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Matrix Energetics is a complete system of healing, self-health and personal transformation.

Matrix Energetics™ starts with  the power of focused intent and builds into a new and joy-filled state that can affect life changes. This exciting new tool can be used to heal, to transform and to create new possibilities. It’s very much about transforming your beliefs concerning healing, disease and the structure of reality. Dr Richard Bartlett D.C.,N.D.  teaches Matrix Energetics™

Matrix Energetics™ sometimes appears magical in its expression but is based on the laws and expression of subtle energy physics and the concepts and laws of quantum physics, superstring theory and Sheldrake’s Morphic Resonance. Often you will see and feel a wave like motion when Matrix Energetics™ is applied the person being worked on can experience a smooth wave of transformation and the body seems to drop in a completely relaxed wave instantly.

Matrix Energetics™ is not a "thing" to be defined – it is, instead, a pathway to transformation. This transformation takes place by communicating at the quantum level with the wave fronts (energy and information) that create all of reality. The tools taught in the seminar are simply a language used to access this pathway and map the transformation that occurs. The application of this method of transformation is only limited by your imagination. What are you doing when you "do" Matrix Energetics™? You are creating and transforming reality at the quantum level and observing the macro effects of that change.

This new paradigm can give you instant access to new states of awareness which make it possible to interact with the material world and transform it – to affect change connected to past traumas, injuries and emotional patterns. Matrix Energetics™ shows us how we can consciously choose to observe in a different way. As a natural extension of changing your way of perceiving, your old reality collapses and new possibilities materialize instantly. Physical and emotional conditions can be resolved with the speed of thought. People affect verifiable, observable changes instantly. Often you will see and feel a wave like motion when Matrix Energetics™ is applied, as the person being worked on experiences a smooth wave of transformation. What seems to be happening is that the unconsciousness and the biological physical field matrix is rearranging itself.

Utilizing M*E enables one to engage a state, or way of being, that creates miraculous changes. It frees us from the non-miraculous, static belief systems that have dominated our daily lives. YOU can affect your physical surroundings in a powerful, permanent, new way.

There are no barriers to the expression of this energy and there are no limitations for it. The limitations are in your own mind and with practice you transcend those limitations. It is like learning a new language or acquiring a new skill in a sport, where first you have to think about all the rules, and then at some point, you begin to think in the language itself or act fluidly with skill.

Like many things that are founded on feelings and sensations, it is generally much easier to experience Matrix Energetics™ than to try to understand it. According to modern physicists, all reality can be described as vibrations and waveform patterns, that everything is light and information.

Biological information fields form an active, constantly resonating matrix. This matrix and its interconnections provide for a continuum of rapid, coherent intercommunication throughout the body. The vibrations and waveforms in this matrix can be changed, meaning that anyone can collapse the current reality. For example, an injury pattern or some stuck situation within the body or emotions can shift once a new possibility is introduced threw the matrix.

Disease may be defined as a disruption, cessation or distortion arising in the matrix of these information fields. Physical and emotional injuries impair communication at the cellular level. The application of the Matrix Energetics™ field re-establishes the flow of biological information so that the body can better respond to stimuli in its internal and external environments.

M*E itself is not a technique but a consciousness shift. It’s using an energy field and a consciousness, like a standing wave. And it’s always there!

The process of conceptualizing an energetic interaction as needing manipulation of a muscle or bone, repeated therapy or the running of energy, etc. limits transformation’s speed, intensity, potential and depth of expression. Seeing change as something which entails a mechanical process slows down the observer’s reality. Something that potentially can be instantaneous slows to a process that conforms to your previous therapeutic expectations.

Matrix Energetics™ creates a state by which transformation can materialize. The more you trust, the greater your wave, the greater your experience of transformation — just remember though that the description of energy and matter as composed of waves describes and allows you through the power of focused intent to enter into a non-consensus reality in which the product of your imagined outcome can encode and imprint on consciousness in such a way that physical observable changes become the product. You’re creating an altered state, a different reality, which you energize and give life to with your active imagination. And it can all happen now.

Tessa and Robert Brauer are both Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioners.

" During our phone session I felt clear sort of…unburdened…spacious in my body like a huge weight had been taken off" (Client’s words)

"I just want to thank you for the precious time that we spent together! I’d like to share that after we ended the call I felt like a new person, so relaxed (like I was gone a month on vacation) and grounded with a new sense of my physical body. This gift is exactly what I very deeply needed . As both of  you served as guides, I want you to know that you were right on with your observations and comments about what you felt. Without a doubt, you were connecting with me and on target.  I appreciate your love and generosity. "  (Clients words)

Choose one of the buttons below to begin the process. You may also choose the three session package at a discounted price. Many clients enjoy the benefits of creating an expanded window of possibility that linking three sessions can offer. I will contact you over email and set up a time for a 60 minute session. This could be the best investment you have ever made. Let’s create some Useful Magic together for you! 




Tessa~ 60 min Phone Session~Self-Health Energetics (Matrix + more) $88.00





Tessa~60 min Phone Session X 3 ~Self-Health Energetics (Matrix + more) $254.00

Robert ~ 60 min Phone Session~Self-Health Energetics (Matrix + more) $88.00

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