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"We spring forth from the All, Fed by light, Clothed in matter, Sculpted by streams of inspiration,

We shape Love like the eagle shapes the wind. Returning at last to the Sun, We bring only our joy of flight.

When Mothering Spirit gives birth, Her light effortlessly feeds, shelters, gives birth,

Her light nurtures, and uplifts. So the true healer nurtures but does not control

Shelters but does not imprison

Guides others to the edge of the cliff

But does not force them to fly."

The Tao of Healing


" During our phone session I felt clear sort of…unburdened…spacious in my body like a huge weight had been taken off" (Client’s words)

"I just want to thank you for the precious time that we spent together! I’d like to share that after we ended the call I felt like a new person, so relaxed (like I was gone a month on vacation) and grounded with a new sense of my physical body. This gift is exactly what I very deeply needed . As both of  you served as guides, I want you to know that you were right on with your observations and comments about what you felt. Without a doubt, you were connecting with me and on target.  I appreciate your love and generosity. " (Client’s words)

Have you ever met someone who can communicate back to you what your heart -of-hearts is saying inside of you?

Have you ever met someone who you trusted and felt safe with almost immediately upon hearing their voice?


Tessa is graced with a gentle and perceptive communication style.  Tessa shares her virtual sight  which is linked with her inner hearing and a strong and well developed intuitive sense with each person she assists.  With assistance from her guidance group, she  blends each of these into a talent or ability, if you will, to assist her clients in designing and realizing their own patterns of Self-Health and Unity. This ability has evolved into Self-Health Energetics.

I truly believe you are your own best healer. With gentle guidance and intentional awareness, you can collapse personal bandwidths of  subconscious beliefs and frequencies that have limited you , your self-expression, and your health, for years possibly lifetimes. I am simply the witness and facilitator, for you are the one transforming yourself.

Shifts in States of Consciousness

Tessa can facilitate shifts in states of consciousness and more importantly so can you!

Tessa’s goal is to touch as many people as possible in order to assist them in self-designing the brightest and best personal state of possibility they can not imagine.  Tessa uses many gifts from her personal virtual toolbox and comes to each session ready to play and create possibility!

It is my intention to be of service assisting others in achieving conscious state-based frequency shifts. I have become quite adept in assisting others in designing their own self-balanced and joyful states of truth. This ability is my greatest service to humanity.

I love to learn and I have studied with many gifted transformational teachers. I have been blessed by 25 years of intentional practice, transformational training and personal enlightening experiences. I have been trained in, as well as created, numerous unity-based techniques that can collapse the waveform of separation and unify ones world from the inside out. Imagine what this could do for your personal world and more importantly for the greater world you abide in!

We each have areas where we excel. We have abilities that come so naturally to us that we might overlook them as commonplace. Have you ever heard yourself think,…”If I can do this anyone can!”  What might happen if you were assisted in respectful self-healthy ways that would empower you to expand these native gifts or patterns? Would your life change? Would you benefit from this level of frequency shift? Quite possibly!

Tessa has developed Self-Health Energetics to do just that. S.H.E. (Self Health Energetics) is an intentional energetic coaching system that can assist you in:

  • Mobilizing your daily activities from within.
  • Creating real balance, peace and joyful wisdom from within.
  • Clearing inner ‘clutter’ that can create binding life-patterns.
  • Actualizing real time vitality with an inner sense of accomplishment
  • Learning how to live your life from your inner self-reverence.
Aspects of Transformation

Just like Self-Health Energetics. is a multi-dimensional system so am I. I like to create unique-to-you sessions by accessing various tools from my inner toolkit." Some of  Tessa’s tools are Matrix Energetics, Yuen, Circles, Bowen, and Unity Circuitry as well as Nutritional Consulting, Life Coaching, Emotional Wisdom. In each of these sessions you will be assisted in self-health and growth that just might change your life.

How can a Self-Health Energetics (Matrix Energetics™/Yuen + more) phone session help me with day- to- day life stuff…like deadlines for projects or mother- in- law dilemmas or  getting better grades…stuff like that? Tessa is very adept at creating a field of possibility. With her gifts of virtual sight and strong intuitive abilities, she can guide someone to in-sights and assist others in changing what might seem impossible to shift.. During her amazing phone sessions clients are consistently thrilled by her ability to guide them into a clearing moment where the reality collapses into one of possibility and clarity.  "I feel so much more connected at my heart to this project now, Tessa. Thank you! I know I can accomplish this now!" ( Client comments from a recent phone session. ) See Useful Magic Blog article for one clients dental session with Tessa!

How to contact Tessa?

To contact Tessa  and begin your personal transformation please choose one of the payment buttons below. Many clients find real value in selecting the discounted 3 session button. Often choosing a trilogy of sessions creates a deepening affect in issues that have had a long standing in ones life. Choosing a button initiates your process. Tessa will contact you by email and set up the best time for you to receive your session(s). This will be a Self- Health Energetics (Matrix™ /Yuen+ more) session on whatever topic you choose.


Tessa~ 60 min Phone Session~Self-Health Energetics (Matrix/Yuen + more) $88.00

Tessa~60 min Phone Session X 3 ~Self-Health Energetics (Matrix/Yuen + more) $254.00

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