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Uplifting, protective, calming, and regenerating, essential oils are a unique gift from the natural world. Often referred to as “nature’s living energy” or the very essence of a plant, essential oils are aromatic liquids derived from shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds. They not only determine the plant’s aroma, but are vital for plants to grow, live, evolve, and adapt.

Essential oils also help defend plants from insects, environmental conditions, and disease. Today, research shows that when used aromatically, applied topically, or taken internally, essential oils can calm, energize, balance, purify, and rejuvenate the mind and body.

From perfumes and aromatherapy to cooking and medicinal purposes, essential oils have been a vital part of everyday life, dating back to 4500 BC. After personally experiencing the many benefits of essential oils, D. Gary Young, Founder and President of Young Living Essential Oils, began a personal campaign to promote the ancient healing art of essential oil therapy. The result? An abundant line of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils, including over 140 single essential oils and unique essential oil blends, and the world’s largest community dedicated to achieving wellness via nature’s purest, most potent gift.


Therapeutic – grade Essential Oils

There is a significant difference between essential oils that simply smell good and those that are therapeutic-grade.  Independent laboratory testing proves that Young Living essential oils meet and often exceed industry requirements, and as stewards of nature’s plant remedies, Young Living maintains higher internal standards, built upon the magnitude of our own rigorous Quality Assurance requirements. This standard is known as “therapeutic-grade.” In order to achieve therapeutic-grade classification, each essential oil must achieve the designation naturally, without excess manipulation and refinement, and meet specific criteria in four key areas: Plants, Preparation, Purity, and Potency.

1 plants  Young Living products are produced from the right plants, grown in exceptional soil, and harvested at exactly the right time.
2 preparation  Honoring a strict commitment to respect and protect
the time-honored methods of distillation, Young Living makes every effort to preserve “nature’s living energy” in a manner as close to its natural state as possible. Using pure mountain water free of additives, Young Living has a proprietary, stainless steel distillation process that uses low temperature and low pressure to better preserve plant properties, capture the pure essence of the plant, and preserve the quality of the oils.

3 purity  Achieved through the use of quality plants and meticulous preparation, and not through ultra-refinement, our finished product is 100% pure. Young Living essential oils are unadulterated, uncut, and free of chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals.

4 potency  To guarantee our products exceed existing world standards
and meet our own higher internal standards for potency, we analyze the finished oil’s phytochemical profile to ensure it delivers optimal amounts of every key plant compound.

How to use Therapeutic grade Essential Oils


  • Direct Inhalation : Directly inhale the oil from the bottle.
  • Diffusion : Use Young Living’s Essential Oil Diffuser to disperse oil in a micro-fine vapor into the air.
  • Humidifier : Fill a humidifier with water then place a tissue or cloth, sprinkled with a few drops of oil, in front of the escaping vapor.
  • Steam:   Place a few drops of oil in hot water, cover your head and the container with a towel, and breathe deeply and slowly.

Topical application :

  • Direct : Essential oils can be applied directly to the crown of the head, to the temples, behind the ears, over vital organs, to the feet, and many other locations. Dilution may be required.
  • Massage : Essential oils can be used before, during, and after therapeutic massage.
  • Perfume : With natural, earthy, and exotic aromas, essentials oils can also be worn as perfume.

Internal use:

  • Capsule:  Add several drops of oil into an empty capsule and swallow with water.
  • Water or Milk : Add 1–2 drops of oil to a glass of water or rice milk.
  • Bread : Add 1–2 drops of oil on a piece of bread.
  • Cooking:  Use oils in place of herbs and spices in your everyday cooking.
  • Blue Agave :  Add 1–2 drops of essential oil into a teaspoon of Young Living’s Blue Agave sweetener.

Direct : Drop directly onto the tongue and swallow.

I have personally used YL Essential Oils for over 20 years. I also use them professionally. As I tell my clients, when I use the oils on them I am using them on myself. That is why I want the very best! Please click here (48482) for more information.

Thank you!

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