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This is a quick first hand view of a Matrix Energetics Seminar


taught by Dr Richard Bartlett D.C., N.D. . Both Robert and Tessa are blessed to staff these seminars and find these words pretty accurate!


Prepare yourself for a magical and hilarious experience immersed in the morphic field of Dr. Richard Bartlett and his highly trained supportive staff.                                                                                               

We begin at level one, entering into the magical fold by exploring and opening to the possibilities contained within the quantum consciousness field. Through explanation, demonstration, and plenty of hands-on exercises, we weave a tapestry of consciousness exploration, starting with key principals of quantum and subtle energy physics. Taught in a humorous and open fashion, the first level of this training helps us gain a deep understanding of the forces that constitute every aspect of our existence that can be applied ever increasingly to specific exercises that enfold you in the Matrix Energetics phenomenon.

We then move into level two, where we deepen and expand our perceptual abilities and continue to practice the tools of Matrix Energetics to explore the very bedrock of quantum reality. We activate our magical will, creating a powerful version of "windows," the ability to look and see in a new way. And we create and activate modules of "consciousness software" that, once engaged, are effortlessly employed in all aspects of our life.

In Level 3, we enter what Richard calls "Whizards Training". We explore ideas and practice exercises from many cultural and mystical traditions, continuing our journey to mastery. In addition, we are shown a Matrix Energetics model for distance healing.


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