformed into thermal energy.  This deep tissue heat in turn produces many health benefits such as:

  • Improved circulation
  • Stimulates cellular metabolism which increases oxygenation and detoxification of the cells
  • Stimulates regeneration and healing
  • Reduces inflammation, swelling and pain
  • Increases flexibility in muscles and joints
  • Provides penetrating warmth

Far-infrared has gained tremendous popularity and is widely used now in many applications, from providing warmth for premature and newborn babies in incubators to adjunctive treatment in cancer therapy.

An additional and important component of the CZ Infrared heater is the interaction of the infrared waves with the copper ionization panels in the heating chamber, generating beneficial negative ions which are released into the air.

Negative ions have a profoundly enhancing effect on overall health and well-being.  It is that supercharged invigorating feeling that you get when standing by a waterfall or after a rain.

Negative ions also have a cleansing effect on the atmosphere, neutralizing pollutants such as smoke, dust and many other pollutants.

Conventional heat sources produce just the opposite, positive ions, which cause irritation and fatigue and general malaise in the body.  Positive ions are abundant in areas where there is high pollution and smog.

The CZ Infrared heater not only produces the most efficient and effective heat, but it is the only heater that actually improves your overall air quality as it heats.  Besides it’s production of therapeutic far-infrared heat and it’s negative ion generating ability, we have also added a lifetime electrostatic air filter that filters out dust particles.

We have received some wonderful feedback from our customers with health challenges that have remarked on how better their joints feel, and how much easier their breathing is and how much less skin and sinus irritation they are experiencing, even so much as to mention that they notice a lesser incidence of colds and flus in the winter since they started heating with the CZ Infrared heater.

Diminished indoor air quality caused by most heaters in the winter is one reason that the body is more susceptible to colds and flus and sickness during this season.

Truly, the CZ Infrared heater is so much more than just an effective heater. It provides wonderful, fresh, oxygen rich air and very comfortable, cozy, soft, natural therapeutic heat.

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Living with Far Infrared Heat—Hmmmm Good

 Just a few of the personal stories from those who are enjoying the many self-healthy benefits of Far Infrared heat.


"For a couple weeks I’ve been using my ComfortZone™ far Infrared heater to warm up my bedroom before going to bed. Previously an electric space heater brought the room’s temperature to a comfortable level. But my sheets and blankets would still be chilled! Now within just an hour or so the FIR heater gets the air warm and my bed, too. I jump into bed and am immediately embraced by friendly and comforting warmth. After just a few minutes of reading, I fall gently and comfortably to sleep and rejoin my dreams of adventure and epic achievements.
In the morning I wake up refreshed and not grumbling about the obligations of the day. I feel like the warmth stays with me long after breakfast. A hidden benefit: I’m much more cheerful on the bus and fellow commuters are relieved they don’t have to sit next to a grouch." D.S., WA.

"My experience with the ComfortZone™ far infrared heater is … WOW !!! I feel this like ‘surge of energy’ when I walk into the house where the heater is heating. For the first time in years I feel warm from the inside out, top to bottom. Previously, I had a gas furnace, but that would bring a ‘wave’ of heat, then one would slowly get cold. This is NEVER experienced with this FIR (Far infrared) heater! I LOVE IT… just wanted to tell you that I just received my new power/gas bill.  It’s amazing what having 3 heaters has done to my power bill!!  It was less than last month’s bill…AND was over 100.00 less than the bill at this time last year!  Gotta love the FAR…"  C.B., WA.

"I am loving my ComfortZone™ heater! I feel fed! The quality of heat generated is like being bathed in natural light. I wish every building had this kind of heating system because it feels so good.
I no longer wake up in the morning with dry sinuses and throat. For the first time in my life I feel normal. I’ve suffered for years with forced air furnaces, and am thrilled that there is an affordable alternative to heating my home."
K.L., WA.

"We have noticed our plants growing with more vigor even in the dead of winter since we started using our ComfortZone™ heater! This is a miracle especially in this house since it is so dark anyway. The cut flowers I place close to the Comfort zone heater last 3X their usual amount of bloom time. How neat is that?!"
T.B., WA. 

"My Comfort Zone FIR heater has made such an amazing difference this winter in my home in Montana.  It was about November 15, 2008 when it was placed in service.
The first difference I noticed was my amaryllis plant, which I planted on 11/18.   In the past, it has always taken approximately 6 weeks for the first bloom, and as I was late this year in planting mine, was hope it would bloom by New Year’s.  This year the first bloom appeared on December 11th~~~by New Year’s Day two stalks had each bloomed, providing 9 glorious blooms for the holiday season.
The rest of my houseplants are enjoying the FIR heat also, looking far better through this winter than last.
We have experienced a lot of snow here this year (only my 2nd winter in Bigfork) and more gray days than last year, and yet my attitude is much more upbeat!
The small house I am renting has electric baseboard heat only and the quietness of the Comfort Zone heater is much more pleasant to live with, as is the way it disperses the heat, which feels much more even.
This heater is now a permanent part of my life."   J.D., MT

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