You Can Be Happier, Even When You Are Sad!

by Access Administrator

When people die our natural reaction is to be miserable, sad and depressed. It’s what we have learned to be.  And sometimes we love all the attention that sadness and misery brings.
If we don’t fit into this reality by showing our sadness we’re judged nonstop.  If we do lots of sadness we’re made right, but actually it’s not a lot of fun!  So when ‘bad’ things show up in our lives, it doesn’t feel like there is a lot of choice.  What if there is another possibility?
Listen to Gary Douglas & Dr Dain Heer talk about how consciousness and oneness includes everything without judgment.  Even sadness!  And there are a couple of really great tools for moving past the sadness and into a different choice.  How does it get even better than that?
How does it get even better than that? The really good news is the opposite is true too… you can stop pretending to be happy when really you’d rather kill someone or curl up in a ball sobbing in the corner!
When we just be with the energies without judging ourselves or others, that soft, kind allowance of ‘what is’ becomes the start of being happier.  That’s the gift of consciousness!
What if happiness is just a choice?  What if you could make that choice? Find out more about how to have happiness as an everyday choice.
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