Imagination and Play are FUNdamental in Healing


Imagination and Play are FUNdamental in Healing
By Jennifer Buergermeister

“Get out of the way and let yourself play.” Richard Bartlett.
OK, Alice, how far down the rabbit hole should we go? In Wonderland, there is magic. In the imagination, there is magic. In spirituality and the new physics, there is magic. Wouldn’t you like to know what is fun, new and upcoming in the science of healing? It’s a sophisticated healing system in the quantum arena that incorporates the latest shift in our understanding of energy, reality, the mind/body, and our existence— and it’s spiritually centered. It can be weird and fun, easily learned and replicated, and it exists in a process we all remember: play.
The healing system is called Matrix Energetics (ME), and it was founded by an incredibly
funny man, Dr. Richard Bartlett of Seattle. Dr. Bartlett developed ME after a “miraculous”
healing experience with a three-year-old patient and an unexpected contact with an Angel who “miraculously” helped him avoid death in a seemingly imminent car accident. I saw Dr.Bartlett and his associate, Dr. Mark Dunn, two years ago at my first Matrix Energetics weekend workshop, and that first trip to witness their magic was profoundly enlightening and transforming. As I headed back to Seattle, I couldn’t wait to see how their work had evolved.
ME teaches how to facilitate healings using laughter, imagination, intuition, and a higher
power. They go “where no man has gone before” – into the wacky matrix and field of an
infinite, holographic, and dancing universe in which everything is profoundly connected.
When I returned from my first Matrix Energetics weekend workshop in Seattle two years
ago, not only did I end up in a couple of crazy synchronicities or “situations” that could have only been organized by a playful higher power, I had a profound healing experience within a week of returning home. It taught me to tune in and realize that we do have the ability to co-create with our free will how exciting life can be by regaining the child-like ability to play.
And the universe plays back.
I visited a Starbucks next to a yoga studio where I teach. One of the “baristas” who took my order was complaining of an old back injury that occurred two years before. She was in pain,so I asked her to try and remember back to three years before, when her back felt well. She laughed at the possibility. With all seriousness, I asked her again to remember a special day three years ago before the accident where her back felt normal, and to access that state with visuals and feelings. I set up a game using several tools in healing that I had learned over the years, including Matrix Energetics.
I noticed by her eye patterns that she had accessed a kinesthetic state (an NLP term used to identify and access states of feelings) which cued me to anchor and tap her on the head to awaken her neurological system to that memory. I then tapped her on the chest so that she would neurologically store the feeling while remembering her back’s healthy state. Even though she was skeptical at first, she became very receptive to the “facilitation.”
Moments later she said out loud that her arm was tingling, and within two minutes her back pain was gone. She excitedly screamed out loud to the patrons at Starbucks in Houston’s Tanglewood (George Bush’s neighborhood if you are into irony) that her back pain had disappeared. She began swaying her hips back and forth in a dance, completely joyous of what she had just experienced! I was equally surprised as I stood there in my yoga attire covered by a Tibetan robe that I had purchased in China. I got “the eye” if you know what I mean. I still laugh when I think about how the scene must have looked to those unsuspecting people. What is she, some kind of Guru? Voo Doo?
During my facilitation, while she accessed the memory of her once healthy back, I also
imagined her body expanded out like a hologram while simultaneously held the intent that it would reorganize itself into its previous healthy state by imagining little railroad workers straightening the spine. We played a game with the holographic universe. And it worked! I went back many times and she said her back pain was still gone.
I have had great success working with ME. Muscles jump under my hands when I touch
someone, bellies gurgle, bones move, and energy shifts. A man named Sergio came to me recently with a sprained ankle and in one minute the injury was gone. I used the same technique. I set up the parameters, had him remember a significant event prior to his injury, tapped him in a couple of places, set my intent and made him laugh. He lost his limp, walked straight and felt no pain afterwards. He called an hour later to tell me the pain was completely gone and that he was amazed. I sent him a jolly text message, “You are healed!” Matrix Energetics is too awesome and mind provoking to pass by, too interesting to deny and too outrageously crazy to ignore. Miracles – as they are called – happen when you open up to possibility. But how does this stuff work? What is happening behind the scenes that we can’t see by using only 10% of our brains? Scientific psychological studies have shown that at any given moment our brains consciously process 7 bits of information (+-2). There are 11 billion bits of information available to the unconscious mind, yet unprocessed by the conscious mind. We will have to think outside of the box if we want to understand. “Before you have asked, I have answered.” Book of Isaah
Like in prayer or meditation, there are ways to receive valuable information from the source of all creation or make “miracles” happen. Call it God, “The Source,” Zero Point Energy Field, Morphogenic Field, or whatever you will. It is all the Divine. Creation is in
everything, existing everywhere at all times. And for once, science and spirituality seem to be meeting in a place called quantum physics where infinite possibilities in
interconnectedness reside. All you have to do is open your mind and heart, and reach for a FUNdamental tool to shift your current beliefs. Changing your mind can change your life.
New information that is not easily accepted (the world is not flat) can sometimes step on toes. Dr. Richard Bartlett said, “I have my toes stepped on a lot, and I consider it
reflexology.” When a paradigm shifts, or a way of looking at something changes within
groups, it becomes a choice of how to integrate change and shift in consciousness. The Chinese describe it as “the crisis” with its two definitions as: danger or opportunity. Which way do you go?
"I am neither an optimist nor a pessimist. I am a possibilitist." ~Max Lerner
Some would call quantum physics insanity: crazy science to explain very real possibilities. We are journeying deep into this science that makes up a place called Matrix Energetics. At club ME, where Dr. Bartlett and Dr. Mark Dunn are the hosts, we can look at the quantum world, what it can mean for each of us and where we can go if we reach through the “windows” of possibilities and grab an opportunity or even a miracle. And yes, you can do it! As Albert Einstein once said, “imagination is everything.” In order to play in “the field”or the glue that holds the universe and everything together, we have to open the mind, trust and use the powerful imagination.
"Matrix Energetics is a previously undiscovered, intent driven, universal, expression of
energy which is harmonious with the concepts and laws of quantum physics," said Dr.
Bartlett. "All physical structure has an energetic template upon which it is based and is an interface between physical reality and the quantum energetic hologram."
Reality and the universe are holographic. For example, in one experiment, a piece of an
apple was projected through lasers and the entire apple became projected as a hologram. In other words, in the making of a holographic image, no matter how many times we cut pieces of, let’s say, the apple, it always projects the entire apple. As Jesus said, the entire tree is in the seed. If the universe is holographic, what are we exactly a hologram of? This sounds infinitely weird, but that is what people like Dr. Karl Pribram are researching and finding evidence for in this world we together share.
Beam Splitter
Holographic plate
Reference Beam
(Tad James, Ph.D.)
We intuitively must know that we are a part of something huge. Even psychologically, when we “lose” pieces of ourselves in significant, emotional experiences in a process called ragmentation, we eventually begin to search for our wholeness again to heal. Many psychotherapists believe that it is the search for wholeness that sometimes leads us into external gratifications such as “sex, drugs and rock n roll.” Wait, so what’s the problem
We know that we have often fragmented somehow in our “negative” experiences yet we are not sure how to regain the balance and collect the pieces of ourselves, that Carolyn Myss is famous for saying, “we gave away.” Fragmented or not, it is considered energy anatomy and a part of our consciousness that we carry along with us daily and possibly into the afterlife.Everything seems ordinary, linear, tangible and predictable (for the most part) in the reality that we seemingly share in our day to day lives – time is linear, our hands cannot reach through walls, things seem solid, and matter can only be in one place at one time.
However, below the surface in the subatomic world, things get a little crazy. There are no
rules! Time does not exist. Particles can be in two places simultaneously and turn into waves when not observed. Photons, which make up light and the tiny amount of mass making up our physical bodies, appear and disappear without a trace or notice; and the universe ultimately, as scientists say, consists of thoughts rather than matter. So what does this tell us?
Since there is very little matter, it doesn’t matter! Scientists suggest that we are swimming in a soup of consciousness: infinite possibilities of existence, outcomes and ideas where past, present and future are indistinguishable in the holographic universe. Sounds nuts doesn’t it? Evidence of our existence inside of a “Morphogenic” field alludes to an interconnectedness of all things where information can travel to multiple destinations simultaneously.
In The Hundredth Monkey Experiment, researchers saw that monkeys across long distances learned a new behavior once a critical mass in the monkey population was reached on one island off the coast of Japan. They learned how to clean and eat sweet potatoes on the one island and then suddenly, all of the monkeys on all of the different islands everywhere sought and ate sweet potatoes. Inventions and ideas spread across continents rapidly, sometimes simultaneously across the globe as experiments have shown in identifying Morphogenic fields.
The Morphogenic field plays the main role in the idea that humanity at certain points in time go through a dramatic and collective shift in consciousness. It will happen again when the critical mass for a shift in consciousness is reached; or hopefully, when a certain number of spiritually-awakened individuals create a “tipping point” to shift consciousness into love. Considering there is very little mass and a lot of space for information to exist inside the grid of the universal structure, telepathy and the idea of oneness doesn’t seem so strange after all.
Computers today are a perfect example of massive storage of information in very small
places. We have to start looking at what is contained in the space to find evidence of things unseen.
“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1
We live in a universe consisting of 99.9 % space, the exact percentage of space contained inside our bodies. With all that space containing subatomic particles which comprise lessthan .1 % matter (point one percent matter), it is hard to believe that we are tangible, linear,ordinary and predictable at all. So if imagination is indeed everything, considering we areswimming in the soup of ideas called consciousness, what limits us from making it up (our experiences) as we go along? We are able to change the past and create a better future as cocreators.
Matrix Energetics is a system that has no boundaries around the idea of
possibilities. Isn’t that what faith is all about? Just believe.
There are so many systems teaching their copyrighted way to heal dis-ease. ME is not a
modality like many other systems where you learn a specific, and trademarked pressure point to touch as you tap the head. It also is not about a muscle test to get results such as the client holding, for example, a bottle of Co-enzyme Q10 to his or her chest as in Applied Kinesiology. ME teaches that it is possible to make up the healing game as you go along by playfully using archetypes, made up points in the body to calibrate an experience, focused intent without expectation, and your imagination to “see” what pops up out of the grid or matrix. This system sets up a playing field to reconstruct a pattern in the body into a healthier state by a process called wave collapsing. In other words, wave collapsing is activated in the field” of your imagination through observation.

The "matrix" of the body is comprised of endless pathways of neurons, axons and processes at the cellular level. Communication becomes interrupted and impaired when the body experiences trauma, disease, injury or disorder. Matrix Energetics helps reestablish a balanced state in the body’s flow of communication by integrating the new wave patterns created by the matrix into a harmonious state.
There is a template for health and harmony residing deep within us that we share with the universe via subatomic particles in a place known as “the field.” Nothing is quite the same when we are out in “the field.” The good thing about simply trying the techniques is that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain if something useful happens. Each of us observes a unique universe through perceptions, no two observations are exactly alike, and there are no limits in the possibilities of a desired future unless you place them there. In the Kabbalah it states that we are each emanations of the Creator’s desire to fulfill and experience all possibilities. Letting go and having a little fun with the imagination changes the energy in and around us. How is it that people spontaneously heal? Deepak Chopra said in his book Quantum Healing that miraculous remissions happen often when patients experienced an epiphany or by a sudden change in consciousness – an awe inspiring moment where the people felt connected to something greater than themselves and where a shift in perceptions and awareness occurred.
Scientifically, from a physics viewpoint, Dr. Bartlett said, “Mathematician John von
Neumann argued that consciousness is required to explain the projection of the wave
function from possibility to actuality and that the projection that is associated with
observation must be attributed to a non-physical consciousness that is not governed by
physical law.” He also said, “A reality construct is a consciously created template which has an intended function.
Very specifically, at club ME, an energetic template can be considered as an imagined,
complex “wavefront” designed to interface and transform a specific structural or functional pattern. This new pattern which is held in the observer’s focused mind combines with available energy directed from, as it is also described, the universal Zero Point field [the secret force of the universe] to create a vehicle for the manifestation of the new pattern into consensus reality. Changing the reality and finding a more resourceful state to work in can facilitate a healing by changing the wavefront. Is the glass half full?
The Zero Point field is an ocean of subatomic vibrations discovered in the space between things which connects everything in the universe, much like the “Force” in Star Wars. It is the glue that sticks everything together. It contains the waves that can collapse to another reality.
When collapsing a wave form, it is the observer that can create the change of probability. The observer has a privileged position in all of this because mind and consciousness influence change in the universe. According to Fred Alan Wolf in his book Parallel Universes, “Since the wave function represents the probability of observing an event, the collapse means that the probability has changed from less-than-certain to certainty.” In other words, how you look at something determines how it unfolds. If you look for the pity and agony in the world you will find it. If you look for beauty and get curious about what’s down the rabbit hole, you will find Wonderland.

With all this in mind, the famous mathematician Roger Penrose wrote, “I suggest that we may actually be going badly wrong when we apply the usual physical rules for time when we consider consciousness!” Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle states that all reality is observer-created. Perception is indeed projection. Have you ever had anyone project their fears onto you with anger or denial? What is happening inside of our minds is affecting the body and everything outside of us as well.
“Since every application of our intention is an act of creation, it ultimately teaches us how to create properly, efficiently and effectively…This in turn ultimately manifests in some type or types of events in our sensory world.” (Tiller, William. Science and Human Transformation.
P. 89)
When you shift into a new way of looking at someone’s state of being or wholeness,
including your own, it is shifting the wave pattern that previously existed. Reaching into a
“parallel universe” that we can make up with our imagination, accesses a higher state of consciousness where a possible, positive outcome will help the facilitator to integrate the new wave function into the matrix of the body to promote a healing to occur. There are no guarantees, yet there are plenty of possibilities. Trust is the key.
Bartlett said that you have to set the energy of possibility into motion. “As long as you have that wide angle lens for what you don’t know, what you don’t know will increase. Escape the little box that wasn’t working for you.” Bartlett said, “You have to get desperate.”
Desperation is a good thing if it is driven by a true desire to transcend present limitations into a burning desire. Those are the moments that characterize new innovations. “Get to the point where the joy is sustainable and where it is not business as usual. Business as usual will not activate the Angels or right brain creativity.” It’s really all in your mind. Once I had many questions stirring in my mind about how people grow old together in an intimate relationship. I posed the question with my curiosity. As I’ve grown, things look different to me. As we change, so do our perspectives. As we evolve, energy ripples through the world around us and changes. So it is important to start learning how to be more patient with ourselves and respect our individual process in the journey through life. Sometimes that process starts with curiosity. The light bulb turns on and the search begins.
So, in the Los Angeles Airport, in my eagerness to better understand what makes a
sustainable and successful union between two people, I bought a book on relationships by John Gottman, Ph.D.: The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, a New York Times bestseller. Then, by the greatness of our awesome Divine Universe, I was seated next to a beautiful older couple on the plane to Houston. I couldn’t help notice how playfully happy and in love they were, as I sat next to them reading my new book. As synchronicities and fate would have it, everything I wanted to know from that book was sitting beside to me, and all I had to do is ask. Imagine that! I did, and I made a beautiful connection with two wonderful people who changed my perception of love forever. They said that patience is the key to happy outcomes! Dr. Gottman said sustaining a healthy relationship requires flexibility and being able to be playful, even in an argument – a skill of icebreaking in the heated moment. Ahhh, so simple, right?

Synchronicities, as this event indeed was, are made by the quantum world. It is how we
recognize the Divine order and the little (or big) “Angel kisses” that we so often ignore.
Divine timing and synchronicities are symbolic of the light, and all you have to do is be
willing to participate in the game, and play. As I will later describe, we also play a role in
the law of attraction. To know your Creator, is to see the order around you.
How else can we be truly compassionate and enlightened? It is the light that shows us “the way.” Like in the saying “WWJD?” – What would Jesus do? He was a master of the light and a true son of God because he knew “the way” very well. As anyone who has walked the path toward awareness in the light, a huge amount of responsibility comes with that. We can instantly manifest some outcome as a symbol of what we contain in our minds. “I believe everything is symbology,” said Dr. Bartlett.
Bartlett said that “I-magination” is actually magic in the making. I-magic is useful when we stay present to shift into a more useful state. Using archetypes as a symbol to put into consciousness, valuable information can be presented into the grid. For example, releasing a headache pattern can be a simple exercise of imagining it move down your arm and out the fingertips. I first tried it on a person sitting next to me on a plane who had an excruciating headache and it worked! Now I play the headache removal game often. It never hurts to try. I use it on myself when I get an occasional headache.
Kids and adults alike are interested in magic. Look at the success of Harry Potter. The story opens up the possibility of magic, as Bartlett said, that we all sense as a myth or an archetype- an unconscious archetype to access that 11 billion bits of information that allows for the outcome of transformation to change someone’s life. “It’s a great metaphor for possibility. If you merge that magic with the science or that technology, you get something that, like Authur C. Clark said, you can’t tell the difference between magic and very advanced technology. They look the same to a civilization who hasn’t been exposed to that level of awareness.”
Bartlett said, “Matrix Energetics I see as a technology of consciousness that is the advancing wavefront of an awareness that is sweeping us into a into a new state of higher desire and higher disorder, because the order we have established around us, the old ways, is crumbling in the face of a new reality that is dawning. Some of us feel an earthquake in our inner being saying it is time to change, now is the time, there is no more time.” He said, “And let go and trust.”
Even in chaos, or disorder, there is order: the light. The light exists in everything since
everything is made up of photons. It becomes a matter of paying attention (awareness) to see the connections and order around us.
Over the last four years, I have developed a very special, quantum relationship with the
universe, our Creator, through the medium of art. I collect Sid Dickens memory blocks –
each representing a different symbol or theme. Every time I buy a new block, the
symbolism contained in the block begins to manifest somehow in my life. So, yes, I like to play with my blocks…a lot.

For example, though most of my block experiences have been inspiring, I once bought the blocks representing the King and Queen of Hearts. I even told the lady at the store where I purchased them about my history with the blocks and that I must be manifesting my “king of hearts.” A week later a cute and intelligent guy with the last name “Hart” came into my life.
He called me out of the blue after one of my student’s gave him my brochure that she just by chance had in her purse and recommended him to yoga. I don’t think that I was specific enough about what kind of king would come into my life.
Fortunately, I was able to take those blocks back and exchanged them for Grace, Newton,and Eternity after a very difficult lesson was learned about boundaries. Remember the story of King Henry the VIII – six wives, a bit crazed? Get the picture? I was happy for the lesson, but did I really have to be reminded of it every day for the rest of my life? That is why I exchanged them.
When I first began collecting the blocks seriously was after I purchased the Jesus,
Mary and Sacred Rose blocks and just a few weeks later The DiVinci Code hits the
bookstores. A client told me that the art in my house had a lot of the symbolism
contained in the book so I went out and bought it. While I was reading the chapter
on the Mona Lisa in my bedroom, I looked up and a replicated Mona Lisa that I
found at an antique store was looking at me from the hallway. I got goose bumps. It’s
interesting that I chose to read that chapter when I did so that I could have such a profound experience. The Rose is the symbol for feminine energy and my favorite flower. Of course!
The day after I bought the Labyrinth last year, I went to school and the teacher had a plastic sheet of a Labyrinth throw on the floor for us to walk and practice mindful, walking meditation. I bought the physics plaque called Newton, and I was hired to write an article on quantum healing techniques. After purchasing the Grace block, I found Shakti, the Divine feminine emanation of creation through flow, by studying with Shiva Rea. Two people had graciously given me their tickets to spend an all day workshop with her. I would say it was meant for me to be there. I find Grace in my yoga practice and it is intensifying.
Most recently I took a friend to the shop where I buy my blocks and he said that he liked the Unicorn block from Sid Dickens new series recently released. I thought to buy it then but I told my friend instead to watch what happens by the end of the day and week. We will see or hears about unicorns everywhere – on the television, someone talking about them, etc.Twice that evening, we saw unicorns on commercials and the next day my friend called me laughing hysterically because a van drove by him on the road covered with painted unicorns.
So I went back to actually purchase the Unicorn block. Get the picture? We live in a
magical universe. The point is to pay attention to what you say and think. We can manifest things into our lives “good” or “bad.” So it is true to be careful in what you wish. Once I gave a speech at a church on “the bigger picture” in a quantum universe and our relationship with God. I read from a book “The Way” by Michael Berg the key principles of living a spiritual life according to the Kabbalistic interpretation that he portrays in his work. I read too far into the last principle and it said to live every minute as is if it were a near death experience. That just didn’t sit well with me. And I didn’t say “cancel.”

The next day I got my NDE as they’re called – head on with a wall and an eighteen wheeler. I still can’t figure out how I missed the wall and the other vehicles on the freeway. Angels?
Dr. Bartlett had experienced the same thing. Somehow I knew I contributed to this near
something experience and my memory was brought back to me standing at the podium
speaking the sentence by Berg that didn’t resonate well with me. To say the least, I now
know to always say “cancel” when something doesn’t feel right, congruent or true with me that I say or think. We are that powerful to create certain realities. Keep it simple and true to the highest intention and be safe.
The arrangements behind the scenes to organize and help us fulfill our purpose happen in the field. It’s a game. When I bought the chess board and pawn blocks, suddenly everyone began talking about or playing chess in my circle. “Play the game” became my new theme.
I have nearly forty memory blocks, each with their story and unique manifestation. We live in symbolism. It is the universal language spoken in “the field.” All you have to do is pay attention and symbolism will reveal the perfect order of the Divine. Have fun with The
Creator and find your own game to play. Try working with the parking Angels and see if you can always get a front parking space. It will help you feel connected because 9 times out of 10, you will get your front parking space. Holding the intent seems to be a powerful element in manifestation.
Imagine that the matrix or “the field” holds infinite possibilities residing inside a
multidimensional grid. With your mind, see the grid and allow for something to pop up with your intent and in your intuition.
Grids are a way to organize a group of information at one time. Since everything is
connected anyway through this grid, utilize it. For example, sacred geometry reveals the
beauty of interconnectedness: tortoise shells, spirals, mathematics, mandalas, and pyramids.
Using symbols can open up the imagination or creative mind. All you have to do, Dr. Bartlett said, is show up, let go, and let whatever happens just happen. The more you trust that something will happen, the more information that will show up. This is when a good practitioner becomes an excellent practitioner by utilizing the power of imagery, feelings, and intuition.
It isn’t about playing God, Drs. Dunn and Bartlett said, it is about using God, maybe
playfully, in order to be useful to help another person. Ego has to move out of the way to get an angle in the matrix as you reach out through the “windows” of imagination containing different possibilities and bring back something that is useful. A good breeze and a little light could clear out the stale, undesirable circumstance. So let the light in and blow away the less useful state!
With help from a higher power, several tools that can be utilized and brought over “through the window” are frequencies, important wisdom from some of the great masters (Jesus, an Angel or Einstein), archetypes including symbols and Angels, and reference points. It can be anything – let your imagination guide you to what is needed. It could be daffy duck holding a spray hose quaking “drink more water.”

Who knows what it will be. Most importantly, release limitations and the expectations
attached to an outcome.
Bartlett said, “Get excited about the potential! Don’t leave room for anything not to
happen.” Coming from a point of need, lack or a problem, creates huge expectations that interfere with the congruency of the connection to the field. “Be in the state of magic for magic to occur.”
The difference between realization and visualization is that reality is conditional and is based on perceptions and what you believe and own. That is when things can go wrong.
Furthermore, being incongruent with perceptions and frame of references, or not sharing the same reality with a client, can determine a less than desirable effect when asking for a
miracle. As a facilitator, help them to see a better outcome. Break the state of discomfort
with playfulness and create a screenplay where new possibilities can be acted out.
Visualizing is possibility in play. I discussed the development of this story recently with Houston actor Joshua Gray. He gave me a few interesting analogies. He said that Matrix Energetics is like acting. “Play in a play where you are the hero and figure out what you want and how you’re going to get it. Realize there is no villain. And if there is, the villain is you.”
Dr. Dunn said that congruency with working in the matrix is something to aim high for by
using a higher force. Karl Pibram said that in the greater scheme of things, no matter what we think we are, we are always so much more than that in a quantum, holographic world. Learn to play, let go of the ego, use the imagination and reach for alternative possibilities with Matrix Energetics in the wacky world of creation and quantum physics. Just like Alice in Wonderland throughout her fantastic journeys, we need to retain reason, humor and a senseof awe to achieve dreams, justice and be the best that we aspire to be.

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