This Reality Is Only An Option


by Stephanie Hopkinson

The hall is nearly full. Two hundred
people from all walks of life settle into
their seats, pull out notebooks, fold
and refold jackets. Except for greetings
between friends it is oddly quiet, as if
people aren’t quite sure what to expect.
We’ve gathered for a weekend
workshop on a new approach for
profound personal transformation.
Melding quantum theory, personal
transformation, and imagination,
Matrix Energetics promises to stretch
our minds and our assumptions about
reality — serious stuff for a sunny
summer day.
Then music starts and swells — it’s
the Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour —
and two men half jog, half walk, up the
aisle to the stage. They take their time,
laughing and joking with the audience.
People start to grin, loosening up.
Dr. Richard Bartlett reaches the stage
first. He asks us to stand up and form
a line, making sure to maintain contact
with the people on either side. With
a casual move of his hand he gently
touches the first person in line. That
person falls gently to the floor — as do
the next 16 people after her.
“I call that collapsing the wave”, Dr.
Barlett says. “It happens when people
feel a noticeable, observable change in
their status quo – and their mind needs
a moment or two to catch up.”
Dr. Bartlett developed Matrix
Energetics utilizing the principles and
science of subtle energy and quantum
physics. These principles, coupled
with imagination and focused intent,
produce physical verifable effects that
often defy rational explanation.
Physics and personal tranformation
It all starts on the quantum level, where
subatomic particles act in organized
chaos and within states of probabilities.
Down in this world of gluons and
quarks there is no single reality, but
rather the possibility of all the realities
that could exist. It is only when this pile
of possibilities is observed that one of
the could-be realities resolves into The
As far as traditional quantum theory
is concerned, quantum changes affect
only the particles on that level. Dr.
Bartlett disagrees.
He reminds us that we are connected
at all levels. Sub-atomic particles make
up the atoms that make molecules that
in turn make the living being that is
you. Therefore “changes in reality at
the quantum level impact reality on the
macro level.”
Focused intent opens pathways
to transformation
Focused intent is the sieve through
which all your possible realities are
filtered. It is the creative act of using
your imagination to define a new set
of experiences, realities, or outcomes
within your current experience.
You create the world you live in
through the choices you make moment
to moment. Each choice solidifies a
particular reality.

 teacher of Matrix Energetics, points
out that “the things you imagine
have a creative power in them too.
You create the conditions for your
own experiments. So even if you’re
not looking, you can still affect the
Learning to focus your intent is an
integral step in Matrix Energetics. It
allows you to step out of your usual
patterns of thinking and consider other
possible realities. You then focus on
your preferred reality before making
the quantum changes that will affect
your life.
“Believe in Miraculous Possibilities”
Drs. Bartlett and Dunn are excited
about the growing interest in Matrix
Energetics. “We’ve had people come
from all over to learn how to make these
quantum changes,” says Dr. Bartlett.
“And we look forward to sharing it with
the world.”

Q I’m not a doctor — I don’t even
play one on TV. Can I still learn
how to do Matrix Energetics?
A Absolutely. The key
requirement for learning
Matrix Energetics is an attitude of
humility and curiosity that opens
you to accepting new possibilities
in every day life.
Q But isn’t Matrix Energetics
just another new healing
technique for healers?
A Not at all. Matrix Energetics
is about transformation
— transforming your perception
of reality into another reality. This
allows us to avoid the disease/
healing dichotomy and go straight
to the ultimate goal: transforming
your reality.

Stephanie Hopkinson writes, bowls, and seeks balance in the Mt. Baker foothills of Washington State. You can contact her at

The practice of
Matrix Energetics
allows for the possibility of
another perspective or reality
— limited only by your
“ “
Like any true teacher, his focus is on
teaching people to do for themselves.
“I am teaching possibility and artistic
license.” he says. “Then people combine
this with their own abilites and create
something new, things I’d never think
of. It’s exciting to see.”
People attending the seminar can
often do this work before the weekend is
over. “They can see that they are making
objective and verifiable changes,” says
Dr. Bartlett. “The changes may be
obvious or light as a summer breeze.
Either way, the rippling effect will last
for days, months, or even years.”
As these changes ripple up from tiny
quantum particles to our macro world
and ripple out from the present into
the far future, they bring us all the
miraculous possibilities we can imagine.

for more information on Matrix
Energetics and upcoming seminars.
— Dr. Richard Bartlett
QI’m a healer. Would this
paradigm be useful in my work?
AYes – but you’ll need to be
open to new perspectives and
new responses to what you’ve
been practicing. If you step out
of your comfort zone, you’ll find a
world of new possibilities.
Q Do I have to follow a certain
belief to learn or do this work?
A Yes. You have to believe that
you can believe in something
new and different. Belief functions
as a perceptual filter, dictating
what we are able to notice and
interact — so to make changes in
your reality, you need flexibility.
What you don’t need is any prior
belief in Matrix Energetics or any
knowledge of quantium physics.
Q Can I learn to do this work
A Yes! And it’s easier than you’d
think. I teach people about
the possibilities and help them
realize their artistic license. Then
you’ll be able to take your abilites
and create something new that I’d
never think of.
Q How useful is Matrix Energetics
in my day-to-day life?
As People integrate Matrix
Energetics into their daily
lives in all sorts of ways. We’re
talking quantum transformations
that can change outcomes in
every area of your life.

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