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 How can two questions change your life?…Read on…..


A dear friend, Louise, recently shared a story of a woman who found a quarter in the street and then asked the Universe "How does it get any better than this? What else is possible?" A while later she found a dollar bill and asked the same questions. Again she found a hundred dollar bill and asked…How does it get any better than this? What else is possible? Yes…she then found a diamond necklace and stated…"It just doesn’t get any better than this!" And the Universe answered her….she stopped finding gifts.

How often do we make statements like the very last one and signal that there is nothing more to receive or gain or expand into? Try asking the questions and open your heart as the Universe responds to your question….to your request.

Ask the Universe…How does it get any better than this? What else is possible? 

Here is a story from someone who put these questions to the test….

"I used my version of this process as I entered Trader Joes parking lot in the pouring rain to find someone pulling into my targeted parking place. I asked “How can it get better than this? I listened imploringly, knowing it certainly could get better, help me see it… Then someone pulled out of the space right in front of the store. So I asked again, “How can this get better?” whereupon I saw a long lost friend in the parking lot, just a few cars over. So I asked again, “How can this get any better?” The words shot into my mind, “Go tap on her car window and give her a hug.” Which I did. By this time the smile and energy of fun and collaboration had grown so large in my heart that my smile spread from ear to ear! I entered Trader Joes and asked how can this get any better?” and found Christmas Stollen, a delicious German Holiday cake. I would advise you to play this game seriously, and on a daily basis!"

How might this be applied to self care and self health? I believe that illness is an exaggerated indicator of imbalanced or negative thinking and that negative thinking is an example of resistance, no matter what the topic is. I also believe that until the true cause of the illness, i.e. resistance, is released or lessened,


the imbalance will continue and the dis-ease will carry on. 

I find these two questions open a gateway of allowing and can be portals if you will to lessening one’s resistance in one’s life. Give it a try. You will loose nothing except…quite possibly your state of imbalanced ease or dis-ease.

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