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As we all know it is what we do 80% of the time that gives us the results we seek or don’t seek in our lives. The 80/20 rule is probably pretty accurate.

So having said that the following pointers are just that…guidelines for the 80% part of our lives. I believe one reason we might experience adrenal burnout is because we want to do it all NOW. So as I share this list with you know you can not do it ALL now. Your body will so appreciate you slowly adding one or two of these lifestyle shifts a week or even a month. Allow them to become your habit before you add more.

Please make this a gentle, kind process for yourself and your body. This is truly about low-stress. If any of these create more stress for you, hold off on adding them to your life. Remember…make small action steps for they truly do add up exponentially.

Here we go. We will begin with the beneficial do’s:
  • Be in bed before 10:00 pm and sleep in until 9:00 am whenever possible.
  • Adrenals love breakfast and prefer it be eaten before 10:00 am consistently.
  • Increase your whole, organic vegetable and fruit consumption making them your new best friends.
  • Try adding a glass of water in the morning with 1/4 tsp of good salt (salt that is air dried and from the sea) stirring until it is completely dissolved. If you have an aversion to this much salt adjust according to taste. Ziquin offers a sea based liquid mineral called Nanomeds that I enjoy in my water
  • Laugh several times a day enjoying your return to adrenal balance.
  • Eliminate the things in your life that take away your energy.
  • Begin to believe in your ability to facilitate recovery.
  • By keeping a food diary or journal track which foods are energy robbers.
  • Each day do something that pleases you and makes you smile.
  • Take your nutritional supplements everyday. 
  • Eat an abundance of whole foods or foods that can be eaten the way Nature grows them.
  • Use your mind as the positive healing tool that it is.
  • Choo choo choo choo your food well.
  • Laugh each day as you make whatever lifestyle changes you need to make each day.
  • Always have breakfast.
  • Create low-stress choices for yourself in every potentially stressful situation then act on them.
  • Allow yourself to be patient with your recovery; it is the journey that counts.
We have shared the glass of salt water with many clients who are suffering from adrenal exhaustion. Each time they come back to us commenting on how this simple addition to their daily routine has changed not only their energy patterns but also their sleeping patterns.  They invariably went from low energy to improved energy; from insomnia to deep sleep. It is very important that you use only real, pure, quality salt that has been air dried.

This is a world of duality. So here are the lifestyle choices to gently let go of. Please begin to avoid:

  • Being harsh or negative with yourself.                                                                                                          
  • Staying up past 10:00 pm
  • Caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and white flour products.
  • Foods that are refined and processed.
  • If you have blood sugar imbalances, you may be assisted by staying away from sugar and fruit juices. Might be best to eat only whole fruit (all the co-factors are present) .
  • Feeling sorry for yourself.
  • Getting overtired or exhausted.
  • Coffee, even decaf.
  • Eating sweet fruits like dates and raisins.
  • Eating starchy carbohydrates by themselves (ex. Eating bread or pastas by themselves)
  • Foods that make you feel foggy in your thinking or pull your energy down in anyway.
  • Foods you are addicted to.
  • Skipping breakfast.
  • Pushing yourself beyond your reasonable limits.
  • Situations that are high-stress.

Please know that these are guidelines to get you started. By now you have consulted with your health care professional and are actively choosing Self-Health Essentials relevant to you and your lifestyle. Remember, who else is with you 24/7?

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