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Matrix Energetics 

Matrix Energetics class Level 3 gives you the tools to develop your sense of self. Richard has been at his game a long time and shares with us a breath of his experience and knowledge in how to manifest what you want in your life.  If you truly want to lead a life filled with magic then you need to command your ability to harness what is within you. There are all kinds of different ways to learn about manifesting out there these days and I am positive they have in common  a certain state of mind.  What is special to ME is how to do it with intent, fun and with age old tools of the past that have the wisdom of the ages used by many different cultures. This may include magical traditions that many of us are familiar with and already use but perhaps not when they are applied within the realm of quantum potential.
Magic conjures up different thoughts and feelings. Many get triggered about their perceptions of what magic is or isn’t. Whizardry is not about power over others though it may have been used that way in the past.  It is about taking responsibility for self.  It is about consciously choosing what manifests in your life.  It is about recognizing and developing the sacred within yourself.
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