Can you Accomplish Change in Every Moment?

"The Law of Attraction responds to the Vibrations of my stories". 

" YOU CAN accomplish change in every experience, but you have to begin to see your world differently. You have to tell the story the way you want it to be rather than like it is. When you choose the direction of your thoughts and conversations by the way they feel as you think them or speak them, then you begin to deliberately offer vibrations. You are Vibrational Beings, whether you know it or not, and the Law of Attraction is eternally responding to the vibrations you are offering." Abraham
I am reminded of the time in my life when I began to change my personal history by changing my story about it for the story no longer fit my vibration.

Notice the way you feel….then choose the direction of your thoughts….
Gently goes it…
"Illness is only a Physical Indicator of Imbalanced Energy.

 Illness is caused by giving thought to unwanted topics, feeling negative emotion but ignoring it, and continuing to focus upon the unwanted such that the negative emotion is becoming greater–but still ignoring it and maintaining attention upon the unwanted….until, by the Law of Attraction, still more negative thoughts and experiences are attracted. However, the illness is only an indication of your vibration; and whenever you change your vibration, the indicator will change to match the new vibration. Illness is nothing more than a physical indicator of Energy out of balance." Abraham
In my practice, I consider each client my teacher. I say this with great sincerity and humility. I beleive we each teach one another with our every expression as well as with our vibrational
alignment. I recently shared a ‘creational moment’ with a dear client as she told me of her life expereince of creation. We had been supporting her in aligning with new ways of attracting the purrrfect car for her. As she related a set of events that resulted in her buying the car she wanted in every way for the price she wanted….we both took a moment in wonder….in deep appreciation of the vibration she aligned to and held as she attracted this expereince.
Not too long before she would have said it was a miracle. Now she beams and says it is what it is.
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