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Hello, this is Tessa from Self-Health Essentials. The story below so touched me I wanted to share it with you in this form. This is a sharing from one heart to another. I know I am only the conduit for the possibility that is available to each one of us. It is an honor for me to witness and facilitate Self-Health Energetics (Matrix/Access/Yuen + more) sessions like this one.


"On 2/16, I called a new dentist’s office (one who uses laser technology)  to schedule a cleaning before I left town for 3 months–needed to have it done within the next 3 weeks.  I was told that I had to have an exam first as cleaning was a treatment and exams were required before any treatment.  The dentist’s office scheduled a new patient exam for me on 2/18.


The dentist told me a crown needed to be removed as there was a cavity underneath, and that there was a strong possibility I would need a root canal or implant.  I was opposed to having either and discussed this with him. I even considered having the tooth pulled. At the time to schedule the cleaning and appointment for the crown, I was told the crown appointment would be 1 month out and the cleaning 2 months out.  I told  the scheduler this was not acceptable, she said I could go on their short list.
When I returned home, I called Tessa to ask for her help in opening a window of opportunity for these appointments, to have it all completed within the next 3 weeks.  Tessa also recommended I do work on saving my tooth instead of a root canal or implant. Tessa said she would create a distance session around this for me.


On the morning of 2/19, the dentist’s office called and they had an opening for a cleaning that afternoon so I took that appointment. Then on 2/26, they called and said there was an opening on 3/2 for the crown work which I also took.

On 3/2, my appointment with the dentist lasted for 3 hours.  The dentist told me it was the toughest and most difficult process he had ever done and he has done hundreds of crowns.  He was amazed at how many prior fillings needed to be removed and that we were able to save the tooth.

Thanks to the laser technology, he made the crown there in his office.  It was an amazing process, with the added benefit of everything being completed that day. 

I am so deeply grateful for all the Energetic processes Tessa facilitates that can bring such wonders into my life!"  (Comments from J.D. in Montana) 



I like to refer to this as useful magic. The Self-Health Energetics (Matrix/Yuen + more) sessions I offer can touch you in areas and in ways that might seem impossible to imagine. In this instance my dear friend and client chose to ask for everything she wanted.  She not only wanted the timing to match her life plan…she also chose to create new options for her teeth…ones the dentist hadn’t even offered. She chose to create the best possible outcome for her life, her health and her teeth.

How often do you settle for an outcome that is less then what you truly desire?

Let’s access some Generative Magic for you. Choose one of the buttons below to begin the process. You may also choose the three session package at a discounted price. Many clients enjoy the benefits of creating an expanded window of possibility that linking three sessions can offer. I will contact you over email and set up a time for a 60 minute session. Let’s generate some Useful Magic for you! 





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