Importance of Seeking One’s Vibrational Alignment

Seeking one’s vibrational alignment first before making decisions or even going to the grocery store is a life choice. Becoming familiar with living in alignment vibrationally is probably a good place to start. One can vibrationally align easily through intention as well as laughing a lot or performing tasks that one simply enjoys.

How do you know if you are aligned?  One way is to simply ‘listen’ to your stories. Every thought you think is vibrating at a your personal frequency. By the powerful Law of Attraction (the essence of that which is like unto itself is drawn) your thought I.E. Stories are now attracting another thought that is its vibrational match. Now…what is happening? Those combined thoughts are vibrating at a frequency that is either higher or lower then the thought before. What determines the direction? The vibrational essence of the thoughts. How can you track the direction? You track the direction by how you feel.

Take a moment to breathe. Notice your emotional weather inside you. Does the thought make you feel happy or if happy is too strong…does it make you feel calmer? Then the frequency you are aligning with is raising. As you continue to combine thoughts that make you feel better and better you continue to raise the frequency….you begin to vibrationally align with an ever increasing frequency.

You have the power to accomplish anything that you desire. All you have to do is align with your inner validation….your inner knowing…your inner emotion….before you take action.

Before you take any action steps…seek to align yourself vibrationally…..take your inner pulse. Place your attention or intention on feeling more at peace with yourself. Continue to combine these thoughts into inner stories of improvement. 

These are small yet VERY potent beginning steps. How do you feel?


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