Can Hidden Emotional Patterns Affect Your Health?

"We spring forth from the All, Fed by light, Clothed in matter, Sculpted by streams of inspiration,
We shape Love like the eagle shapes the wind. Returning at last to the Sun, We bring only our joy of flight.
When Mothering Spirit gives birth, Her light effortlessly feeds, shelters, gives birth,
Her light nurtures, and uplifts. So the true healer nurtures but does not control
Shelters but does not imprison
Guides others to the edge of the cliff
But does not force them to fly."
The Tao of Healing

Hello, This is Tessa writing you today. I just had the honor of facilitating a distance session with a young mother and her daughter. I feel so very privileged to be a part of someone’s personal steps in transformational evolution.

May I share a bit with you about my perceptions?

I have been experiencing personal transformational evolution for decades through personal work as well as group work facilitated by gifted instructors. I discovered long ago that if I did not attend to my emotional ‘baggage’ I would find life on Earth a bit uncomfortable. In my session work with clients I have also observed the results of ignoring or pretending the emotional traumas are not there.

Please know I do not hold a degree in counseling or psychology. I have earned my abilities through decades of personal work and client support work. I have always been perceptive in ‘emotional’ language and have developed my own skill set and information base called Self-Health S.H.E.  I have tested this method and I trust it.

I have long held that I my clients are my very best teachers.

Today’s session once again showed me the significant blessings that are contained in S.H.E. distance session work. This young mother not only released emotional patterns that had been with her all her  but also assisted her 4-year-old daughter in releasing hers. She saw threw real life experience how some old emotional patterns that she had released in her last S.H.E. session were mirrored back to her in her daughter. Before her S.H.E. session she could not perceive the pattern. When it was gone, her new clarity made it evident and gave her tools with which to free her 4-year-old daughter before she too created a lifetime of being the effect of that limiting emotional perception.

My client shared her physical sensations as she allowed herself to ‘feel’ emotional patterns that had kept her ‘ boxed in ‘ all of her life. She mentioned nausea, hyper-ventilation, chest pain and vertigo.  Each of these are listed as ‘symptoms’ in many illnesses.Research has shown that trapped emotions can affect the immune system, can contribute to adrenal exhaustion, can imbalance the digestive system, can contribute to headaches, and sleep disorders to name a few. Trapped emotional patterns can distort body tissue, can block the flow of energy and can prevent normal function of organs and glands.  She noted that in the past she would not have been able to move when these ‘symptoms’ appeared. Now she not only moved but was able to experience a profound interaction.  She embraced an opportunity and expanded her life choices because of it. How useful is that? I am simply thrilled for her!        

I am indeed blessed to have gathered so many energetic ‘tools’ that go to make up Self-Health Energetics. I consistently use them on myself. I KNOW people CAN change their lives, their health, their world, for I have done it myself.

I remember a teacher sharing the phrase…’emotion is energy in motion’…I am reminded that as one shifts an emotion and releases emotional traumas and their ‘walls’ that in a split second the energy in motion moves new possibilities into not only their life but also each life they touch. Our world is quantum and holographic.

But more about that later!

Thank you for reading. I am celebrating you with you!

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