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"My every thought is vibrating, and My Vibrating thoughts are Attracting.





Every thought vibrates. And so, focus upon thoughts that make you feel good, which will attract others and others and others and others….until your vibrational frequency will rise to the place that your Inner Being can fully envelope you. Then you will be in the place of Well-Being, and your physical apparatus will catch up very quickly. This is our absolute promise to you: you may begin to watch for dramatic physical evidence of your manifestations–for it is law." Abraham
How is your physical apparatus (your body)? As you read this, do you feel alive, bubbly inside and eager for the next moment to unfold?
Do you realize that each and every thought you have combines with the previous thought and attracts other thoughts that are a creative force unequalled in the Universe?
That is possibly why the aha moments or moments of day dreaming are so dazzeling. They are usually the end result of a string of easier, happier, more flexible, more attractive musings that result in source expansions. When we milk those for all they are worth we create desire and expectation that attract a new possibility and outcome evidenced in our physical world.
Inviting and intending conscious awareness of these creations is beyond useful and can pave new highways to creative wellness. Yes?

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